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  • CogniSens Athletics is a Montreal based Canadiancompany that specializes in neurobiological sciences and technological applications designed for the Sports market. Our patented technologies provide a unique solution to: - Measure & train to improve neural acuity – the quality of brain activity - Very broad applications with regard to human condition and performance - it addresses all NBAs such as Alzheimer, other neural conditions ( autism & dyslexia) & mTBIs ( concussions)- Addressable markets include: Sports – Athletic performance and concussion detection and management Medical – Detection & prevention of NBAsDriving - detection of impairment and training to improve ability ( for the aged)With an experienced start up management team, our business plan will address a $1.5B marketWe will present to you our business, our technology & products & the underlying science.
  • The underlying science for our technologies emanates from the Visual Psychophysics and Perception Laboratoryof the University of Montreal directed by Prof Jocelyn Faubert, a world leading NeuroPhysicist & our Chief Science Officer CogniSens has a suite of neurological products under development to address specific needs in sports. In particular, the NeuroMinder concussion monitoring device, expected to become the diagnostic standard for concussion detection and management, is currently being validated with Manchester United FC.NeuroTracker Perceptual-Cognitive Training and Concussion Support System is also a unique perceptual - cognitive training device to improve athletic performance, increase situational awareness & reduce the Athlete’s risk of injury. NeuroTuner is a multisensory stochastic resonance stimulation system to enhance training and accelerate rehabilitation from injury. CogniSens continues to develop patentable sport-specific cognitive training applications, validated through collaborations with professional teams in each major sport.
  • Over the past 22 months, CogniSens has developed its technologies in collaboration with the Manchester United Football Club and over the past 10 months with the Vancouver Canucks. The NeuroTracker, has been validated in Europe and North America by: Premier League Soccer: Manchester United FC, Manchester, UK NHL Hockey : Vancouver Canucks & Pittsburg Penguins NFL Football: New England Patriots Rugby: StadeToulousain, Toulouse, France & FFR (French Federation of Rugby), Paris, France NCAA: University of Oregon, Or, (Football), Providence College, RI,(Hockey, Basketball & Soccer) andValdosta State U, Ga (multi sports) Olympic sports: CAR – The Spanish National Olympic training Center, Barcelona, Spain. CogniSens 2011 Summit Meeting: Themedical and/or sports science teams for the Manchester United FC, the New England Patriots and the Vancouver Canucks attended the first CogniSens Summit meeting held in Boston on July 13, 2011 to discuss the benefits of the NeuroTracker perceptual cognitive training as well as to review the results of our recent scientific collaborations and to introduce new post injury return-to-play protocols and session types, in particular the new self-paced NT training session type allowing athletes 'to stay in the zone'. This historic meeting occurred during Manchester United’s North American tour as they were playing the New England Revolution in the NE Patriots' Gillette stadium that evening.Our Products are market ready for commercialization and we are currently introducing our technologies to professional and University teams in Europe and North America.In 2010, CogniSens was selected as one of Canada’s top 10 emerging life science companies. In May 2011, CogniSens won the ADRIQ-NSERC award, from Canada’s largest life science research funding group, to celebrate our industrial research with a university research facility.In June 2011, wealso won the prestigious Genesis business award for financial, administrative and scientific excellence as an emerging technology company.
  • CogniSens Athletics is a privately held Montreal based Canadian company that specializes in neurobiological sciences and technological applications designed for the Sports market. Our patented technologies provide a unique solution to major deficiencies in the Sports Industry:Concussion Management and Post Injury Return To Play timing assessment &Perceptual - Cognitive Training to improve athletic performance by increasing player situational awareness and decreasing response time during game play.
  • How does perceptual cognitive training work?MOT is anevolutionary built-in cognitive ability that allows us to perceive, react to and navigate dynamic environments, all while distributing attentional ressources to several moving targets at the same time. An everyday example is a family quickly moving through a busy mall without hitting other people, all while keeping track of each other.In sports, the dynamic environment created during gameplay includes:optic flow ( rapid visual stimulation during play action)multiple object tracking (for example, following teammates or opposing players), and biological motion: our working memory allows us to learn and anticipate human body movement or cues revealing predictable movement patterns. By applying the basic training principles of ISOLATION, OVERLOAD AND REPETITION, NeuroTracker training improves a person’s Perceptual- cognitive ability to track multiple objects, deal with rapid optic flow and process biological motion, all skills required of an elite athlete.
  • NeuroTracker Perceptual Cognitive Training System:The athlete sits before an 8 foot projection screen in a darkened environment tracking 4 of 8 yellow targets moving in 3D throughout his entire field of view. If the athlete has correctly identified the targets, the speed of movement will increase for the next trial, drastically reducing proficiency in tracking.The training sessions consist of 20 trials of 8 seconds each for a total of 6 - 8 minutes, including set up & examination of results.Recommended usage is 10 training sessions per month, however after consolidation once a baseline cognitive reference is obtained, frequency of training can be reduced.There are eight different NeuroTracker sessions, including the core program, providing a continuous baseline measure, advanced programs relating to infield tactical skills and team programs conditioning athlete to work cooperatively or under competitive pressure.
  • Data Analysis and ReportingCertificate of Perceptual-Cognitive Status providing a baseline measure of the athletes perceptual cognitive skill, which can be referred to in the event of concussioninjury or to assess return to play game shape readiness after any injury or absence from the game. Scores and progress rates are displayed automatically in graph form at the end of each training session. This confidential usage and performance data is immediately available to coaches for analysis through simple yet powerful Motion Charts, revealing deep trends quickly and intuitively in a range of displays. As the database develops, useful analytics can be extracted with the data correlated to other performance indicators. Through password access to a dedicated website, Players can gain a better understanding of the relevance of cognitive training and track their performance.CogniSens motion charting is an advanced data trend software that allows coaches to delve in animated charts interactively and see important training developments across tens or hundreds of athletes in seconds. The charts are custom prepared for any selection of data parameters, and can be prepared for private viewing via web browser without any additional software requirements. As the information is generated via the CogniSens database it fully up-to-date and provides a convenient way to monitor overall throughput as well as zoom in and highlight specific athlete progress at any time.
  • The Principal benefit of NeuroTracker Perceptual – Cognitive training is Performance Enhancement, training an athlete to absorb and process complex movement and distribute attentional resources throughout the visual field. A trained athlete will decrease his response time during play action and increase the athletes situational awareness thereby allowing enhanced gameplay anticipation and decision-making time available to choose play options.In sports, the training of perceptual cognitive abilities should be considered training of a SUBSYSTEM such as cardio fitness or strength and conditioning, where the benefit is only realized when combined with the primary skill of the particular sport. Increasing decision-making time will only help the athlete play better at his sport if he has primary playmaking skills and knows which play to make.Other significant benefits include:Situational awareness: improveddistribution of attentional resources throughout the visual field during gameplay, allows the athlete to better anticipate avoidable collisions - the single greatest cause for injury in sports. Therefore an Injury prevention benefit.Post-concussion return to play game shape timing: The baseline measurements of an athletes cognitive condition when training at peak performance becomes the ideal reference in assessing post-concussion full recovery of game shape readiness, reducing the risk of recurring concussions resulting from premature return to play.Assessment & Profiling:Player profiling for recruitment and Game day - Game Shape assessment.Rehab Support: As NeuroTracker training is non-physical it can be carried out intensively by injured athletes, providing a psychological boost by maintaining their cognitive game shape.Neurophysical Rest & recovery measurement. Increasingly NT is being used as a measure of the athletes post game cognitive state and to gage his recovery. NT is also used generally as a measure of the efficacy of other training programs. Neuro-Physical Stamina: Neurotracker training while training on astationary bicycle allows the athlete to develop stamina to the effects of physical fatigue or physical stress.
  • This slide demonstrates similar performance growth curves of professional athletes in multiple sports, with gradual improvement once a level of consolidation ( and baseline reference of cognitive status) has been achieved. Thereafter the standard deviation of the last three sessions represent a baseline reference to be used in the event of concussion or other injury requiring a return to play timing assessment.The lower growth curve illustrates that athletes dividing their attentional resources by adding a motor task during the initial perceptual cognitive training achieved significantly smaller baselines than those allocating their entire attention to perceptual cognitive training and having reached the level of consolidation.
  • This slide shows the integration of perceptual cognitive abilities by Olympic athletes gradually adding increasingly complex motor tasks to perceptual cognitive training. The drop in performance after adding a motor task is significantly smaller when there is an already strong perceptual cognitive base ability. This progressive learning process clearly demonstrates transferability and development of perceptual cognitive skills that can be directly applied to any sport by adding a sport specific skill training once the Athlete has achieved a basic perceptual cognitive ability.
  • NEUROTRACKER PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTCogniSens is committed to adapting cutting-edge science and technology to real in-field training needs and has many applications in development combining the training of cognitive and physicalskills at the same time. Existing general physical conditioning training, such asCardio or Proprioception skills training can now be performed under cognitive stress, thereby making the training more relevant to actual game play. In collaboration with professional teams, COGNISENS is developing applications for sport specific skills training under cognitive stress – e.g. hockey stickhandling; basketball dribbling; soccer ball dribbling; rugby & football ball handling and pass reception.The inclusion of sport specific skills training under cognitive stress in a virtual reality environment will allow athletes to train in a truly interactive manner, without risk of injury. The quality of a goalie save on a virtual ball would be recorded using motion capture cameras to reveal the impact of threshold perceptual-cognitive tasks on biomechanical skill and training.By integrating sports specific skills to physical conditioning training throughout an adaptive learning process, the athlete can clearly experience transferability and development of perceptual cognitive skill directly applicable to the requirements of his sport.
  • NeuroTracker is an innovative perceptual-cognitive training system developed by CogniSens Athetics. Using sports-neurophysics principles, NeuroTracker improves athletic performance by increasing player situational awareness and improving action-response time during gameplay. Training improves the efficiency with which the visual cortex can process visual information, allowing an athlete to capture more action meaningfully, and also to process complex motion across numerous targets more effectively. This increased neural efficiency and effectiveness of visual processing helps facilitate faster real-time decisions on the field and boosts situational awareness in demanding sports scenes. NeuroTracker’s scientifically based assessments yield valuable measurements for assessing each players gameshape in the cognitive domain.1. NeuroTracker has evolved out of pure science research from Dr.Faubert’s world-leading neurophysics lab in Montreal. CogniSens Athletics has a top flight sports science advisory board and also has research collaborations with a range of world-class sports teams. Utilizing this multi-disciplinary expertise, NeuroTracker has been successfully implemented into elite training regimes and it benefits have been augmented into advanced forms of integrated training and assessments. A range of NeuroTracker technology platforms have evolved to meet a multiple training needs in the field and are being further expanded with EON Reality’s cutting-edge systems.2. NeuroTracker opens up a new domain of performance enhancement that brings numerous applied benefits. Research with professional athletes has shown that after raising NeuroTracker levels, motor skills can be added incrementally to provide training effects that increase an athlete’s thresholds for perceptual-cognitive motor skill. The effect on the field is an increased ability to maintain optimum performance levels when under critical pressure, both cognitively and physically. For athletes recovering from injuries, NeuroTracker offers valuable assessment and conditioning to help return players to the field at the right time and in full game-shape. Due to NeuroTracker’s enhancement of peripheral awareness, an injury prevention role can be applied by improving player’s perceptual agility to earlier detect, respond to, and avoid collision threats. Finally, NeuroTracker’s hard data has been used extensively by teams around the world to assess game-shape at an individual level and to profile athletes for game line ups and recruitment. As a single training tool, NeuroTracker offers an unprecedented level of unique training and assessment opportunities.
  • EON Reality is the world’s leading 3D interactive solutions provider for VR technology. ‘EON Sports Simulate’ is bringing this first-class expertise to the athlete’s domain with a suite of immersive sports training applications. 1. EON Reality’s multiple VR platforms will deliver these as high-caliber sensory experiences using true 3D immersion and dynamic viewing perspectives to push the boundaries of sport simulations. Using sports science methodology combined with extensive custom modeling of sports specific environments, athletes will be able to prepare intensively for competition like never before. As well as realistic environments, EON Sports Simulate utilizes physical interactions within the simulated scene, including virtual athletes and projectiles with realistic physics. This interaction is combined with full body motion tracking for measuring physical reactions and analyzing specific motor responses.2. Based on practical needs in the sports industry, an number of specific training applications are being rapidly developed. ‘Tactical Pattern Recognition’ allows an athlete to see realistic game scenes with tactical highlighting of key players for honing tracking awareness and making play predictions. With key games represented in virtual form, action can be replayed in unlimited ways in immersive life-scale 3D and from any angle for a superior upgrade to video review training which will vastly improve learning and play memorization. First person experiences of specific play simulations will facilitate real-time decision responses to plays as they evolve. Athletes will be able to convert these into physical reactions to the scene, fusing tactical learning with fluid action-response outputs. Multiple motion tracking systems will deliver precise simulation of physical interactions with the virtual environment and also allow action-responses to be analyzed for sports science focused reviews of the training.Lead by a vision at the frontiers of virtual technology, EON Sports Simulate is developing complete immersive training solutions for the next level of athlete performance conditioning.
  • CogniSens Athletics NeuroTracker and EON Sports Simulate applications have a high degree of training complementarity. As well as using the same immersive environment and motion analysis technology, the functional aspects of the training have synergy across several levels.NeuroTracker prepares athletes to better read and respond to complex visual information and motion in any game situation, and is ideal for improving performance in dynamic and unpredictable play situations. EON Sports Simulate applications excel at conditioning athletes to detect and respond to structured and predictable game situations. As athletes need to deal with both dynamic and predictive play, these training approaches combine well to cover each player’s perceptual-cognitive needs on the field. Furthermore, aspects of each approach yield synergistic effects on the other for making gains in training and in competition. Firstly, NeuroTracker increases the amount of game action an athlete can absorb. This improves the efficiency with which tactical pattern recognition can take place by making the athlete automatically aware of more players’ movements. Similarly, by increasing a player’s ability to match a larger knowledge base of tactical plays with current play, he can detect unstructured play in action and distribute his attention across a wider number of players to sooner detect new play structures forming.Secondly, by processing changing game scenes faster, a player can recognize patterns and select play choices earlier and with more certainty. Complementing this, earlier decisions allows more cognitive resources to be allocated away from decision processing and temporarily diverted to tracking action more intensively to more effectively identify the next plays as they evolve. Thirdly, the demands of both dynamic and predictable play can change rapidly depending on chaotic breaks from set plays or sudden executions of new tactical formations. Therefore, heightening an athlete’s ability to deal with both of these styles of play will also increase the fluidity with which they can adapt between them. This means improving a player’s responsiveness to respond to unexpected plays and to respond structured plays for quicker synchronization with team-play tactics.Fourthly, NeuroTracker threshold training with added motor skills improves the capacity of athletes to deal with mental and physical overload during intensive game action, this conditioning pairs ideally with simulated set plays where decisive motor-reactions are trained. When both skills are honed the athlete’s action-response capability is increased for a robust range play situations and under variable levels of physical and mental stress. Overall, NeuroTracker and EON Sports Simulate are superbly geared for preparing athletes to acquire the critical edge of being one step ahead of opponents during intense gameplay.
  • Thank you for your interest in our innovative cognitive technologies.
  • CogniSens Athletics Presentation - GPS Texas

    1. 1. ‘Elite athletes leverage huge advantages from their mental prowess on the field, and so finding a wayto condition performance cognitively has always been a major challenge for sports science.I think NeuroTracker is a genuine breakthrough here. It’s a proven science technology that trainsfundamental skills with rapid gains, and the results unlock a wealth of new performance data.’Leonard Zaichkowsky, Ph.D., Director of Sports Science, Vancouver Canucks
    2. 2. Management ofattention resources in a complex dynamic environment Optic flow MOT Biological motion Working memory
    3. 3. Principal Benefits Applied Benefits1. Increase ability to capture & process complex motion2. Increase efficiency of visual processing3. Reduce response time
    4. 4. Geometrical Means for Four Pro Teams as a Function of Training 3 Seated tests • Consolidation 2 •Speed threshold Baseline reference Standing tests • Divided attention Hockey (NHL) R² = 0.908 Rugby (European League) R² = 0.88 Hockey (NHL) R² = 0.92 Soccer (Premier League) R² = 0.97 1 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Number of Sessions
    5. 5. NeuroTracker Speed Thresholds as a function of additional motor load Olympic Athletes2,5 2 N=36 N=22 N=25 Sitting R² = 0,96 Standing Exercising 1 1.00 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 Sessions
    6. 6. NeuroTracker & NeuroFeedback Alpha Peak NeuroTracker with Physical Conditioning (Q3 2011) NeuroTracker Stick Handling + Passing Agility with Motion Capture (Q4 2011) NeuroTracker VE Hockey Training Goalie Saves & Pass Reception (Q2 2012)
    7. 7. • Capture more visual action • Cutting-edge neurophysics• Complex motion processing • Sports science expertise• Improve action-response time • Elite teams validations• Boost situational awareness • Versatile training integration• Assess gameshape • Mutliple tech platforms • Added Motor skills • Cognitive + Motor Rehab • Collision avoidance • Performance Profiling
    8. 8. Immersive Sports Training SolutionsWorld Leaders in 3D Interactive Platforms Cutting-edge Virtual Environment Systems Kinect Technology Re a l Tr a i n i n g S o l u t i o n s Tactical Pattern Recognition Unlimited play reviews Decision-action responses Motion tracking + analysis
    9. 9. Absorb Detect + more Memorize play key plays action Process Select Dynamic game play Predictive action choicesP lay Tr aining faster P lay Tr aining rapidly Respond to Sync with the team unexpected tactics Increase Analyze perceptual- motor- cognitive reactions motor skill to set plays
    10. 10. Generic Multi-Sensory EnhancementVisual-Vestibular-Proprioceptive Assessment Perceptual-Cognitive Conditioning Neural Integrity Analysis & Assessment Market Needs