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How to be really, really attractive
 (on social media), by Jen Barnett

How to be really, really attractive
 (on social media), by Jen Barnett



How to be really, really attractive
 (on social media), presented at the Alabama Social Media Association on Nov. 13, 2013.

How to be really, really attractive
 (on social media), presented at the Alabama Social Media Association on Nov. 13, 2013.



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  • 1. Hello! My name is Jen Barnett, and I&apos;m gonna talk to you about what makes you attractive on social media. First off, I wanted to show you the video that inspired this talk. <br />
  • 3. Marketing in general is kind of how sexual harassment is portrayed in that skit. If you&apos;re attractive, you can get away with whatever you want. <br />
  • 4. But what&apos;s attractive? Thankfully, what&apos;s attractive is different for everyone. <br />
  • So how do you attract the right people? This is a framework I use for social media. Your social media strategy should be a combination of four things: your brand, your goals, the medium you&apos;re using, and your content. <br />
  • 6. Really, where attractiveness comes into play is in your content, but I want to talk about the other three concepts first, because you want to be attractive to the right people, and you want to be attracting them to achieve your goals. Attracting the wrong customers is like attracting married men. You waste a lot of time and end up with nothing. <br />
  • 7. The first step is to develop your brand. This is something that&apos;s second nature to advertising and marketing people, but small business often overlook it. Who are you? Maybe it seem obvious to you, but how are you going to explain it to your social media people, or your sales people, or even to your customers. You have to know what you stand for. <br />
  • 8. These are Freshfully&apos;s brand values. Simple, fresh, egalitarian, healthier, and fun. We decided during our first week, before we made any other decisions. Now, when I&apos;m wondering whether or not to post something on Facebook, I think, is it fun? Spreading information about GMOs or factory chickens might win me a few customers here and there, but it&apos;s not fun, so it&apos;s not my brand. Someone else can post about that. <br /> Come up with your own brand values. You can do this in a day. Post them above every desk, every cash register. <br />
  • 9. The second step is to create your goals. I&apos;m talking about real business goals. Managing social media takes real time and effort, and usually money, so make sure what you&apos;re doing has a positive ROI. "I want to create a Facebook page" is not a business goal, and I&apos;ll explain more about that in a moment. <br />
  • 10. These are some examples of business goals. They’re goals that have real money attached. If you think your goal is 10,000 Twitter followers, you still need to know what that means in actual American dollars. This is something small businesses often know, but ad agencies sometimes don’t. If your client hasn’t given you goals, demand them. Or help them figure them out. <br />
  • 11. These are some of Freshfully&apos;s goals, with the numbers redacted, of course. One of the most important things about these goals is that in each case, I can&apos;t accomplish them unless I get someone else to do something I want. <br />
  • 12. These are some of the groups I have to influence to accomplish my goals. Employees, customers, banks, god. <br /> As an example, to increase profitability, I have to convince my employees to spend less, I have to convince my vendors to charge less, or I have to convince my customers to pay more. If these were things I could accomplish by myself, they wouldn&apos;t be goals, they&apos;d be a to-do list. That&apos;s why "I want to create a Facebook page" doesn&apos;t belong here. Just build the Facebook page, but know what you&apos;re trying to accomplish with it. <br /> The other aspect of outlining our goals is that now we have a really valuable piece of info. <br />
  • 13. We know our audience. These are all groups I want to influence, and can influence on social media (although I think God is only on Google+, so I never see him. As a retail business, I primarily want to focus on customers. <br />
  • 14. So who are Freshfully customers? They&apos;re women 25-54, just like everyone else&apos;s customers. They live in the vicinity of the stores, they have kids, and they&apos;re more educated about food. <br />
  • 15. Step 3 is choosing your social media outlets. Since I know my audience now, I can easily find out where they hang out online. For women 25-54, that&apos;s Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, that&apos;s where I am. <br />
  • 16. So let&apos;s refresh. I&apos;m trying to sell a lot of local food, to women 25-54. I&apos;m trying to do it in a way that&apos;s fun, simple, fresh, and so on. I want to do it on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. <br />
  • 17. Now what do I say? <br />
  • 18. We&apos;ll we&apos;ve basically boiled it down to one task. Post stuff moms 25-54 in Crestwood would find attractive. They like cute animals, they like simple, healthy recipes. They like the occasional pic of our smokin&apos; hot dairy farmer. And because we&apos;ve honed in so tightly on our customers, miracle of miracles, they also like seeing what we have for sale. <br />
  • 19. Our goals and brand are clear, so our voice on social media is clear. <br /> "I have bacon. Do you want some." <br /> "Here are some cute squash.""I just got my locavore badge from the Girl Scouts." "Here are 101 ways to eat kale." <br />
  • 20. The culmination of these factors was our chickens in sweaters post. Literally, I found this photo in a friend&apos;s feed, and posted it to our wall. It was fun, we have a lot of customers who raise chickens, or know someone who does. It showed well-cared-for barnyard animals in cute sweaters. It was gold, Jerry, gold. This photo got more than 36,000 shares on Facebook. <br />
  • 21. Here are more examples of content that attracts them. Simple meals that save them time. The cute story of our tiny store cat. Quick & helpful answers to the questions they pose. Conversation. The ability to be a part of. A connection to the food they’re eating. <br />
  • 22. Another thing I recommend is giving your media a MPAA rating. Our customers don’t care to see anything too off-color, but they also don’t need a sanitized G-rated environment. We keep Facebook at about PG-13, while Instagram might be an R. Here are some examples of how common local fruits pass the censor. There something else that 25-54 year old women pretty reliably don’t like: <br />
  • This is really important. If you’re using interns or fresh college grads to manage your social media, they need to understand that they’re not posting for themselves. They really need to understand the brand values, and they need to be able to get into the mindset of a different demographic. <br />
  • On Facebook, you’re not just appealing to your own audience, you’re working with Facebook’s algorithm. These are some examples of posts on the same day on similar topics, and how many people Facebook chose to show them to. Right now, Facebook strongly favors plain ol’ text status updates and shows those to more people. I mix up my content anyway so that this subset who sees everything will get a variety, but I save calls to action primarily for text posts so I get the largest audience. <br />
  • Content only works when you show it to people. In the beginning, especially, few people are going to come find you because of your great content. On Pinterest and Twitter and Instagram, build up your audience by following relevant people. If you’re stumped, start by following everyone who follows your competitor. <br /> On Facebook, put some money in and run ads to help people find you. We ran “your friend likes Facebook” ads for a year to build a following of like minded people. It’s worth it on Facebook because you’re building relationships. <br />
  • 23. One last recap. Brand, goals, media, content. You&apos;ll do great! <br />
  • And when all else fails, post a cute kitten. <br />
  • If I have time, I&apos;m happy to take questions. I&apos;d also like people to look under their chairs for a winning ticket. If you’ve got it, you win the veggie box in the center of each table. <br />
  • Also, you&apos;ve all got $5 off $20 coupons, and I&apos;d like to invite you over to our new store just a block away. You can use the coupon for Freshfully food, but also on jewelry or clothing at Harold and MOD. <br /> Thanks so much y&apos;all for letting me come and talk about this. It&apos;s been a real pleasure! <br />

How to be really, really attractive
 (on social media), by Jen Barnett How to be really, really attractive
 (on social media), by Jen Barnett Presentation Transcript

  • How to be really, really attractive (on social media)
  • @freshfully
  • How to make your social media successful • Be handsome • Be attractive • Don’t be unattractive @freshfully
  • Fortunately, not everyone is attracted to the same things @freshfully
  • So, how do you attract the right people? brand media @freshfully goals content
  • Attractiveness brand media @freshfully goals content
  • Brand: Who are you? brand media @freshfully goals content
  • Brand Values @freshfully
  • Goals: What are you trying to accomplish? brand media @freshfully goals content
  • Real business goals have $ attached • • • • • Sell 10,000 cookies in December Increase sales by 4% Attain 95% customer satisfaction Sell my business in 5 years for $10M (Occasional exception: real charity) @freshfully
  • Some of Freshfully’s goals • • • • Increase profitability by X% Sell $X in 2013 Sell X franchises by 201X Not go out of business... etc. @freshfully
  • Each goal has its own audience • • • • employees, vendors, customers Increase profitability customer s Sell $$$ Build a franchise proof of concept investors, banks, Not go out of business... etc. gov’t god ? @freshfully
  • Our audience • • • • • • • Customers Employees Vendors Media Investors/Banks Government God? @freshfully
  • Freshfully Customers • • • • Women 25-54 Moms with kids Avondale, Forest Park, Crestwood Local food lovers @freshfully
  • Media: Where are you talking to people? brand media @freshfully goals content
  • Let’s refresh (ha!) • I’m trying to sell local food in a way that’s fun, healthier, egalitarian, simple, and fresh • I’m trying to sell it to women 25-54 • I’m going to talk to them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest @freshfully
  • Content: What are you saying? brand media @freshfully goals content
  • What attracts women 25-54 • • • • • easy recipes cute barn animals handsome farmers information about local food product information @freshfully
  • @freshfully
  • Chickens in Sweaters @freshfully
  • Ways we attract women 25-54 • • • • smart tips content that makes them laugh simple meal solutions sharing both healthy foods and “sometimes” foods • info that reinforces their choices • personal, vulnerable stories • quick responses to questions @freshfully
  • Give yourself a MPAA rating PG-13 @freshfully R
  • 20-year-old women @freshfully
  • Getting through the Facebook filter @freshfully
  • Don’t show your content in an empty room • Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram: follow your customers • Facebook: run ads @freshfully
  • Your turn: 1. Outline your brand values 2. Determine your goals & your audience 3. Find out where your audience hangs out 4. Serve content that they’ll love @freshfully
  • When all else fails... @freshfully
  • Questions? • While you’re thinking of a question, look under your veggie box for a winning ticket. @freshfully
  • This is me Jen Barnett CEO of Freshfully jen@freshfully.com 205-983-6456 Downtown: 1914 3rd Ave N. Avondale + Cafe: 200 41st St S. Online: freshfully.com @freshfully