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Masterclass Social Media and new Marketing Strategies 17 oct '13 - enpc mba paris
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Masterclass Social Media and new Marketing Strategies 17 oct '13 - enpc mba paris


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A master class given at the ENPC MBA Paris on social media, new social media driven marketing strategies and how social media has gone beyond marketing.

A master class given at the ENPC MBA Paris on social media, new social media driven marketing strategies and how social media has gone beyond marketing.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Master Class Social Media & New Marketing Strategies Alon Rozen Asst. Dean, ENPC MBA Paris Master class October 17, 2013 Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 1
  • 2. Social media isn’t easy… just ask Ronald! 2012 McDonald’s used the hashtag #McDStories on Twitter to promote video content of their suppliers talking about McDonald’s ingredients.  The campaign was hijacked by consumers complaining about the company’s service and the quality of the food. People are still using the bashtag to attack McDonald’s. Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 2
  • 3. Quick survey Traditional media Social media Raise your hand if: Raise your hand if: 1. you read a national newspaper at least once a week? 1. you are “active” on Facebook, LinkedIn, Viadeo or Twitter? 2. you spend more time watching national TV than the internet? 2. you watch YouTube at least once a week? A day? 3. you listen to radio at least 1 hour every day? 3. you tweet, post, like, pin, share or +1 at at least once a day? 4. you use Instagram or Vine? Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 3
  • 4. Social is everywhere (Brian Solis – October 15, 2013) A recent survey by … growth in positions with the title “social media manager” slowed to 50% in the past year. Positions with “Instagram” in the title gained 644% and those with “Vine” grew at 154%. More than a job title, social is becoming part of everyone’s job. Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 4
  • 5. Social media: why should you care? (Brian Solis – October 15, 2013) “We are seeing an increased demand for social savvy candidates across the business – from HR to product to customer service. In addition, we’re seeing this demand span many levels, from executive assistants to senior vice presidents.” It’s inevitable that at some point, social media will require mastery and management at every level. Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 5
  • 6. mar·ket·ing/ˈmärkitiNG/ (noun) Market 1 A conversation between a brand and its market(s) Market 6 Market 2 Brand Market 5 (hat tip to the Clue Train Manifesto) Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA Market 3 Market 4 6
  • 7. Marketing was brand-driven until something happened… Brands were excluded from the conversation … Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA So they had to go where the conversation was happening! 7
  • 8. Social Media and Marketing Social media is a new kind of conversation… Marketing has had to adapt significantly with a new approach: LISTENING FROM TO OBSERVING Brand INTERACTING FACILITATING Brands now need to interact with the “community” Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 8
  • 9. What is Social Media? Peter Drucker: the purpose of a business is to create a customer. Shiv Singh (Razorfish): the purpose of social media is to create a customer … who creates a customer. Google “definition of social media”: 194M results! Google: social media are the websites and applications used for social networking. Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 9
  • 10. Social media landscape 2013 (Cavazza) Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 10
  • 11. Is anything not social? Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 11
  • 12. Historical marketing context: First Moment of Truth (F-MOT) Lafley, CEO, P&G (2005): Brands have 2 moments of truth: 0. on the internet, when a consumer gathers information... 1. at the store shelf, when a consumer decides to buy a brand. 2. at home, when she uses the brand — and is delighted, or isn’t. Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 12
  • 13. Google’s Zero Moment of Truth (Z-MOT) Lisicki, Google: “ZMOT” = when you grab a device to learn about a product or service you’re thinking about trying or buying. Social media: a major shift in how people share & discover information and make decisions. Social media is ZMOT media… Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 13
  • 14. Social media: stats for perspective Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 14
  • 15. Social Media content strategy: the 3 R’s Post a video to YouTube On blog invite comments on YouTube Reduce Re-use Recycle Post video + 1st § of story to Facebook with link to blog Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA Post to Blog with video embedded Tweet about new post with link to Facebook 15
  • 16. Red Bull on FaceBook – 41M likes, 420K interactions Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 16
  • 17. PetPlan Pet Insurance on Pinterest (+10k followers) Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 17
  • 18. YouTube – 25% of internet traffic and growing!  YouTube is the #2 search engine on the web. (  YouTube reaches more adults than any cable network. (  700 YouTube links are shared on Twitter every minute (Relevancy Group)  500 years of YouTube videos are watched on Facebook every day (Relevancy Group)  The equivalent of 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube each minute (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers)  99% of US online specialty retailers use YouTube, up from 93% in 2012 (L2) Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA Marketing campaigns increasingly launched on YouTube first 18
  • 19. Social Media Strategies in action: Ford Fiesta Ford’s Fiesta Movement o Ford marketers gave 100 people a car for 6 months o They shared their experiences on various social media Results: 6.5MYouTube views, 50K RFIs and 10,000 Fiestas sold in… the first 6 days! Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 20
  • 20. Social Media Strategies: Human Rights The Human Rights Campaign launched a campaign on Facebook, to accompany real life demonstrations outside the Supreme Court on the eve of two historic marriage equality hearings. Millions of Facebook users adopted a red version of the HRC's logo. The logo received 10M impressions, 190K shares, 96K likes and appeared more than 18M times in News Feeds Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 21
  • 21. Social Media and Branding: Dove (Real Beauty) Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 22
  • 22. Social media – beyond marketing An R&D, marketing and finance strategy (ex. Kickstarter) Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 23
  • 23. Social media – the new IPO? Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 24
  • 24. Top 5 reasons companies fail at social media (smartblog on social media 4.10.13) 1.Jumping on multiple platforms at once: many companies spread themselves too thin. 2.Failing to develop a personality: For someone to be a “fan”, they need to be able to relate to you, your beliefs and opinions. Customers and fans want to know what’s important to you – besides growing your business. 3.Selling, not conversing: It is called “social” media for a reason. Start conversations. 4.Not developing authenticity: Customers need to feel your sincerity and that what you’re telling them to do is something you’d actually do yourself. 5.Hiding from complaints and controversy: Mistakes are going to happen… say you are sorry and what you’re doing to ensure they aren’t repeated. Customers know bad things happen, and they love companies willing to learn from them. Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 25
  • 25. Closing Survey Raise your hand if: you think your next job will be affected by social media? Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 26
  • 26. Thank you! Enjoy the rest of the evening… Alon Rozen / ENPC MBA 27