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    film-Depth of Field film-Depth of Field Presentation Transcript

    • Optics and Depth of Field
    • Your Lens
      • Your lens is made up of curved glass that is moved when you focus and zoom
    • Focal Length
      • Focal length refers to the strength of magnification by a lens
    • 24mm 50mm 200mm 800mm
    • Focal Length and Angle of View
      • The Shorter the Focal Length the wider the angle of view
    • Other features of focal length
      • Short Focal length = wide angle
        • Wide angle lenses tend to distort objects especially if they are close to the lens
      • Long focal length tends to compression image
    • Wide Angle Distortion
    • Wide Angle Distortion
    • Long Focal Length/Telephoto Compression
    • Telephoto Compression
    • Special Lenses
    • Tilt Shift Lens
    • Tilt Shift
    • Tilt Shift
    • Lensbaby
    • Fisheye
    • Fisheye
    • Depth of Field
      • The portion of a scene that appears sharp in the image
      • A lens can precisely focus at only one distance, but the decrease in sharpness is gradual on either side of the focused distance
      • Not easily perceived by the human eye
    • Long/Deep Depth of Field Shallow Depth of Field
    • Depth of Field is Controlled by Three Things
      • Aperture
      • Focal Length-zoom
      • Closeness of subject to camera
    • Controlling Depth of Field with Aperture
      • A low aperture (1.8 to 5.6) gives you low.short/shallow depth of field
      • A high aperture (11-32) gives you a long/deep depth of field
    • F 3.5 F 22
    • Controlling Depth of Field with Focal Length
      • Longer lenses tend to give you a shorter depth of field resulting in blurrier backgrounds
      • Wider lenses are better at keeping more depth in focus
    • Controlling Depth of Field with Proximity to Subject
      • Similarly, the closer you are to the object the less depth of field will be present
      • This is the same idea as focal length
    • More Examples
    • DOF
    • Low DOF
    • Low DOF
    • Low DOF
    • Low DOF
    • Low DOF
    • Long DOF
    • Long DOF
    • Long DOF
    • Long DOF
    • Long DOF