Making A Difference

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  • 1. Making a differenceA series of images that make a difference in the world
  • 2. Spreading AwarenessImages that show the public whatthey may not otherwise be aware of
  • 3. James Nachtwey
  • 4. James Nachtwey• War photographer• Brings awareness to the public about war and poverty
  • 5. Joel Sartore
  • 6. Joel Sartore• National Geographic photographer• His “Rare” series shows the public many endangered animals
  • 7. Cristian Movila
  • 8. Cristian Movila• His series “Unfinished Dreams” brings cancer awareness
  • 9. Jonathan Torgovnik
  • 10. Jonathan Torgovnik• His photos from the book “Intended Consequences” shows Rwandan women and their children born of rape
  • 11. Subhankar Banerjee
  • 12. Subhankar Banerjee• His Land as Home project raises awareness about issues that threaten our planet
  • 13. Djordje Zlatanovic
  • 14. Djordje Zlatanovic• Photographs the people who work the graveyard shift
  • 15. Material Change and Charity• Images that make a material change and make money for their cause• Team up with a charity and use your art to contribute to the cause – Your art can be sold or auctioned and the proceeds given to the organization – Or you can use your art to further the cause • Ex: take photos for a dog rescue group to help get the dogs adopted
  • 16. Do 1 Thing
  • 17. Do 1 Thing• Do1Thing helps kids who age out of foster care at 18 and then often end up homeless. The project recruits leading commercial photographers like Martin Schoeller, who took the previous photos.
  • 18. Links• PDN article on photographers making a difference –• Blue Earth Alliance –