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Church growth without limits


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  • 1. Helping Charitable Organizations
    Church Growth Without Limits
    Church Growth Without Limits
  • 5. Challenges Charitable Organizations Are Facing
    All Over The World
    Finding New Donors and Volunteers
    Having To Keep Purchasing And Selling
    Having To Invest In Every Fund Raising Event
    Limited By The Organizations Size and Location
    Competing With Other Charitable Organizations And Causes
    Donors May Not Be Happy With The Product
    Fund Raising Program Is Not Sustainable
    Donors Become
    Tapped Out
    Volunteers Become
    Worn Out
  • 6. The Solution
    Send Out Cards have a remarkable program that can help charitable organizations raise funds all year long and from all over the world
    Once this program is started, it can run on its own year after year after year with…
    No Selling
    Fund Raising Without Limits/Borders
    Church Growth Without Limits
  • 7. Our Fund Raising Is Based On A
    Unique And Compelling Online Service
    1. Go to
    Select a greeting card
    Type your message
  • 8. What Is Send Out Cards?
    Send Out Cards is a company that is changing
    people lives one card at a time
    You can send a real printed greeting card
    or thousands in 60 seconds or less.
    In addition you can send gift and gift cards
    like American Express, Walmart, Cheesecake
    Factory, Target and Starbuck along with
    your greeting card
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • 11.
  • 12.
  • 13.
  • 14. These gift cards can
    be sent with your greeting cards
  • 15. This greeting card cost .62 cents and the postage is .44 cents for a total of $1.06 to send a greeting card
    Once you click send card
    Send Out Cards
    …print the card
    …stuff it in envelope
    …addresses it
    …place a stamp on it
    …and mail it for you
  • 16.
  • 17. • SendOutCards prints a real card
    • Puts it in a real envelope
    • Mails it with a real stamp
    • All for about a buck
    There is nothing on the marketplace like it
  • 18. Church Growth Without Limits
    The Key To Your Fund Raising Success
    • It’s a one time investment
    • 19. There are no purchasing of products
    • 20. No selling products
    • 21. No delivering products
    • 22. No money collecting
    • 23. No risk
    • 24. No limit on the amount that can be raised
    • 25. Donation support from multiple sources
    Collecting More
    To Give More
    Over 15 years of experience of working with charitable organizations
  • 26. Types Of Organizations That We Serve
  • Now How This Program Works
    Your Organization Donations
    Each of your members and supporters can
    Receive a Send Out Cards website for a subscription
    account for $9.80 a month or pay as you go for $14.80.
    From here your donors, members and
    supporters will have access to over
    15,000 greeting cards and thousands of
    gifts they can send from the comfort of
    their home or office.
    When your members, supporters and donors
    log onto their Send Out Cards site and send out
    cards and gifts, your organization receives
    a percent on every card and gift sent.
    Up to 25% on
    Every card sent
    Up to 30% on every
    Gift sent
  • 38. Added Organization Donation Support
    From Businesses
    Even Businesses Can Help
    To Support Your Cause
    • More and more small businesses are
    using Send Out Cards as a marketing
    and keep in touch tool
    • Churches are using it as a powerful
    outreach tool
    • When businesses and other organizations
    log onto your greeting card store, they
    will have access to your other line of
    products. They can choose to upgrade
    and your organization will receive
    even largerandmore funding support
    Business Owners
    Business support ranging from $140 to $315 and
    up to 25% on every card sent
    Up to 30% on every
    gift sent
  • 39. j
    The Retail
    Pay-As-You-Go Plan
    One Time $14.80
    What You Get
    The complete Send Out Cards website
    20 points which equals about 5 greeting cards
    Includes $5.00 in expense for postage
    When you use these up and want to send
    more cards just log into your system and purchase
    more points and postage
    1 point = .99 cents
    1 point to send a postcard
    2 points to send a greeting card
    3 points to send a 3 panel card
  • 40. The Retail
    The Monthly Subscription Plan
    Plans In Detail
    $9.80 per month - 20 points - about 10 greeting cards
    $19.60 per month - 40 points - about 20 greeting cards
    $29.40 per month - 60 points - about 30 greeting cards
    $39.20 per month - 80 points - about 40 greeting cards
    $49.00 per month - 100 points - about 50 greeting cards
    These subscriptions will allow you to send out double the
    number of postcards per month.
    1 point = .49 cents
    2 points - .98 cents
    1 point to send a postcards and 2 points for a greeting card
    * Just add postage
  • 41. How You Can Participate
    The Send Out Cards
    Fund Raising Without Limits Program
    The Premier
    Fund Raising Program
    $398.00 + $59.00
  • 42. Fund Raising Without Limits/Borders
    The Premier Fund Raising Program
    Part 1 The Wholesale Package
    The $398.00 is for Wholesale Premium Package which provides the organization with its own Send Out Cards system, which comes with
    • Full Contact Manager
    • 43. Cards and Gifts at Wholesale Price
    • 44. Personalize Handwriting Font
    Personal Sigmatures
    • 200 Points To Get Started Which Equals To About 100 Greeting Cards Or 200 Post Cards Or Combination Of Both
    Powerful Outreach and
    Keep In Touch Tool
  • 45. Fund Raising Without Limits/Borders
    The Premier Fund Raising Program
    Raise Funds All Year Long
    Part 2 The Fund Raising Package
    The $59.00 is for the Fund Raising System, which provides the organization with its ability to raise funds from over 5 Donation Support Sources
    • Organization Kit
    • 46. Online Retail Card/Gift Store
    • 47. Ability To Share With Others
    • 48. DVD Unlimited Package
    From All Over
    The US and World
    Powerful Outreach and
    Keep In Touch Tool
  • 49. What We Have To Offer!
    Fund Raising Setup and Training
    We provide training to you and your staff on…
    • How to setup your online greeting
    card/gift store
    • How to setup your other websites
    • 50. How to introduce members, donors, supporters and volunteers to the program
    • 51. How to introduce other organizations to the program to further expand your fund raising program
    • 52. How to track your donors and supporters
    Send Out Cards System Training
    We provide training to you and your staff on…
    • How to add or upload your contacts such as members, donors, supporters and volunteers
    • 53. How to create cards, custom cards and card campaigns
    • 54. How to track birthdays, anniversaries and other special days for your members, donors, supporters and volunteers
    • 55. How to upload pictures to your cards
    All FREE
  • 56. Lets Not Forget!
    The Outreach Power of The System
    As much as we would like to show more appreciations to our supporters, the time and resources it may take to do so can make it very difficult.
    Well how would you like to put this on auto-pilot. Yes our system can send out 1, 10, 100’s and even thousands of..
    • Thank you
    • 57. Welcome
    • 58. Congratulation
    • 59. And many more cards with the click of a mouse
    And you can schedule those cards to go out automatically.
    As a charitable organization with members, donors, supporters and volunteers that are important to you and your cause, recognizing and showing appreciation for their support is one of the most valuable activities you can do.
    In addition, like any organization I imagine that you would like to have more members, donors, supporters and volunteers.
    Our program can not only help you raise significant funds, it can also help you grow your organization.
  • 60. Testimonials!
    When I was first introduced to Fund Raising Without Limits/Borders, I was very excited about the ability to raise funds for our ministries, but when I saw the powerful outreach system of the Send Out Cards program, I was even more excited. Right away we decided to participate. My father Bishop Johnie
    Jonson and brother, Pastor/Superintendent
    Alonzo Johnsonalso decided to participate.
    Dr. Edward Johnson, Pastor – Lincolnville SC
    The power of this system is unbelievable. We at COGIC
    now have at our disposal a tool that can help us to reach out to grow our church and ministries and in addition, help some of us raise some much needed funds, especially during these tough times. We are happy to be working with Church Growth Without Limits
    Pastor Donald Blanks– Restoration COGIC
  • 61. Testimonials!
    “As a small church we had become exhausted with the traditional fund raising program and needed something that would work all year long without re-investing. We found Church Growth Without Limits and Send Out Cards and in a little over a month, we have gotten back our entire investment and some. We see a bright future with this program.”
    First Lady Charlene Steward, Rockford, IL
    As a pastor of a church, a lot of things come across my desk and many are not worthy of my time. But when I saw this system I just knew it had to be a part of our future. In addition Church Growth Without Limits staff seem to be committed to helping small churches grow, We look forward to a long relationship with them.
    Pastor Jeffrey Goodson, Chosen Generation COGIC
  • 62. Our Credibility
    Ranked by Inc. Magazine
    as one of the FASTEST-
    GROWING companies
    in the United States!
    (October 2009)
    We Expect To Reach $250 Millions in 2011
    And We Are Growing All Over The World
  • 63. Now Try It For Free!
    Now that you’ve gone through the
    Church Growth Without Limits
    presentation why not see what drives
    this incredible program
    A FREE Send Out Cards
    gift account has been or will be created
    for you by the person who invited you on this call. You can send out a couple
    of cards FREE right from
    your computer on them.
    Remember, a great fund
    raising program is only
    as good as its product!
  • 64. Church Growth Without Limits/Borders
    Thank You!
    Everyone for taking the time to attend
    this very special presentation.
    Please get in touch with the person
    who invited you to this presentation
    And JUMP START your
    Outreach and
    fund raising efforts
    Al Roche
    Dianne Greenaway