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Empowernetwork.com marketing ideas-_top_5_social_bookmarking_sites Empowernetwork.com marketing ideas-_top_5_social_bookmarking_sites Document Transcript

  • Marketing Ideas – Top 5 Social Bookmarking Siteshttp://www.empowernetwork.com/alslv62/blog/marketing- ideas- top- 5- social- bookmarking- sites/ December 10, 2012Marketing Ideas: Top 5 Social Bookmarking SitesThere are five excellent social bookmarking sites that you need to join. Here’swho/what they are, and why they’re greatThe Best of the Social Bookmarking SitesThere are five excellent social bookmarking sites that you need to join. In no particular order,they are:target=”_blank”>DiggDigg isn’t one of your typical social bookmarking sit es, although it is user-fuelled. On thehomepage you’ll see a bunch of recent stories that have been submitted by a member, and then‘dug’ by other members.It’s a simple concept: people ‘digg’ stories and articles that they like and ‘bury’ those that theydon’t. This means that anyone who wants to find the latest and most interesting publications justhas to look at the articles with a high number of diggs and they can be pretty sure that they’ll clickthrough to something intriguing and up-to-the-minute.You’ll find Digg buttons on many social bookmarking sites, Squidoo lenses and blogs all over theweb and now you know why — this is a heavily trafficked site and having your article dug by usersis a great way to brand yourself and drive traffic to your site.If we take a look at an article from the front page of Digg, we’ll find that there are links at thebottom to social net working sit es, making it easy for people to add it to their site of choice.You can find instructions for adding the Digg button to your own websitehere:target=”_blank”>http://about.digg.com/downloads/button/smart rel=”nofollow”>.But a word of warning: don’t dig junk advertising or you will be marked as a spammer. Digg userscan be particularly venomous when they smell someone doing anything commercial. One poor guyhad Diggers unearthing his phone number and prank-calling his house after he placed a commentwith his business URL in the footer. So please: only use social bookmarking sit es to bookmarkquality articles from your site and other webpages.What about SEO?Unfortunately Digg is one of your social bookmarking sit es that places a no-follow tag on alloutbound links, so it is worthless as an SEO tool — at least for top search engines like Google.However Digg is one of the best social bookmarking sit es in driving massive amounts of trafficto your site, In fact, so many web servers have been brought to their knees by the onslaught ofDigg-referred traffic, that it’s been dubbed the ‘Digg Effect’!
  • target=”_blank”>Del.icio.ustarget=”_blank”>Del.icio.us is one of the more well-known social bookmarking sites and shot tostardom in December 2005 when it was acquired by Yahoo. The acquisition is a pretty big hint thatsearch engines place at least some importance on the results of this site.Del.icio.us allows you to search and subscribe to other people’s bookmarks, either individually or asa group.For bloggers and website owners, Del.icio.us is one of your powerful social bookmarking sit es,primarily because bookmarks are taggable. So rather than storing a link about increasing interestrates in a single folder, you can tag it with a number of different descriptive words like: ‘mortgage’,‘finance’, ‘news’, and ‘economy’. The advantage of tagging is that it makes it very easy for otherpeople who are also interested in those topics to locate your blog posts and your other taggedinformation and immediately see why it is relevant to them.Additionally, Del.icio.us bookmarks are searchable. For instance, a search for ‘chocolate’ will turnup results based on keywords in tags, descriptions and titles.Two other features worth a mention that makes Del.icio.us one of your powerful socialbookmarking sit es is the value they add to blogs, with linkrolls and tag clouds. Linkrolls allow youto display your bookmarks on the sidebar of your blog, which means it’s easy to draw attention tothe sites you wish to promote, or that readers might find useful. Del.icio.us tag clouds display yourpopular tags to other people and they also look fantastic on blogs.target=”_blank”>StumbleUpontarget=”_blank”>StumbleUpon is one of your newer social bookmarking sit es that helps youdiscover new sites based on your predefined interests. When you click the Stumble button, the siteretrieves a page that matches your preferences.You can then use the ‘thumbs up’, ‘thumbs down’ voting system to add the sites you like to yourbookmarks and help StumbleUpon continually improve the sites they match you with. If youstumble enough good and interesting stuff, then other people will check out your profile andbecome ‘fans’.At the most basic level, you can ‘discover’ your own websites and add them to StumbleUpon tostart getting some traffic. However, StumbleUpon is one of your social bookmarking sit es thatblocks URLs that are submitted from the same domain name 15 times or more, so it’s best to onlyStumble your finest content, and if possible, what’s even better is to Stumble content articles fromother sites that mention you.For StumbleUpon to work well, you need to use it regularly and Stumble a lot of good sites apartfrom your own. One vote doesn’t carry that much weight, so it’s important you get a good groupof fans who also find your bookmarks, like them, and give them the ‘Thumbs up’ too!In a nutshell then: the more sites you stumble, and the more you participate, the more traffic youget.target=”_blank”>OnlyWireOnly Wire is rather special because it allows you to bookmark your page on a number of differentsocial bookmarking sit es (19 to be exact) using the one, single interface. Quite a few of the 19
  • sites are very well-known portals and for that reason we recommend joining up with Only Wire.One thing to note: Don’t be surprised if some of the sites you try to join through Only Wire aredown — just skip them and move onto the next one. The odd site on the list seems to go down onoccasion — possibly because they are one of the top social bookmarking sites that isgrowing very rapidly. You will still have to enter a username in the field for each site (down or not),so if you find one that is offline, just enter a generic username and keep going.target=”_blank”>TechnoratiIf you only manage to do one thing, start your own WordPress blog on your own domain nameand then use target=”_blank”>Technorati.At a very basic level, Technorati is an RSS directory, but it is also one of the most powerful socialbookmarking sit es on the web for driving targeted traffic back to your blog. Many Internet userssearch Technorati for blogs on particular topics they are interested in. A lot of people who useTechnorati are bloggers themselves.When another user comes across your blog, they can link to it, subscribe to your RSS feed or addit to their favorites. These three things alone make Technorati one of your top socialbookmarking sit es that will generate a substantial amount of free, highly targeted traffic to yourblog.Once you register with Technorati one of your top social bookmarking sit es (it’s free by theway), you should immediately ‘claim your blogs’. This is Technorati-speak for adding your blogs toTechnorati’s search and RSS directory.You’ll be able to give each blog a title and enter tags and categories. Each time you make a poston your blog from this point on, a keyword optimized link to your post will appear on theTechnorati site.It’s not a mystery why we love this site.To be blunt: if you own a blog and don’t use Technorati, you’re missing out on one of the bestsocial bookmarking sit es big time. And if you don’t own a blog then what have you been doingwith yourself all this time? If this is the case, you need to correct it immediately!Lesson Summary - Of The Top 5 Social Bookmarking SitesIn this lesson, we’ve taken a look at our five recommended social bookmarking sites:and how you can use their social bookmarking sit es features to boost your traffic and SEO.About The Author: alslv62