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Tricky metering situations and playing with exposure

Tricky metering situations and playing with exposure






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    Tricky metering situations and playing with exposure Tricky metering situations and playing with exposure Presentation Transcript

    • Tricky Metering Situations and Playing with exposure
    • Motion Shots in Bright Light
      • If it is very bright where you are shooting and you are trying to get motion blur
        • You will have to set your ISO as low as possible
        • If that doesn’t work, your only alternative is to use a neutral density filter
    • Backlighting
      • When bright light is coming from behind your subject you may unintentionally get a silhouette
      • To reduce the silhouette and get your subject correctly exposed you can:
        • 1. meter closely on your subject
        • 2. Use your flash to illuminate your subject (fill flash)
      • To emphasize silhouette meter on light coming from behind your subject
    • Backlighting controlled with Exposure
    • Fill Flash
    • Fill Flash
    • Silhouette
    • Silhouette
    • Flare
      • To avoid flare use a lens hood and shoot away from the sun
      • To emphasize flare shoot toward your light source
        • To make it even more pronounced have an object partially covering by your light source
    • Flare
    • Flare
    • Flare
    • Bright Objects and Dark Objects
      • When photographing bright objects (sand, snow, white buildings) your meter may be fooled by the brightness
        • You may have to over or under expose to get the right exposure
      • The same is true of dark scenes
        • You may have to give more or less exposure than you meter tells you
    • Choices in Exposure
      • You can choose a slightly light or dark image to enhance the feeling of your image
      • You still need to be within acceptable bounds
        • You don’t want blown out whites or excessively blocked up blacks
    • High Key/ Lighter Exposure Make sure your blacks don’t get washed out
    • Low Key/Darker Exposure