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I Spell SSt inservice course KVGN

I Spell SSt inservice course KVGN

Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. India-Flora and Fauna  The vegetation and wild life of a country are called flora and fauna respectively.  In India there are about 47,000 plant species and 81,000 animal species.
  • 2. Some facts to Know  Among the larger animals in India, 79 species of mammals, 44 of birds, 15 of reptiles and 3 of amphibians are threatened.  Nearly 1500 plant species are considered endagered.  The forest cover of India is estimated at 637,293 sq.kms or 19.39% which is far below the normal requirement of 33%.
  • 3. Some Facts About Species in India  Endangered Species:-These are in danger of extinction such as-  Black Buck-  Crocodile Ind.Rhino  Lion-
  • 4. Vulnerable Species  Blue Sheep  Asiatic Elephant  Gangetic Dolphin
  • 5. Rare Species  Bear  Wild Asiatic Buffalo  Desert Fox  Hornbill
  • 6. Extinct Species  Asiatic Cheetah  Pink Head Duck
  • 7. Causes of Depletion of Forests  Large scale development projects.  Mining  Grazing and fuelwood collection.  Habitat destruction, huntomg ,poaching,over – exploitation,environmental pollution and forest fires have led to decline of India’s biodiversity.
  • 8. Some Facts  Half of India’s Natural forests are gone.  One-third of its wetlands drained out.  7o% of its surface waterbodies are polluted.  40% of its mangrooves wiped out.
  • 9. Conservation of Forests and WildLife in India.  Conservation preserves ecological diversity and our life support systems-water,air soil.  It also preserves genetic diversity of plant and animals. Measures:- 1.The Indian wildlife (protection) Act 1972. 2. Hunting and poaching banned. 3.Establishment of National parks and .WL sanctuaries. 4. Several projects for specific animals like-Project Tiger,Project Rhino,kashmir stag, crocodiles, asiatic lion..
  • 10. Community and Conservation  In Sariskha Tiger reserve(RAJ) villagers have fought against mining by citing wildlife protection act.  The inhabitants of 5 villages in Alwar district of Rajasthan have declared 1200 hectares of forest as Bhairodev Dakar son churi declared their own set of rules and regulations.  Famous movements likeChipko movement , Beej bachao Andolan(Tehri) and Navadanya are some examples.