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Intelligent Vehicle Cluster in Sweden
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Intelligent Vehicle Cluster in Sweden


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Intelligent Vehicle Cluster in Sweden

Intelligent Vehicle Cluster in Sweden

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Advanced Automotive Cluster
    • 2. Sweden and ISA Offers
      • Business Opportunities
      • Gateways into the Ford and GM family and to the global truck market with Volvo-Renault-Mack and Scania
      • Strong Safety Culture
      • Innovative automotive industry and demanding road authority is the cradle for Swedish vehicle and road safety
      • Advanced R&D
      • Open collaborative environment and a hot bed for R&D activities within automotive electronics, wireless telematics and hybrid technologies
      • Competitive Cost
      • Best cost level for advanced R&D activities among the handful competitive world automotive cluster
    • 3. Swedish Vehicle Industry
      • 1.5% of the world car production
      • 20% of the world truck production
      • 14% of Swedish exports
      • Employs 150,000 people (10% of EU total)
      • Volvo Cars and PAG R&D center
      • (owned by Ford Motor Group)
      • Saab Automobile (owned by General Motors)
      • Scania (largest owner is Volkswagen)
      • Volvo Trucks (largest owner is Renault)
      • Home to Autoliv, Haldex, SKF and others
    • 4.
      • Volvo Cars Corporation
      • Global Ford R&D center for safety, electronics and telematics (Ford’s Premium Automotive Group)
      • Global Ford R&D center for hybrid car technologies
      • Volvo Car Safety Center opened in 2000. 
      • Saab Automobile
      • Global GM R&D center for safety, HMI, sensors, telematics, chassis system and turbo engines
      • Volvo Trucks
      • Global R&D center for all automotive technologies
      • Scania
      • Global R&D center for all automotive technologies
      • Autoliv
      • Global R&D center for safety systems
      Global Center for Automotive R&D
    • 5. Collaborative Engineering Society
    • 6. Concentrated Cluster AUTOSAR Support Group
    • 7. Swedish Competence Areas
      • Vehicle safety
      • Electronics platform design (Autosar)
      • Communication platform design (Telematics)
      • Hybrid vehicle technologies
      • These competences are
      • available through Swedish
      • consultant companies
    • 8. Swedish Automotive R&D Programs
      • Intelligent Vehicle Safety Systems (IVSS) Program
      • Period: 2004-08 Budget: $90 million (40% industry)
      • Vehicle ICT Program
      • Period: 2005-08 Budget: $28 million (55% industry)
      • Vehicle Research Program
      • Period: 2005-08 Budget: $50 million (50% industry)
      • Swedish “Green Car” Initiative
      • Period: 2000-08 Budget: $240 million (70% industry)
      • Emission Research Program
      • Period: 2002-08 Budget: $25 million (30% industry)
    • 9. IVSS Program Impaired Drivers Speed (Sense, Alert & Respond) Crashworthiness & Biomechanics Sensor-rich Embedded Systems Communication Platforms & Digital Road Maps Dependable & Fault Tolerant Systems Drugs Alcohol Distraction Drowsiness Road Conditions Performance Traffic Management Obstacle Detection IVSS Project Areas
      • Now involving 16 companies, 5 universities and 4 institutes
      • Open to foreign companies with a Swedish partner
    • 10. SAFER
      • New competence center for vehicle safety systems and solutions
      • Industry and university in cooperation at Lindholmen Science Park
      • Will grow to include 200 research engineers
      • Special test area for safety systems
    • 11. AUTOSAR – Automotive Open Software Architecture © AUTOSAR
    • 12. AUTOSAR – A Worldwide consortium for OEMs and suppliers © AUTOSAR Core Partners General OEM Generic Tier 1 Standard Software Tools and Services Semi- conductors Associate Members Premium Members
    • 13. Swedish AUTOSAR Support Group
      • More than 800 professional embedded software experts
      • Offering AUTOSAR embedded SW services and products
      • Development of Embedded SW for Tier-1 ECU manufacturer
      • Integration of ECU HW and SW
      • Adaptation of ECU to Swedish OEM electrical architecture
      • Local Support services for remote suppliers
      • Requirement specification and testing
      ENEA Consat Mecel QRtech
    • 14. Collision Avoidance & Communication Platforms Communications Latency Positioning Accuracy Week Minute Second 10 m 0.01 m 1 m 0.1 m Driver calibration Media (CD) Cell network Satellite radio 802.11a/b/g (WiFi) GPS II GPS III Galileo NDGPS GPS w/L5 Source: Automotive Tech International CY05 Lane-keeping Sensor calibration Hazard warning Coordinated driving Curve warning Collision avoidance Obstacle detection 802.11p-DSRC
    • 15. Telematics Valley
      • Interest organization to support and strengthen the telematics industry
      • More than 50 companies and 1000 telematics engineers
      • 4 universities and institutes
    • 16. Microwave Road
      • Platform for national and international collaboration in microwave technology
      • 40 electronics and microwave companies
      • 4 universities and institutes
    • 17. Hybrid Technology Center
      • National Competence Center at Lindholmen Science Park
      • Volvo Cars (Ford) invests totally $1,4 billions over five years within hybrid research
      • Volvo Truck also have their hybrid R&D center in Göteborg
    • 18. Swedish Hybrid Technology Alternatives Parallel Series Power split Gear EM Battery ICE EM Battery Generator ICE ICE Generator Battery Planetary gear EM
    • 19. Swedish Hybrid Technology Competences Internal Combustion Engine Transmission Electric motors Power electronics Energy buffer Control Hybrid technology Simulation Packaging Weight issues ICE Generator Battery Planetary gear EM
    • 20. High expenditure on R&D 2004, percent of GDP Source: IMD, World Competitiveness Yearbook 2006
    • 21. Competitive salary levels 2006, gross salaries, Zürich index 100 Source: UBS, ”Prices and earnings”, 2006.
    • 22. High labor productivity 2000-2004, annual average productivity increase in manufacturing Source: US Department of Labor, 2006
    • 23. Competitive corporate tax rates 2006, percent Source: KPMG Corporate Tax Survey, 2006