Homework 7


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Homework 7 Alpaslan BALLI

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Homework 7

  1. 1. Ass #7 Market Research Desk Research for ENGG437 Prepared: ALPASLAN BALLI / Number: 125169 / Civil Engineering
  2. 2. How big is the market in terms of products sold, and numbers of customers.? My market is very big and comprehensive. All people need both home and industrial facility. For the life of both the production, it is mandatory. Both factories and homes must steel for robustness. For example; In Turkey is eartquake area. If we give to their stell structures advantages,
  3. 3. Is your market seasonal? Produced both in winter and summer. Because the manufacturing is done in the factory.
  4. 4. In our country, are at risk of reinforced concrete buildings. For Turkey, Earthquake map • • • • Red area : Pink area : Yellow area : White area : 1 . degree 2. degree 3. degree 4. degree
  5. 5. In Kocaeli/Turkey, at 1999 Eartquake *7.4-magnitude earthquake more than 20 thousand people lost their lives. • Number of damaged housing and commercial exceeded 245 thousand.
  6. 6. * Is your service or product becoming more popular? http://www.dunyainsaat.com.tr Industry looks to the future: • Turkey recognized the structural steel applications much ahead of the 1999 Marmara earthquake, now turned into a growing market. It manifests itself in many industrial sectors, companies buildings, industrial buildings housing market out of the fight to get a share. In addition, in the future of the sector aims to expand its share in the construction and housing sector, is expected to develop in these areas, albeit slowly. In the short term the market is expected to grow by 15-20 per cent. • Turkish Structural Steel Structural steel industry, a large part of the market Association (TUCSA) who are members of a dominant position in approximately 70 companies.
  7. 7. http://www.dcud.org.tr Market dominated by industrial buildings: • In Turkey, approximately 7-10 million square meters of construction area, has a capacity to produce structural steel processing. A significant portion of this capacity is not available in the country all the underwriting jobs abroad can be made. Turkish steel building contractors overseas projects Ünemli signature is considered as a clear indication of the presence of this condition. Produced by members of the Turkish Association of structural steel structures, industrial buildings made ​up about 60 per cent part. And energy infrastructure investments towers were added to this, the ratio goes up to 90 percent. The remaining 10 per cent is the share of commercial buildings and bridges.
  8. 8. How big is the market in terms of products sold, and numbers of customers.? http://www.steelorbis.com.tr Structural steel is widely used around the world: • • Steel structures, industrial structures, limited in Turkey , Europe, the USA and the Far East countries, multi-storey buildings, sports complexes , shopping centers, factories and commercial buildings and homes being used over a wide area . Affordability, durability and structural steel incorporates a lot of advantages in terms of the applicability of the developed countries continue to be the primary choice . Especially, the preferred steel in earthquake zone countries around the world, in terms of both technology and quality molding rising with each passing day . In France, the 45- percent utilization rate of steel structures in the '50s watching. According to information compiled from various sources , the Netherlands and Sweden, the rate of 55-60 per cent , reaching a share of steel structures, used in the construction of multi-storey buildings , especially in the UK has a share of 75 per cent . The share of the European average of 50 per cent of the steel structure at the level of industrial buildings , 80 per cent of the developed western European countries, this share goes up to 90 . In Turkey, the situation is exactly the opposite. In Turkey, steel , industrial structures, while 30 percent of the shares , with a ratio of 5 percent in the general construction industry .
  9. 9. Prepared: ALPASLAN BALLI / Number: 125169 / Civil Engineering