Evaluation of project plan and process
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Evaluation of project plan and process






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Evaluation of project plan and process Evaluation of project plan and process Document Transcript

  • Alsha  Patel   s16522   Global  Perspectives   Evaluation  of  project  plan  and  process     I   believe   that   our   plan   explained   very   well   what   we   aimed   to   achieve   by   the   end   of   this   project.  We  aimed  to   raise  awareness  of  the  various  types  of  bullying  and  what  effect  it  has   on  young  minds.  In  order  to  allow  people  to  take  action  we  also  described  ways  to  identify  it   and  how  to  help  a  victim  or  bully.  Our  presentation  also  included  the  causes  of  bullying  so   that  people  understand  in  more  depth  as  to  why  it  happens.       We  had  managed  to  split  the  roles  as  equally  as  possible  although  near  the  end  some  of  us   did   more   work   than   the   others.   We   all   helped   research   but   broke   up   into   different   topics   so   that   we   don’t   all   end   up   with   the   same   information.   Our   first   task   was   writing   the   survey   questions   and   although   it   could   have   been   completed   by   one   person   we   all   contributed   ideas.     My  allocated  work  was  to  research  the  types  of  bullying,  compare  them,  and  explain  their   psychological   impact.   I   also   had   to   suggest   ways   to   identify   it   and   explain   why   bullies   bully.   I   feel   like   I   spent   more   time   researching   the   types   and   less   time   on   the   more   important   aspects  such  as  the  psychological  impact.  This  would  have  worked  better  if  we  focused  more   on  our  priorities  and  worked  in  less  detail  so  that  we  could  be  able  to  cover  more  topics  and   include   different   points   of   view.   Another   way   for   us   to   improve   our   plan   would   be   to   specifically  decide  what  we  aimed  to  achieve  by  the  end  of  each  week.  This  is  because  we   had  researched  for  about  four  weeks  and  still  had  to  do  more  in  our  own  time.  If  we  had  a   target  for  each  week  our  process  would  have  been  better  organized  and  well  structured.     Evaluation  of  Project  outcome       Overall  our  group  project  was  as  we  had  expected  it  to  be  although  it  could  have  been  made   of  better  quality.  This  is  because  it  was  somewhat  messy  due  to  the  fact  that  everything  was   put  together  and  assembled  in  ten  minutes  right  before  the  presentation.  We  succeeded  in   reaching  the  majority  of  our  planned  intentions.       Our   research   was   about   various   different   types   of   bullying   (intentional   and   unintentional)   and  how  it  affects  people;  the  reason  being  is  that  our  objective  was  to  raise  awareness  of   bullying   to   others.   This   allows   them   to   gain   more   knowledge   about   it   and   take   action   towards  it.  In  our  presentation  we  included  ways  to  identify  bullying  and  how  you  can  help  a   bully  or  a  victim.  Our  research  showed  that  it  is  not  always  the  bully’s  fault  nonetheless  the   victim  is  still  harmed.  We  also  explained  the  causes  of  it  and  why  people  bully  so  that  others   can   understand   why   it   happens   and   ways   to   prevent   it   so   that   they   can   take   precautions.   This  information  can  be  very  helpful  and  is  one  step  closer  to  making  a  change.  There  was   also   a   section   explaining   just   how   serious   this   issue   is   and   how   it   psychologically   affects   someone,   in   severe   cases   it   even   follows   him   or   her   for   the   rest   of   their   lives.   This   part   is   particularly   aimed   for   any   victims   so   that   they   can   stand   up   for   themselves   and   prevent   living   in   fear.   It   is   also   targeting   bullies   so   that   they   understand   just   how   much   damage   they   can  cause.     In  our  presentation  there  are  several  facts  and  statistics  to  back  up  all  the  points  we  made   and   clarify   the   importance   of   this   issue.   We   were   also   meant   to   include   a   couple   of   case   studies   however   this   was   not   done,   as   Jonathon   C.   had   not   researched   any   of   them.   Our   final  product  could  have  been  improved  by  making  several  little  changes,  which  would  have   taken  place  if  we  had  acquired  an  extra  week.  Although  slightly  scruffy  our  presentation  had   caught  the  attention  of  many  people  due  to  the  creative  layout,  bright  colors  and  bold  titles.   It  was  very  informative  and  easy  to  read  at  the  same  time  as  we  analyzed  our  research  and   tried   to   include   only   the   most   important   parts.   One   of   the   most   important   things   we   missed  
  • Alsha  Patel   s16522   Global  Perspectives   out  on  and  completely  forgot  about  was  the  bibliography.  This  makes  the  audience  question   our  research  and  we  should  have  paid  more  attention  to  this.  Instead  of  using  a  video  found   online  we  could  have  made  our  own.  Not  only  would  it  be  more  original  but  it  would  also   show  what  we  learned  and  our  knowledge  of  it.  Other  than  that  our  outcome  was  amazing   and  the  feedback  received  was  positive.     Evaluation  of  my  contribution   As   a   group   we   all   collaborated   very   well   and   had   no   problem   communicating   with   each   other.     At   first   I   was   a   little   shy   but   I   gained   more   confidence   as   I   got   to   know   my   group   better.  When  deciding  our  research  topic  we  were  all  very  open  to  new  ideas  and  accepted   each   other’s   views.   We   quickly   all   agreed   on   the   topic   and   outcome   as   we   had   similar   expectations   of   the   result   and   had   high   standards.   When   distributing   tasks   it   was   all   very   equal  although  when  it  came  to  the  final  product  it  was  clear  that  some  of  us  contributed   much   more   than   others.   Jonathon   C.   had   the   simple   task   to   find   2   case   studies,   which   he   failed   to   do.   Nir   worked   better   helping   others   than   actually   doing   his   task   although   he   did   the  majority  of  it.  Vivienne  did  all  of  her  work  organizing  the  survey  results  and  a  lot  extra  to   make   up   for   what   the   boys   missed   out   on.   Jonathon   Y.   did   minimal   work   and   only   researched  ways  to  prevent  bullying.  I  completed  my  work  and  like  Vivienne  had  to  put  in  a   lot  of  extra  effort.       There   were   many   benefits   to   working   together   as   we   didn’t   have   to   do   it   all   on   our   own.   Also  we  could  rely  on  others  to  help  us  out  when  needed.  We  achieved  a  lot  in  a  minimal   period   of   time   due   to   all   the   work   done   outside   of   the   lesson.   Nir   took   on  quite   a   leadership   role  and  tended  to  make  sure  we  all  did  our  work  by  emailing  us  to  remind  us.  As  a  group   our   main   weakness   was   that   we   would   get   off   topic   really   easily   as   we   enjoyed   each   other’s   company.  This  was  resolved  by  Nir  repeatedly  reminding  us  to  focus.       The   role   that   I   adapted   to   was   to   make   sure   everything   was   done   on   time.   I   reminded   everyone   of   the   unfinished   work   and   the   deadline.   I   also   had   a   tendency   to   go   through   everyone’s  research  and  editing  it  to  make  sure  it  is  the  best  possible.  My  research  topic  was   to   research   the   types   of   bullying   and   compare   them.   I   did   that   pretty   well   although   explaining   in   more   detail   would   have   helped.   Also   I   should   have   used   more   sources   for   a   better   explanation.   The   other   section   I   researched   was   why   people   bully.   I   think   I   did   a   pretty   good   job   at   explaining   this   as   I   included   several   different   examples.     Originally   Jonathon   Y.   was   meant   to   compare   the   different   types   of   bullying   and   find   the   worst   but   since  he  didn’t  do  it  I  did.  When  doing  this  I  explained  the  psychological  impact  so  that  it  is   clearer  and  provides  evidence.       What  I’ve  learned  from  this  project?   The  most  important  thing  I  learned  from  this  project  is  the  shocking  number  of  people  who   have  experienced  bullying  just  from  my  school.  I  was  so  unaware  of  this  and  the  amount  of   people  who  shared  their  bullying  stories  through  the  anonymous  survey  stunned  us  all.  After   the  research  I  was  really  keen  to  raise  awareness  because  it  is  not  fair  at  all.  Also  some  of   the  statistics  were  astounding  and  we  were  all  very  motivated  to  help  the  victims.  I  learned   that   many   victims   live   in   fear   of   the   bully   throughout   their   childhood   and   this   traumatizes   them   for   the   rest   of   their   life.   It   has   a   huge   impact   on   their   self-­‐esteem,   confidence,   self-­‐ image,  and  simply  who  they  are.  Many  who  cannot  handle  the  pressure  any  longer  choose   to  give  up  living.  This  project  has  really  opened  my  eyes  and  made  me  reflect  upon  ways  I   can  help  others  just  by  being  there  for  them.