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The fanbase




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  • 1. The Fan BaseOwning the Football Fan Market
  • 2. The Fans The life blood of any sport. An estimated 40million Nigerians love football. With access to satellite TV, football lovers are increasingly supporting clubs, continents away. The need to harness this love directly and profitably for brands other than the clubs, has arisen and the time to do so is now. The Fan Base is an ambitious yet simple plan to attract, track and target the fans of the English premiership .
  • 3. Strategic Fit Football and alcohol offer a passionate and inseparable union. In the UK most games are viewed in pubs and in Nigeria the trend has caught on. The Fan Base thus offers the opportunity to support these fans and their passions without running the gauntlet of huge sponsorship fees. While the sales numbers are shooting through the sky, the fans are rewarded for their loyalty to their clubs and Gulder. This strategically delivers all the passion and excitement of the Premiership to Gulder without the cost of sponsorship.
  • 4. Mechanics Driven by media and other benefits football supporters are encouraged to register via SMS. On registration, they receive a universal password that allows them to go selected bars and buy Gulder at the RRP or at a specified discount. Parameters include Name, Age, Location and Gender. Registration will occur twice in a season. A twice a season registration module lowers entry barriers and encourages increased registration. All registrations will be location tied to avoid logistic hassles. All registrations will cost N100. This may however be reduced to attract more volume to N50 There will also be weekly predictions at N30 per SMS to increase sales volume and service patronage. This guarantees weekly revenues for the service in addition to registration income This service will be provided by Cypress Blue The Fan Base administrators in partnership with 3WC a VAS provider.
  • 5. Brand Benefits Specific targeting and marketing windows. Positive association with the Premiership and without sponsorship costs. Targeted visibility and access to a core market and demographic. Added visibility from www.fanbaseonline.com fan communities. Improved brand loyalty and brand adoption. Exclusive brand presence on all fanbaseonline web pages and return SMS plus in all bars of course! Greater sales figures from increased consumption.
  • 6. Premiership Delivered Strategically this will be achieved by winning the hearts of the fans. This is will be ensured through access to affordable drinks and rewarding the fans for being loyal to their clubs and the brand. These rewards can only be enjoyed by being part of the brand’s reward system. This is only possible when fans use the brand in question. Tapping into the passion of the fans and showing equal commitment to each set will further drive home the brand’s love for the fans and improve theirs for Gulder. The result is the EPL on a platter!
  • 7. Reward System The fans will be rewarded for correct predictions. These rewards include:  Stickers jerseys,  Wristbands,  Posters  Autographed match day jerseys  Game tickets  Club centered events and parties The fans’ brand will be exclusively present and co branding opportunities will be explored.
  • 8. The Fan Numbers An estimated 1million football fans are expected to register per season. Driven by the benefits provided by the brand, the numbers will rise to 2 million by 2009. Projected gross earning are N100million per annum. This will be shared between the brand and the Fan Base administrators in an agreed upon ratio.
  • 9. Fan Registration There are two distinct income streams. These are  Registration  Prediction.  There will also be weekly predictions at N30 per SMS to increase sales volume and service patronage. Registration will come in two trenches pre and mid season. Prediction income will be season long and will cover over 380 league games and may get fans from the FA cup and the champions league. This income stream will be the recurrent income stream and will ensure constant visibility and mind presence for Gulder.
  • 10. Value Offering Projected additional sales of over 1million additional bottles of Gulder per season. Sponsorship savings of $50million from indirect sponsorship. Subtle daytime advertising windows to increase brand visibility. This allows Gulder to be on air in the prohibited time belts and increases overall brand presence on electronic media. Projected additional gross sales of N240million per season. These numbers reflect nationwide purchases in all selected bars at RRP.
  • 11. The Money Trail N100million from fan registrations N240million additional discounted sales revenues from Gulder bars. N50million from annual prediction incomes. Total estimated revenue is N390million.
  • 12. Thank You