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An interactive PowerPoint designed to introduce students to the basics of Polygons

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  1. 1. POLYGONS By: Amy Pickell ED 205-08 Exit
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Triangle   Quadrilateral  Pentagon  Hexagon  Heptagon  Octagon  Enneagon/Nonagon  Decagon  Resources  About the Author Exit
  3. 3. A triangle is a polygon with  three vertices or corners, and TRIANGLE three edges. There are three main types of  triangles an obtuse, acute, and right. An obtuse triangle has one obtuse angle meaning the angle has a degree measure larger then 90 degrees. An acute triangle has three acute angles meaning the angles have a degree measure less than 90 degrees. A right triangle has one right angle meaning the angle has a degree measure of 90 degrees. Exit
  4. 4. QUADRILATERAL A quadrilateral is a  polygon with four vertices or corners, and four edges. There are many different types of quadrilaterals. The  most recognized are squares and rectangles. A square is a rectangle with four edges of the same length and four 90 degree right angles. A rectangle is a four sided quadrilateral with four 90 degree right angles. Exit
  5. 5. PENTAGON A pentagon is any five sided polygon.   The most commonly know pentagon would be the Pentagon building. This is a building with five equal sides in length. Exit
  6. 6. HEXAGON A hexagon is a polygon with six vertices or corners and  six edges.  A beehive has hexagonal shaped honeycombs, in order to ensure that there are no gaps between any of the honeycombs. Exit
  7. 7. HEPTAGON A heptagon is a polygon with seven angles and  seven sides.  A regular heptagon has seven equal sides and seven equal angles. Exit
  8. 8. OCTAGON An octagon is a polygon with eight sides.   The most common octagon is the stop sign. Exit
  9. 9. ENNEAGON/NONAGON A enneagon or nonagon is a nine sided polygon.   A regular enneagon or nonagon has nine sides of equal length and nine angles of the same degree. Exit
  10. 10. DECAGON A decagon is a polygon with ten sides and ten  angles.  A regular decagon has ten equal sides and all the internal angles are of the same degree. Exit
  11. 11. RESOURCES To find any of the information used in this interactive  PowerPoint… http://www.mathleague.com/help/geometry/polygons.htm http://www.mathsisfun.com/geometry/polygons.html All pictures were found using PowerPoint Clip Art.  Rainbow polygon picture found at: https://allencentre.wikispaces.com/file/view/polygons.gif Nonagon swimming pool found at: http://www.baptistryuk.com/images/nonagon_dec_1sm.jpg Exit
  12. 12. ABOUT THE AUTHOR My name is Amy Pickell, I am currently a  sophomore at Grand Valley State University. I am from a little town called Pinckney MI. I am majoring in mathematics with an emphasis on secondary education so that I can teach math at the high school level. If you have any question or comments on this interactive PowerPoint you can contact me at my e-mail: alpickell@gmail.com. Thank you for viewing this PowerPoint, I hope you enjoyed it! Exit