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Empowernetwork.com affiliate marketing-ideas Document Transcript

  • 1. Affiliate Marketing Ideashttp://www.empowernetwork.com/alslv62/blog/affiliate- marketing- lessons/ December 10, 2012Affiliate Marketing IdeasLooking for a little creative inspiration for your promotions? In this section you’ll find a bunch ofsuggestions for thinking “outside the box” in your affiliate campaigns. If you’ve whacked up awebsite and peppered it with affiliate links and you’re not sure where to go next… take a look atsome of these lessons.Affiliate Marketing Ideas-How to use TwitterIt has a silly name, and some might argue that it’s also a silly concept… butTwitter is an internet phenomenon of massive proportions, and it’s veryuseful for affiliate marketers as wellIn this lesson we take a look at How to use Twitter for Affiliate Marketing –what Twitter is, and how you can use it to your advantage.What is TwitterTwitter is a micro-blogging site that allows people to make posts of up to 140 characters. It maysound odd, and it seem minimalist, but it’s proven to be a huge hit, with millions of peoplediscovering that it doesn’t take many words to keep others updated and share thoughts andideas.Affiliate Marketing Ideas – So why use TwitterTo start with, Twitter is very simple to use — you don’t even have to be at your computer to useit. You can make a post by sending an SMS message, email or RSS feed to your account.Twitter is frequently crawled by Google so it’s a great way of Market ing and getting other sitesindexed. For example, if you were to set up another website, either a blog or static site, then youcan simply make a Twitter post about it and it will get indexed by Google very promptly.For instance, if you follow the Affilorama Twitter feed you will see that we frequently mention newsites we’ve just launched for this very purpose. The rest of the time we give value by talking thingsrelevant to internet market ing and things we’ve been up to.Affiliate Marketing Ideas – Twitter and the nofollow attributeNear the end of 2008, Twitter added the “nofollow” attribute to all links on Tweets. This little pieceof code stops search engine bots from following the link (hence “nofollow”) and thereforeprevents Twitter’s high PageRank from being passed on or the link being counted towards yoursite.This is an unfortunate consequence of Twitter being overrun by automated bots and spam, butdon’t delete your Twitter account just yet. Remember there is a lot more to SEO, and indeed torunning an online business than just building links. Twitter is still a great tool for Market ing andcreating direct traffic to your site, as well as updating your followers on new content and creating
  • 2. contacts with new and interesting people.Affiliate Marketing Ideas -Following and Being FollowedNo, this isn’t about stalking. Twitter is a great way of keeping in touch with other people andkeeping a finger on the pulse within the market ing that you are interested in. Twitter allows you tofollow other people, which means you get alerted each time they make an update. And likewise,others can also follow you.It’s important in your Twitter Market ing to follow a handful of other people, because this addsyou to their followers page automatically, which in turn makes it easier for Google and othersearch engines to find your Twitter feed. Some people who have been Twittering since the earlydays of Twitter, and who have lots of followers, now have a very high page rank for their feed.Following people can be even more fun if you download one of the numerous Twitter desktopclients (similar to RSS readers) which go on your desk top and alert you with a pop-up wheneverone of the people you are following has made an update.It’s probably better for your Twitter Market ing efforts, to make sure that you follow less peoplethan you have followers, otherwise it gives the impression that no one is that interested in whatyou have to say!Setting up a Twitter account f or Af f iliate Marketing.Setting up a Twitter account for your Market ing, couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is click theJoin button, create a username and password, provide an email address and prove you’re human.And that’s it — you’re officially a Twitterer.Af f iliate Marketing Ideas – How to Make a Twitter PostTo make a post on Twitter (or to use the official name, a ‘tweet’), login to your account, go to thehome page, type your message and click update.As you can see, this is meant to be as easy as possible to enable people to easily post numerousupdates throughout the day if necessary.Tweet LaterJust like blogs, regular Twitter updates are critical for keeping followers and insuring it to be agreat Market ing platform— and the search engines — interested in your Twitter feed. So if yourdiary is looking a bit full for a couple of weeks, then you might want to take advantage of TweetLater, a service that lets you schedule post-dated tweets.To create an account, visit Tweetlater.com and fill in the required details.Then login and click Manage Tweets. Write your tweet and set the time and date for when youwant it to be released.At the specified time, your tweet will appear in your Twitter feed. Simple.Lesson Summary On Twitter Affiliate MarketingIn this lesson we took a look at Affiliate Marketing lessons, the microblogging platform Twitter,
  • 3. and how you can utilize it for Affiliate Market ing. We looked at: Why you might use Twitter Twitter and the nofollow attribute How to set up an account How to “tweet” How to make a delayed tweetAbout The Author: alslv62