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Alchemus process corporate edition ppt
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Alchemus process corporate edition ppt


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Published in: Business
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    • 1. Talent Management Solution. Corporate EditionAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 2. Background  Leaders of Talent Management Solution  Company founded in 2000  Significant multi-industry experience and domain knowledge Mission Help you better manage and deploy staff in order to maximize returns from your recruiting efforts and back office operations, while maintaining an edge over your competitors.Alchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 3. Alchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 4. • Applicant Tracking System • On Boarding • Employee Branding • Employee Self Service • Vendor Management • Performance Management • Social Networking • Compensation Management • Assessment • Goal Management • Business Analytics • Succession PlanningAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 5. Line Managers Employees Recruiters Talent Management Talent Management Vendors Candidates HRAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 6. Recruiting Business Challenges. Losing to competition Incurring high costs Faced with high employee turnover Improving relationships Streamlining business processes Maintaining a collaborative environment Making better decisions Single Integrated SolutionAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 7. Recruiting Applicant Tracking Career Board & Employee Referral Program Job Distribution Sourcing Assessment Vendor Management Social Networking AnalyticsAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing How do we solve them?
    • 8. Management HR Consultants & & Hiring Managers Recruiting Accounting Employees •Candidate •Requisition Management Management •Job Distribution •Timesheets •Assessment •Offer Management •Expense Sheets •Sourcing •PMS •Separation Management •Career Portal •Social Networking •Contract Management •Self Service Portal •Vendor Management •PMS•Activity and Task Management•Email and Document Templates Alchemus Edition Supporting Tools•Email Integration Corporate & Staffing•Business Intelligence
    • 9. Alchemus: Pre Boarding Typical Workflow Overview Alchemus Workflow Vendor Management (Contract Management) Work Work Authorization Work Order Authorization Approva l ATS Timesheet & Expense Timesheet & ExpenseOrganizationalOrganizational Requisition Requisition Invoicing Invoicing ApprovalManagementManagement Management Management Management Management Approval Approval Candidate Selection Employment Offer Payroll // HRMS Payroll HRMS Candidate Selection Employment Offer On Boarding // On Boarding Process Process Management Management Off Boarding Off Boarding Back Office Candidate Management ATS -Sourcing Search & Shortlist & Tracking Management Alchemus Edition Corporate & Staffing Job Distribution Email Resumes Resume Management (Job Boards ,Vendor s , Social Networking)
    • 10. Alchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 11. Reduce new hire time to productivity Shrink new hire processing time Drive down administrative cost Connect employee to corporate culture Align new hire activity with business goals Cut costly employee turnoverAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 12. High Quality leadership Career Development / Training Exciting, meaningful assignments Contribution to the organization Challenge Cutting edge Upward Mobility Quality of LifeAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 13. Alchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 14. The benefits of using a structured approach for enhancing employee performance are as follows: Improved business profits The bottom line of an organization improves significantly by increasing employee productivity and quality of work. Increased employee responsibility Communicating realistic but challenging job expectations and making employees accountable for their decisions and actions result in noticeable improvements in employee tardiness, absences, and organizational commitment. Equitable treatment of employees All employees are treated fairly by implementing standardized procedures that promote consistency throughout an organization. Enhanced quality of work life Employees experience greater job satisfaction because they become more successful. In addition, employee conflict is kept to a minimumAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 15. What is Succession Planning?  Workforce analysis and forecasting  Communications strategy  Positions targeted for growth and attrition  Indentify current and future competencies  Identify and assess high potential employees  Conduct competency gap analysis  Establish a retention plan  Evaluation & MeasurementAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 16. Alchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 17. Aligning strategic goals and human resources to enable the “right people in the right place at the right time” to achieve desired business results The development of qualified pools of candidates ready to fill critical or key positions Providing stability in leadership and other critical positions to sustain a high-performing service Identifying workforce renewal needs as a means of targeting necessary employee training and development Helping individuals realize their career plans and aspirations within the organization Improving employees’ ability to respond to changing environmental demands. The opportunity for timely corporate knowledge transferAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 18. XML Integration Components Feed I N T Alchemus E G R A T I I O NAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing HRXML / XML
    • 19. Management Hiring Managers  Improves collaboration & communication  Shortens Hiring cycle  Allows remote business manageability  Manages opportunity pipeline  Provides opportunity analysis reporting  Helps with talent optimization  Tracks metrics for measuring performance  Reduces time and cost to hire  Provides forecasting capability  Improves efficiency and productivity HR & Accounting Recruiters   Provides electronic timekeeping for accurate billing Provides faster and more accurate skill-to-need matches  Keeps inventory of skills and resource availability  Allows paperless time and expense processing  Tracks resource activities  Reduces errors and improved DSO  Reduces administrative duties  Eliminates duplication of information  Measure vendor PerformanceAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 20. Benefits of Alchemus Solution.  Streamline business processes Helps organizations to be proactive by responding to  Decreased cost of hire business changes quickly  Reduce high employee turnover and seamlessly  Increase Quality of Hire  Decrease Time to Hire  Utilization and Retention  Maintaining a collaborative environment  Allows you to make better decisions  Simple flexible configurationAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 21. Why Alchemus Complete configurable integrated solution Business and Work flow Focus and adaptable Collaborative and Comprehensive solution Easy to use Plug and Play secured scalable solution Real time information Improves your organization productivity and efficiency 99.97 and Above SLA Customer Service OrientedAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 22. Services Alchemus offers a comprehensive set of educational tools, technical support and consulting services that help in achieving your business objectives. With our Professional Services, we will create a package to meet your specific business needs within an implementation time frame. The services that we offer include:  Business Consulting  Integration Services  Data Migration  ImplementationAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 23. Client List: Geometrics Ltd. Sailife Safran EngineeringAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 24. Head Quarters North America 959 South Coast Drive Costa Mesa, California 92626. USA India 5A/501, 32 Corporate Avenue Andheri (East) Mumbai - 400093 91 22 401 855 055 Corporate Offices  UK  Singapore  Dubai For Inquiries www.alchemus.comAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing
    • 25. Thank YouAlchemus EditionCorporate & Staffing