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Solar star powerpoint aj2 42512

  1. 1. Introduces theCertification Program
  2. 2. Solar Sonoma Countys MissionWork collaboratively Reduce CO2 emissions toto advance Sonoma meet and potentially exceed countywide targets forCounty’s transition to climate protection.clean, renewableenergy. Promote solar installations county wide through consumer education and outreach, industry programs and advocacy.
  3. 3. The Sonoma County AdvantageSonoma County is anational leader inrenewable energyand solar installations,designated by the U.S.Department of Energy(DOE) as the onlycountywide SolarAmerica City. Solar Sonoma County received the prestigious2011 DOE "Steel on the Roof Award” for enabling 42MW of total solar capacity at the county level.
  4. 4. Sonoma County Advantage• Community driven economy• National Reputation for Beauty and Wine• Residents are always first adopters ofenvironmental initiatives• CrowdfundingModel allows communitymembers to buy-in to program at a nominal fee
  5. 5. Sonoma County Advantage• Community Membership creates a goodwillvalue and captive audience• A model for replication: countywide supportand awareness, branding to reflect communityreputation
  6. 6. Solar Energy Market Growth US Solar use 6x greater in 2010 than in 2006!
  7. 7. Solar Energy Market GrowthSource: Solarbuzz 2010 Marketbuzz
  8. 8. Solar Star Certification First Steps
  9. 9. First Steps• Write Business Plan for Solar Star Pilot• Create Projections for Pilot• Create Collateral: Video, PowerPoint and Logo• Identify Crowdfunding Program
  10. 10. Develop Draft Logo
  11. 11. Next Steps • Change format to make logo square • Adjust for grey-scale • Add metrics to sundial to show rating score
  12. 12. The Certification
  13. 13. Solar Star Certification Pilot Accredited to wineries that utilize renewable energy from a solar array Additional points for other sustainable practices. Examples include: certified organic, serving customers locally, etc.
  14. 14. Community Equity Model
  15. 15. Community Equity ModelTake branding onestep further bycreating a visualstorytelling platform Enlist local students toto spread the high videotape the successquality of Sonomas stories of our sustainablesustainable wineries and spread thosepractices globally, through social mediawhile stimulating our channels for widespreaddwindling local programs.
  16. 16. Program Goals
  17. 17. Program Goals Develop processes and procedures to certify systems as Solar Star Develop criteria for certification Certify at least four wineries Develop multiple income streams for long term program stability
  18. 18. Deliverables
  19. 19. DeliverablesWe will develop aportfolio of revenueproducing productsand services that a These services includeparticipant can use advertising in SSCif desired. periodicals, participation in trade shows, consulting services, etc.
  20. 20. Next Steps1. Write Business Plan2. Create Projections for Pilot3. Create Collateral: Video, PowerPoint and Logo4. Identify Crowdfunding Program5. Incorporate Community buy-in and Brandingof Sonoma
  21. 21. Board of Directors / ExpertiseAlison Healy, Julia DonohoExecutive Director SSC Architect and Attorney Peter PosertFounded her own non-profit Current standings include Major Project Architect at County of Owner, Gain Bayand experience with Sonoma, Vice President at Winesmanaging many others. American Insitute of ArchitectsReceived a Sustainability and Redwood Empire, and Attorney for In 1992, he startedEnvironmental Management Legal Built all types working in the Wine of active and passive solar systems. Business field. 2007from the Stanford and Presidio Spent 20 years as an architect andGraduate Schools. 8 in construction management. Founded his own wine firm in NorthernTim Holmes, Owner of Andy Simpson, California. AppointedKenwood Energy Software Designer to 3 year term asGraduated from Cal Poly with BA in Economics from UC Santa Community Servicea Mechanical Engineering Barbara and a Wharton MBA. and Environmentdegree and a focus in Planning Director for Isla Vista, Planning and Research coordinator Commission for theAlternative Energy Systemsand Energy Management. in the Governors office, Office of City of Sonoma. Economic Research, Federal HomeSpent 30 years involved with Loan Bank Board (DC), andthe development and International Monetary Directorateimplementation of energy of the European Union (Brussels).management Spent 15 years as an investmentprojects/programs. banker in London and New York.
  22. 22. Kids just get it! We get it, too. HOW ABOUT YOU?Solar Sonoma County. Clean Energy for the Next 7 Generations.