Mobile Monday Riyadh - Launch Event Presentation September 3 2012


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Launch event presentation for Mobile Monday Riyadh Chapter September 3, 2012. Presenters include Abdullah Al Kanhal, Alper Celen, Martti Ranin, Sebastien Marteau

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  • You can expect: Monthly events usually on the first Monday of each month Meeting industry experts, decision makers (yes that includes operators), rising star entrepreneurs, talking heads A platform to voice your opinions and know-how Laughter
  • And in doing this, we have very few rules and simple and persistent values: We are an open community: anyone can join and have a say We are independent: we do not preach or market exclusively for anyone although we will give opportunity to all that desire to speak up, this will be the case even if we get sponsorships We aim to be fun: we do not take ourselves too seriously, we believe invention and innovation happens in happy settings when people feel comfortable without judgment We are volunteer based: all that we do and that you will gain from this organization will be result of volunteerism
  • Mobile Monday Riyadh - Launch Event Presentation September 3 2012

    1. 1. Largest Global Network of Mobile Enthusiasts NOWIN RIYADH Mobile Monday Riyadh @momoriyadh 1
    2. 2. Thank youOur event sponsor Our volunteer founder team • Abdullah Al Kanhal • Alper Celen • Ehab Al Khiary • Mohammed Al Khushail • Youssef Seffar 2
    3. 3. Today • Welcome and Networking • Introduction of Mobile Monday - Martti Ranin, VP, Mobile Monday • Today’s theme – “The Future of the App Ecosystem” - Sébastien Marteau, VP Mobile, Intigral – Q&A and Discussion • Networking Dinner 3
    4. 4. Mobile Monday value proposition dly Frien ile MONTHLY mob siast EVENTS e nthu YOUR OWN KNOWLEDGE VOICE 4
    6. 6. RiyadhSeptember 3, 2012
    7. 7. Welcome to MoMo Riyadh Martti Ranin MobileMonday, VP Mobile Bond, CEO Riyadh, KSA September 3, 2012
    8. 8. MobileMonday MoMo was founded on the first Monday of September 2000 in Helsinki, Finland MoMo membership is free of charge and is based in voluntarism MoMo is the global peer community of mobile industry visionaries Global launches in 2004 with Tokyo, Rome, Milan and Silicon Valley MoMo has Chapters in 150+ cities in 80+ countries MoMo Chapters are super-local in their activities, but with the P2P connection to the global MoMo community (FB, Twitter, etc.) 8
    9. 9. MoMo Global Reachas of September 2012 9
    10. 10. Social Media’s Reach 10
    11. 11. Social Media’s Reach 11
    12. 12. What is there for me? Don’t rely solely on Social Media, come and visit colleague at MoMo events Share your business card (i.e. swap numbers), tell briefly what you do and what are you looking for, share your ideas! Be active, go and just say hello Talk with the Founders, share your views and wants Tell your friends about the event (now use Social Media) and come again Remember. This event is for You and You make the event! 12
    13. 13. The Future of Apps … but know your history first! Finnish Game Industry established 1995 with Remedy (Alan Wake, Max Payne, Death Rally) 70% of Finnish game developers are primary mobile oriented in 2012. And 50% of global game developers are focusing on tablets in 2012.  It is all about mobile devices! Over 1500 are working in the industry in Finland (average 15 people, but about 6 companies with +50 and 10 different nationalities) with the turnover in 2012 will be over $250M Don’t concentrate in creating one game. Think also your business strategy Create a community, it is one of the most effective tool for marketing (fans!)
    14. 14. The Future of MoMo Riyadh Abdullah Al Kanhal, Saudi Telecom Alper Celen, Commit Network Ehab Al Khiary, Qualcomm Muhammad Al Khushail, Nomd Technologies Youssef Seffar, Intigral
    15. 15. ‫!شكرا لكم‬
    16. 16. “Future of the Apps Ecosystem”Mobile Monday, 03 September 2012
    17. 17. 17Intigral®
    18. 18. How long does it take to get 1.000.000 users? 18Intigral®
    19. 19. How long does it take to be worth 1 Billion USD? 19Intigral®
    20. 20. 140M+ downloads! 200,000 years spent playing angry 20birds world wide so farIntigral®
    21. 21. ‘94 minutes- average daily time spent in mobile apps’ 21Intigral®
    22. 22. App gold rush shows no sign of slow-downwith ever-growing number of apps in leading platforms Number of apps per platform Copyright VisionMobile 2012
    23. 23. 23Intigral®
    24. 24. 24Intigral®
    25. 25. 25Intigral®
    26. 26. Intigral®
    27. 27. 27Intigral®
    28. 28. 28Intigral® Source: GigaOM, August 2012
    29. 29. 29Intigral®
    30. 30. 30 Source: Our Mobile Planet, May 2012Intigral®
    31. 31. 31Intigral® Source: GigaOM, August 2012
    32. 32. 32Intigral®
    33. 33. 33Intigral®
    34. 34. 34Intigral®
    35. 35. Monetization 35is keyIntigral®
    36. 36. It’s no longer about smartphonesKey ecosystems are expanding across 4 screens •PC •smartphone •tablet •smart TV •Mac computers •iPhone •iPad •Apple TV •Chrome browser •Android •Android tablets •Google TV •Windows, Office •Windows Phone •Windows 8 •Xbox Intigral®
    37. 37. Convergence in 2015 will be around ecosystemsand experience roaming across many types of devices 2005 2010 2015 •one bill, •one device, •one ecosystem, triple play 1,000s of apps 10s of screens •vision •focal point •network •device •ecosystems •compete •price of •number •experience based on service of apps roaming Intigral®
    38. 38. Thank you© 2012