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  • This presentation covers: What is Green Globes-CIEB Third-party ratings/certification Recognition
  • Green Globes™ is a web-based environmental rating system for buildings which evolved in North America but was originally modeled after the U.K.’s BREEAM rating system. A full history of the system’s development is available on GBI’s website. CLICK The Green Building Initiative (GBI) owns the U.S. rights to Green Globes – New Construction (NC) and Green Globes – Continual Improvement of Existing Buildings (CIEB). CLICK GBI is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a standards developer. CLICK The further development of Green Globes is overseen by GBI’s ANSI Technical Committee using ANSI-approved procedures for achieving consensus .
  • The GBI Web site includes a comprehensive Green Building Incentives Database, which provides information on state, local, utility and federal incentives that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. Created in partnership with the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE), the system includes information on green building rebates, tax credits and other financial incentives. To access the database, visit the and click DSIRE in the right hand corner.
  • Every project has a dashboard. CLICK Building progress can be checked by stepping through the navigation to get to the dashboard. CLICK Progress is tracked using a color coded system. Click on any of the color bars to enter that assessment area. CLICK The preliminary percentage out of applicable points (1000 possible) is tracked automatically and appears on the dashboard. If the predicted rating is 35% or higher, a Green Globes Certified Rating can be pursued by initiating a third-party assessment. Email to indicate your interest in moving forward.
  • Users of Green Globes – CIEB report the tool to be extremely user-friendly, reducing substantially the need to hire additional and expensive outside consultants. Green Globes – CIEB is affordable for all buildings—not just the elite. If the building achieves the required 35% or more, the next step is to initiate the process of being formally recognized as having met Green Globes standards. To receive recognition, the building must undergo an independent, two-stage review process. First, a highly qualified third-party assessor is assigned by the GBI. The assessor reviews utility bills and facility documentation as proof that the survey has been completed correctly. The assessor then conducts an on-site visit, which includes a walk-through of the building as well as inspection of additional documentation as required. By working with one individual, follow up items and remaining questions are resolved immediately following the site visit. GBI’s third-party assessment process serves as a comprehensive, streamlined and affordable audit confirming that the building’s certification is justified.
  • To help prepare for the third-party assessment, a pre-assessment checklist is available from the GBI Web site at
  • Ratings of between one and four Green Globes are possible, based on the percentage of points achieved. However, before a building can be publicized as having earned a Green Globes rating, its rating must be confirmed via third-party assessment. Once this is done, GBI will recognize the building by providing both a plaque and PR kit. Case study development is encouraged.
  • Using Green Globes is an opportunity to make the public aware of a company’s commitment to sustainability. Once the third-party assessment is complete, GBI provides a public relations kit outlining ways to publicize the building as having achieved a Green Globes rating.
  • GBI also provides a complimentary certificate, and a high quality brushed aluminum plaque can also be ordered from the GBI website.

Third party-rating-certification Third party-rating-certification Presentation Transcript

  • Continual Improvement of Existing Buildings (Green Globes – CIEB) “THIRD-PARTYRATING/CERTIFICATION OVERVIEW” © 2008 The Green Building Initiative, Portland, OR; 1-877-424-4241;
  • CIEB Certification/Rating Agenda Green Globes – CIEB Green Influencers Third-party Ratings/Certification Recognition 2
  • Green Globes – CIEB Green Globes™ – a web-based environmental rating system, which evolved in North America and was modeled after BREEAM in the UK. The Green Building Initiative (GBI) – owns the U.S. rights to Green Globes – New Construction (NC) and Green Globes – Continual Improvement of Existing Buildings (CIEB). GBI is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a standards developer. Further development of Green Globes is overseen by GBI’s ANSI Technical Committee using ANSI-approved procedures for achieving consensus. 3
  • Green InfluencersIncreasing legislative pressure/tax incentives Investor focus on company climate change strategy Consumer awareness Increasing NGO and advocacy groups monitoring sustainability 4
  • The Building Sector’s CO2 Mitigating Potential for 2030
  • The Building Sector’s CO2 Mitigating Potential for 2030Why Are We Having This Discussion? 1st bullet list: please use size 24 fonts 2nd bullet list: please use size 22 fonts • 3rd bullet list: please use size 20 fonts 6 6
  • Green Globes DashboardStep through navigation Automatically calculates predicted rating based on points out of 1000 Color coded progress bars indicate whether questionnaire sections are complete 7
  • The Assessment Process Complete the Highly qualified A third-party CIEB third-party assessor questionnaire assessors visually and initiate audit building assesses theGreen Globes documentation buildingcertification via and the Green against data the GBI Globes inputs in website questionnaire questionnaire 8
  • Preparation Checklist• Download the pre-assessment checklist from the GBIWeb site, sample below. 9
  • Green Globes™ Rating/Certification Requires Third-party AssessmentBuildings that have apredicted rating of 35% ormore can pursue third-partyassessment. Third-partyassessment is requiredbefore a building can receivea certified rating or bepublicized as such.One to four globes arepossible and our recognitionprogram includes a plaqueand PR kit. Case studydevelopment is encouraged 10
  • Green Globes Recognition“There is Growing Support from AIA, AGC, BOMA, media,and large private and public sector users making GreenGlobes one of the most “broadly accepted” rating systemsin North America.” Source: AIA Quantifying Sustainability Study 2008 11
  • GBI Certification Plaque 12
  • Contact Info Vicki L. WordenVP Commercial Programs & Business Development, 207-236-2920 Sally Russillo Commercial Programs Administrator, 20-236-2920 Kevin Stover Manager, Commercial Accounts, 717-817-6892 13