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Google Developer Groups, Why We Choose Angular.js
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Google Developer Groups, Why We Choose Angular.js



GDG Tel Aviv, Why we choose Angular.JS for Scoreoid

GDG Tel Aviv, Why we choose Angular.JS for Scoreoid



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Google Developer Groups, Why We Choose Angular.js Google Developer Groups, Why We Choose Angular.js Presentation Transcript

  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netWELCOMEWhy We Choose Angular.js
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netWHO AM I?Interactive DeveloperAlmog KorenWorked with Nokia, Intel,Rim and more.Speak at events likeCasual Connect, GameIS,Active in the community(Adobe ACP, UG Manger,Flash Israel)Interactive developers & designerunder “Almog Design”Founder of Scoreoid(Startup)
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netScoreoid the ultimate Backend as aService for game developers!scoreoid.net
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netDISCLAIMER
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netAngular.jsWhy?51StartWelcomeThe NowScoroeid is at2Why?JavaScript3ChoicesSo many4EndQuestions6AGENDA
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.net! Version 1.2.5! Pure MVP! CakePHP! Page refresh (static app)! Basic UI / Design! Elastic / Responsive! Not the final product ideaTHE NOW: SCOREOID (MVP)Additional Comment
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netTHE NOW: SCOREOID (MVP)
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.net! Mid version! Responsive design! Bigger infrastructureTHE NOW: SCOREOID (Mega Man Version)Additional Comment! New stack! Pure RESTful! Ruby on Rails! Angular.JS
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netSeparation fromclient to backendReduce loadWHY?WEBAPPDistinctionSeparation fromUI to logicThe futureResponsive design“Snappy”User ExperienceQuality overquantity
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netCHOICES
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.net! Proven examples! Less overhead! Easy to learn! Convention over configurationCHOICES: WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR…! UI data binding! MVC Structure! Community Tooling! Embed views
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netOverheadCHOICES: WHAT WE LOOKED ATEmberBackboneJavaScriptMVCNot MVCLib.Felt not readyDocs NewShift to anotherframeworkA bit hard to start with
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netANGULAR.JS
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.net! Tools (Yeoman.IO)! Documentation / Community! Convention over configuration! Dependency injectionANGULAR.JS: WHY?! Declarative templates! Data-binding! Works well with others! Easy to learn
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netEXAMPLES
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netEXAMPLES: DIRECTIVES
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.net! Attribute Evaluation! Forgiving! FiltersEXAMPLES: ANGULAR EXPRESSIONS
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netEXAMPLES: E2E TESTING
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netEXAMPLES: DATA BINDING
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netEXAMPLES: DEPENDENCY INJECTION
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.net! I18n and L10n (Internationalization / localized)! Modules and Scopes! Angular Filters! Angular ServicesEXAMPLES: MORE
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.net! angularjs.org! Angular YouTube Channel - http://bit.ly/WTe5fX! Angular UI - angular-ui.github.com! 10 JavaScript MVC Frameworks Reviewed - bit.ly/VcVXfMRESOURCES
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netCONTACTScoreoid / Almog Koren scoreoid / almogdesign Almog / ScoreoidWebsite: www.scoreoid.netE-Mail: almog@scoreoid.net
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netQUESTIONS?
  • The  ulmate  Backend  as  a  Service  for  game  developers!   www.scoreoid.netTHANK YOU!