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  2. 2. Key Learning's Learn functions of SAP Solution Manager Understand ChaRM (Change Request Management) ChaRM in a Validated Environment Work Center for ChaRM Introduction to RunSAP Methodology List of some of the key challenges What are the key benefits and ROI 2
  3. 3. About Alpha Sirius Inc. Alpha Sirius Inc Facts: Our core competencies lie • Founded in 1998. in several areas of SAP ® : • Expertise in project management, portfolio management Operations Optimization Program Management • Provides end-to-end solution development Portfolio Management caused by disparate functional and Application Life Cycle Management technical implementation processes. Change Management • Delivers value by bridging this gap by Training & Development providing consulting services and Systems Management implementation assistance with tools such as Solution Manager. Offshore Support/Development • One of the first certified partners with SAP for Run SAP Methodology
  4. 4. About Alpha Sirius Inc. Who are we? • Headquarters : Jersey City, N.J. • Branches and affiliates in Texas, California, Germany. Denmark and India. • Global IT and Project Management Consulting Firm • SAP Partnerships • Run SAP partners • SAP Services Partners 1st consulting partner to successfully meet the consulting requirements for the Run SAP partnership
  5. 5. You provide the best tools for your business Shouldn’t you have the best to run your business? ANSWER SAP SOLUTION MANAGER
  6. 6. Learning Points • Learn how a pharmaceutical company enhanced their Change Management process in a validated environment by eliminating manual processes and implementing Solution Manager ChaRM. • Understand how detail processes were adapted for Normal, Urgent and GxP changes. • Find out how ChaRM helped SAP COE and business teams by providing comprehensive change and traceability information and enabled them to focus on innovation rather than support. • Get a peek into new and additional functions the customer is planning to implement to enhance and optimize their SAP Solution. • Get a comprehensive look on the vision, strategy and experiences of SAP COE at the customer for enabling Solution Manager.
  7. 7. Current SAP Solution Management Managing transports in spreadsheets Still approving changes via E-mail Difficulty adhering to Governance Overlapping issues with project and support landscape Problems with traceability and audits
  8. 8. What Is Solution Manager? • Solution Manager manages your entire solution end to end, from discovery, implementation, operations, support, enhancements and upgrades • It’s a tool that follows the ASAP methodology and centralizes the implementation, support and operations of a SAP Solution • Provides content and tool sets to successfully implement and efficiently manage a SAP Solution • A product that will be utilized by – IT/IS team – PMO – QA – Change Management – Governance and auditors – Business Process Managers • Simply everything you need to manage your SAP solution!
  9. 9. Uses of Solution Manager Quality Management Change Management • Change Administration •Test planning/Administration • Project Management •Manual/Automated testing • Change Logistics •Integration to 3rd party tools • Governance/Audits IT/Infrastructure • Transport migration Functional Technical • Support pack/upgrades •IMG Configuration • Solution/Systems monitoring • SAP interaction •ABAP Development •Customizing Synchronization •Security/Authorizations Project Management Governance/Audits • Industry governance • ASAP/Roadmaps • Corporate Governance • Document Management • Project Administration SOLUTION • Findings/verifications • Validations • Training Administration MANAGER 9
  10. 10. Solution Manager Experience Client Situation Solution Global • Started a global SAP implementation • Implemented and managed Solution Manager for; Electronics • 4 yr program with 200 project team • Implementation Company members • Document Management • Issue Management • Implemented R/3, APO and BW • Training/E—Learning • Service Desk • Change Request Management • Built a pro—type for BPM ( Business process Management) Major • Have been utilizing SAP for about 10 yrs •Solution Manager installed – managed by Competency Pharmaceutical • Failures on audits and compliance issues Center Company • No standard procedures for Change mgmt, •Implemented Service Desk and ChaRM in 3 months approval •Utilized the functions and resolved the issues with compliance Subsidiary of a • Started ECC implementation with limited •Installed and implemented Solution Manager for Beverage experience and knowledge Implementation tools Company • Project went over budget and schedule – •Setup best practices and ASAP methodology lack of methodology and tracking tools •Project successfully went live with in 6 months
  11. 11. Solution Manager Experience (cont.) Client Situation Solution Global •Started a global SAP implementation •Setup Solution Manager for Implementation Pharmaceutical •Completed a proto—type for one specific •Utilized the Global templates functions – to build a Company location global project and distribute at individual region •Issues with global governance locations. •Scope creep and major enhancements list •Implemented ChaRM for projects •Communication challenges with teams •Implemented Service Desk based on Information spread out worldwide Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodology •Extended Solution Manager functions for: •ChaRM for Operations •BPM — Business Process mgmt •Digital Signatures for FDA compliances Beverage/Beer •Upgrade project to ECC 6.0 •Implemented Solution Manager Company •Limited documentation and history of earlier •Utilized the upgrade Roadmaps implementation •Imported SAP history into Solution Manager using 3rd •BASIS and functional teams spread out party tools world wide •Project scheduled reduced by 30% — utilizing Solution •Extended project schedule Manager upgrade functions
  12. 12. Change Request Management — ChaRM Change Request Management is the efficient and punctual implementation of SAP software changes with minimal risks using standardized methods and procedures • Helps to synchronize changes between various transport tracks in ABAP and non-ABAP systems Change Request Management includes: • Emergency corrections • Periodic maintenance • Business process changes/Upgrades • Governance – SOX, GxP, CFR Part 11 12
  13. 13. Change Request Management — ChaRM (cont.) Change Request Management strengthens the strategy of SAP Solution Manager as SAP’s application management platform, which: • Ensures reliability • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increases Total Solution Value • Bridges the gap between business requirements and IT administration • Increases transparency 13
  14. 14. Solution Manager for Change Management CHANGE PROJECT CHANGE MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT LOGISTICS • Management of • Project • Test change planning execution Request • Resources • Technical • Categorization and support • Documentation budgeting • Transport • Approvals • Software management • Workflow • Reporting changes • Transport • Audits and • Testing and reporting verifications test management 14
  15. 15. What Does ChaRM Offer? Change request status • By status type, priority, due date … Execution of change requests • Change requests by organization, users, type … Transports links to change requests and vice versa • Transport number attached to change request not the system change Status of the transport • System, transparency Link to service desk tickets Change Administration • Approvals, types of changes, key pain points
  16. 16. Case Study — ChaRM in a validated environment • Large-scale global SAP operations • Multiple interdependent SAP Solutions/multiple development streams • No formal process for audits and tracking • Changes and approvals on the fly using e-mails Issue • No retrofit and collision management – operations and implementation projects • Over 4000 transports and 50000 unique approvals in a year – no systematic tool • Designed and implemented Solution Manager ChaRM in 3 month period • Differentiated between normal, emergency, administrative and GxP corrections • Utilized Work center functions for ease and usability with end users Solution • Implemented extended reporting with Solution Manager BI features • Extended configuration – advanced workflow and notification process, digital signatures, extended log and audit trails • GxP compliant Change Management system with in 3 months • Easy to use, end to end change management process • Elimination of paper trail and scanned documents • Quick adoption both from SAP COE and end user groups Result • Reduction in BASIS head count • Shift and focus on continuous improvement and research and less time spent on day to day manual operations 16
  17. 17. Key changes - Extensions Involved both the SAP COE and End user community in the design phase Followed ―Alacrity Methodology‖ ( Alpha Sirius): • ChaRM demo • Basic setup and Proto-type • Extended design • Extended Configuration Extended Configuration • Enhanced workflow and approval process • Incorporated digital signatures • Modified out going email to include specific information • Extended work center and Web Dynpro functions – direct access of the change request via email • Utilized BI reporting features to generate SLA’s and establish metrics Extensive testing – involved SAP COE and end users in the testing process 20
  18. 18. SAP provides aligned methodologies along the solution lifecycle Run SAP provides a proven methodology to optimize the implementation and ongoing management of E2E Solution Operations. AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) provides a proven methodology to © SAP 2008 / 21 streamline implementation and upgrade projects. © SAP 2007 / Page 21
  19. 19. How can we implement End-to-End Mission-Critical IT Operations? SAP’s End-to-End Solution Operations addresses these challenges! The ―Run SAP‖ Methodology Tools Work Training & Centers (Tools) Services SAP SAP Standards for Standards for Certification Solution Operations Operations Solution End-to-End Root Cause Analysis End-to-End Change Control End-to-End Business Process Integration and Automation End-to-End Enterprise SOA Readiness End-to-End SOLUTION OPERATIONS IS THE BASIS FOR MISSION CRITICAL IT OPERATIONS!
  20. 20. SAP Standards for Solution Operations cover all support processes Process Standards ―Change Request Example: Management‖ & ―Change Control Management‖ Champs PMO Appl Mgmt Tech Op Request Business Change * Implement Change Monitor Change Test Change Deploy Change Sign-off Change *Business Changes = Request Adaptation or Request Project • Available Information – White Papers – Detailed technical description – Training Courses – Certifications
  21. 21. Change Request Management – Normal Correction SAP Solution Manager Feedback Service Desk Service Service Desk Message Requester Employee Change Change Change Request Management Request PRD Developer Manager Controlled transports Change Document Maintenance Cycle Tester QAS Controlled transports IT Operator © SAP 2008 / 24 DEV
  22. 22. Change Management Work Center Work Center Capabilities •Change Request Inbox •Change Document Inbox •Maintenance Transaction Overview •HotNews Display •Testing Tools Central Tasks •Create Change Requests (approval) •Create Change Documents Related Standards (execution) •Change Request Management •Maintenance Optimzer •Change Control Management •Testing •Testing •Reporting
  23. 23. Enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+) Connect Java Systems to standard CTS Non-ABAP applications inherit all properties of the ABAP Change and Transport System in terms of documentation, tracking and troubleshooting features Manage transport of ABAP and non-ABAP-objects centrally Allows combined transports for mixed objects (ABAP, Java, …) Allows synchronized changes to business processes which run in ABAP and Java 100% compatible with SAP Solution Manager © SAP 2008 / 26
  24. 24. ChaRM –Correction Request Change Request created from a Development Request Partner information can be assigned based on SAP component and organizational structure Customizable date fields
  25. 25. Approving a Request Validation team to approve the change request Assignment of CAB – Change Advisory Board Direct notifications via e-mail Digital Signature for Approval
  26. 26. Creating/Accessing Change Document Access change document from the change request. Select document flow icon To access the change document, double click on the Correction line item.
  27. 27. Configuration/Developer’s role Process the Change Document – act as developer. The developer set the change document to ―in development‖, this will set a status of change document to ―in development‖, and generate task list. Action Log: •Go to task list •Log on to development system •Make some change in the development system, •Release the transport •Pass correction to test
  28. 28. Testing the Change The developer can set a status to “Pass Correction to Test” Notification sent to Tester for the next step in testing Test script can be attached as a document
  29. 29. Testing the Change The tester logs on directly to the QA system Action items: •Confirm Successful test •Reset status to Development •Access Task Plan Upon confirming – status value automatically changes to: •Successfully tested •In-development (back to developer) Notification sent to Change Manager Digital signature for Successful test status
  30. 30. Migrating to QA/Production system Change Manager to validate, approve and change status to „Released for Production‟ Change Document status changed to „To be imported‟ Notification sent to BASIS/IT Operator
  31. 31. BASIS/IT Operator BASIS/IT operator to import correction to QA/productive system. Set the status change to „in production‟ Digital signature for importing the correction into Production System
  32. 32. Confirmation/Completion of Change request BASIS/IT operator to import correction to QA/productive system. Set the status change to „in production‟ Change request confirmed by the requestor
  33. 33. Typical workflow Message/ Issue End User Help Desk Change Request Change Manager/ CAB Change Document BASIS Tester Developer PROD QAS DEV
  34. 34. Additional Functions Reporting • Transaction Monitor for Message/change status • SLA/KPI reports with variants • Escalation Reports • Audit Reports Link to Project Implementation • Link back the changes to specific business process and business step Email Notifications Segregation of Responsibility/Security Roles Several Types Change Document • Urgent Correction • Normal Correction • Service Desk Change request • Administrative Change requests
  35. 35. Key Challenges Evolution and adoption of the tool by customers • We have the tool installed, what do we do next Current situation of SAP customers • Customers have been using SAP for a while, introducing Solution Manager at a later state is retroactive and a challenge Adoption to new tool and new process ChaRM functions for implementations and operations “Digital signatures” not included as standard function • Standard requirement for many pharmaceutical and life-sciences companies Still considered as a BASIS/Technical tool for monitoring 38
  36. 36. Key Challenges (cont.) Knowledge and experience in Solution Manager • This is not just a BASIS job — it requires combined experience in SAP tools, project management, BASIS, functional and technical programming Limited amount of reporting • Current available reports are only summary reports • Any cross reference reports (e.g.; specific objects modified for a change request are not available) 39
  37. 37. Key Program Benefits Centralized Change Management system for both projects and operations Consistent documentation of all change requests Automatic notifications, approval tracking and traceability Reduced workload on IT specialist Changes managed at process level and not at request level Adherence to governance and industry requirements 40
  38. 38. Key Program Benefits (cont.) Streamlined integration into Service Desk — reduced management efforts of Support Team Direct interaction with SAP Support Team — can focus on resolving issues and adapting to changes and not trying to understand the issue Top-down and bottom-up reporting Reduced workload on IT specialist Transparency of transports and attached objects Automated transports between Development and QA systems with out manual intervention Easy migration to production system for Go-live. No dependencies on spread sheets and reconfirmations! 41
  39. 39. Sneak Peek … Next Steps Alpha Sirius, Inc. Developments • Pharmaceutical and life sciences • Incorporation of Digital signatures for testing • Inclusion of CFR Part 11/FDA requirement for dual confirmation of change requests • Reporting Matrix to include transports and objects attached to a specific change request • Additional reporting for Risk Assessment and Validations • 3rd party tools • Integration between Solution Manager and testing tools as Worksoft • Enhanced data downloads to MS Project • Solution Manager • Enhanced reports with descriptions and detail texts on Issue Management • Advanced email and notification features • Access of the change request directly via email • Extended BI reporting for SLA metrics and Dashboards
  40. 40. Application Life Cycle Management 43
  41. 41. Solution Manager 7.1 • ITIL aligned ITSM and ALM process • Single Source of Truth • Extension into shared services solution and other CRM capabilities • Aligned with Business Suite Enhancement package strategy • Enhanced Incident Management with Knowledge articles • Extended integration 3rd party tools • Solution Documentation for non-ABAP components • Upgrade Dependency Analyzer • Integration of Quality Gate Management and Change Request Management
  42. 42. Key Points Solution Manager is not just a tool for BASIS early watch alerts ChaRM in Solution Manager can be implemented before or after a SAP implementation Solution Manager is NOT just a BASIS function (you will need a functional consultant) Solution Manager IS required for any future SAP services ChaRM for implementation projects is different from Operations and support CTS+ is an extension to ChaRM for non-ABAP systems Solution Manager can be used for non-SAP systems as a Service Desk/Change Management tool Consider it as a project with the right budget and resources – NOT a 2 week task that can be done by BASIS
  43. 43. Copyrights No part of this document can be reproduced or transmitted in any form or for any purpose without the express permission of Alpha Sirius Inc. The information cannot be changed with our notifying Alpha Sirius. Some software products, services and names marketed by ASI which belong to other companies contain proprietary information of those companies. SAP is licensed software by SAP- AG and its affiliates and it’s the registered trademark of SAP. Microsoft, Windows, Outlook, and PowerPoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. RBE Plus and RBE are copyrighted and licensed tools by IBIS-THOME All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies. Data contained in this document serves informational purposes only. Alpha Sirius is not responsible for any changes and variation in the information provided.