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    2. 2. CRIMES IN GENERALCrime:A crime is an offense against a public law. This word, inits most general sense, includes all offenses, but in its more limitedsense is confined to felony.some people said it started with the human begin and other said itstarted in 1200’s.
    3. 3. Examples. Securities fraud, Mail theft, illegally entering thecountry, possession of a controlled substance (can be both astate and federal crime).. Anything the FBI or equivalent of another nation canarrest you for.
    4. 4. did it increased or deceasedThere was a decline in crime during the 1980s. Our countryenjoyed seven years of declining crime for the period1981-89, the most recent data available. During this periodcrime declined by 22% and violent crime by 25%. These arewelcome developments, particularly following the surge ofcrime and violence of the late 1980s. This decline occurredduring a time when the national prison population hasincreased substantially, rising from 789,60 in 1991 to1,252,830, a 59% rise in just seven years and a 47% increasein the rate of incarceration, taking into account changes in thenational population
    5. 5. purpose of crimepoverty: In the US, urban crime is often perceived as aproblem amid areas with high poverty levels.  This maybe the case; however, many other factors, such asunemployment, population density, minority population,age distribution, and locality in the US, are correlatedwith crime and affect poverty as well.  When these factorsare controlled for, how much does poverty affect crime? Knowing more accurately how poverty affects crime canhelp us know if focusing on the reduction of poverty canaid in crime reduction or if money and effort should go toother areas
    6. 6. statisticsaround the world:
    7. 7. statisticsin the United States of America:
    8. 8. SolutionThe child hood: The parents have to know how to dealwith their children and stop valiant in the home, and notto treat their children as adults.At school: The school responsible should try to help thestudent their problem, because the pressure from problemeffect on the student personalty.after grow up: The grow up people should treat different.and in case they went to jail.The jail commissioner have tostop the racism between the prisoners and they have tohave the pest Psychiatrist.
    9. 9. Conclusionexpert’s opinion: J0000218The Babylon PitConventional wisdom suggests that keeping young people away from drugs, alcohol and violent images is a way of reducingcrime. However, it is difficult to organize and enforce such ideas. What would happen if we stood that idea on its head and didthe exact opposite ?Imagine if there was a place where young people could go (from 7pm to 7am) where they could indulge in alcohol, loud dancemusic, consensual sexual activity, and gladiatorial combat - lets call such a place the Babylon Pit. Anyone entering the placewould be searched for knives and hard drugs, and no-one would be allowed to leave until 7am the next morning.Under peer supervision the young people would be able to go wild without interfering with other members of the community.They would have access to medical help, contraception, boxing gloves, weird and wonderful wash-off cosmetics, and counselling(from volunteers such as the Samaritans) if they wanted it.I suggest that such a place would reduce the crime rate in the community and provide a safe environment for the excesses ofyouthMy opinion:...............
    10. 10. reference