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Casual Connect Kyiv - Beyond the Expected: Get Creative with Leaderboards, Scoring and Achievements!
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Casual Connect Kyiv - Beyond the Expected: Get Creative with Leaderboards, Scoring and Achievements!



My Casual Connect Kyiv session - Beyond the Expected: Get Creative with Leaderboards, Scoring and Achievements!

My Casual Connect Kyiv session - Beyond the Expected: Get Creative with Leaderboards, Scoring and Achievements!



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Casual Connect Kyiv - Beyond the Expected: Get Creative with Leaderboards, Scoring and Achievements! Casual Connect Kyiv - Beyond the Expected: Get Creative with Leaderboards, Scoring and Achievements! Presentation Transcript

  • Beyond the Expected: Get Creative withLeaderboards, Scoring and Achievements!Almog Koren – CEO/Scoreoid
  • 2Whos Almog KorenInteractive Developer & DesignerI’m an interactive developer & designer specializing in Flash, Flex, AdobeAIR, 3D Experiences, Interactive Games and Mobile Devices. Workingunder “Almog Design” I provide development, design and consultationsolutions for a broad range of reputable clients including Nokia Asia,Faction Media, Intel and various local and international companies.I have had the privilege of speaking at multiple events, I’m an Adobe ACP,UGM organize a community event “Flash Israel” and I’m the founder andCEO of Scoreoid a small start-up for game developers.
  • 3Session Outline• Leaderboards – Benefits, importance and creativity• Achievements – Why? What to do and what not to do• Scoring – Go beyond the expected• In-game Notifications – Connect with your players• Player Saves – Benefits and values• Geo Location – Not seen often and new• Cross Platform & Content Awareness• Game Monetization Contented to Leaderboards
  • What is a leaderboard?• Leaderboards are lists - The most of something, or the best(quantity or quality).• Leaderboards are Awards and show and reward value - We useleaderboards to show currency, and value.• Leaderboards help us find stuff - Newbies like top lists, who youshould beat.• Leaderboards are about Leaders. Leaderboards allowinfluencers to connect.4Leaderboards - Benefits, importance and creativity
  • Leaderboards are everywhere!5Leaderboards - Benefits, importance and creativity
  • Every game has a leaderboard and a scoring system6Leaderboards - Benefits, importance and creativity
  • 7Leaderboards - Benefits, importance and creativityHow important are leaderboards?• Drive retention of gamers• Can easily increase retention by as much as 30 percent• Makes gamers try harder• Motivates you to reach higher scores and play again• Have become a standard, players expect itIn a gaming environment, the needs of gamers are met by badges,trophy rooms, and leaderboards.Presence of a leaderboard changes the very nature of the game,increasing its value and making it more unique than others.
  • 8Leaderboards - Benefits, importance and creativityAll about creativity• Custom design that fits with your game.• Create a friends list.• Show info graphics, use charts, text and custom images.• Show score, best scores and rank.• Try to make your leaderboard unique and easy to understand.• Use geo location, show maps where players are playing.• Use filters and options.• If your game is cross platform, use it, show players based on theplatform they are playing on.
  • 9Leaderboards - Benefits, importance and creativity
  • 10Leaderboards - Benefits, importance and creativity
  • 11Achievements - Why? What to do and what not to doAchievementsAchievementys are a virtual or physical representation ofhaving accomplished something. Achievements can be easy,difficult, surprising, funny, accomplished alone or as a group.Achievements are a way for players to brag about whattheyve done indirectly as well as add challenge and characterto a game.Achievements done right can get players to openly competewith friends over achievements and spend hours playing agame and, in the best case, MAX out a game.
  • 12Achievements - Why? What to do and what not to doWhat not to doAchievements that impose an arbitrary restriction on playersand limit their ability to explore and discover your game iswrong.Doled out achievements to reward you for standard play(Oblivion’s 1,000 points of Gamerscore just required you tohang around long enough to receive them, more or less).Those are a waste of a lot of potential.A good example is The Orange Box: 99 Achievements spreadacross Half-Life 2 and its first two episodes, plus Portal andTeam Fortress.
  • 13Achievements - Why? What to do and what not to doWhat to do• Present players with clear goals.• Show players what they’ve accomplished.• Use badges, icons, and custom images that fit with your game.• Give players overexposure for the chance to take on ludicrouschallenges.• Connect achievements across games.• If your game is cross platform, use that to your advantage. Createspecific achievements per platform or achievements connected toplatforms.
  • 14Achievements - Why? What to do and what not to do
  • 15Scoring - Go beyond the expectedScores?Every game has a type of score. It can be money, points, time,XP or anything you can think of.Go beyond the expected• Use a custom name that fits with your brand• Combine different values (XP + time or XP + money)• Use scores based on difficulty• Think of new ways to show your game score or points• Give your players lots of feedback, but make them earn it!
  • 16In-game Notifications - Connect with your playersAll about connectingThe gaming market is becoming more competitive. The moreyou do to make your game stand out the better your chancesare. Connecting with your players is as important as everyother aspect of creating a game!Create a brandWhile reading a great blog post, Will Make Games for Foodby Sash, one of the key points that caught my attention wasbuilding a brand. “Recognition and respect: the successes ofyour previous works are presumed in your latest games.People come to respect your brand and the games that youmake.” --Sash
  • 17In-game Notifications - Connect with your playersWhat you can do• Update your players about new features• Update your players about new game titles• Tell them about your blog or website• Create promotions, raffles and challenges• Maybe have your own ads or cross promotions• Think beyond the expected• Don’t spam. Provide relevant content• Make the message fit within your game• Use your game’s design and make it unique
  • 18In-game Notifications - Connect with your players
  • 19Player Saves - Benefits and valuesCross platform and webPlayer saves is specific feature you should consider if yourgame is cross platform or web based.Consider the followingIf you play Angry Birds on your mobile phone and then onyour tablet or at work in your browser, unfortunately you willhave different scores or level access per platform.Users are expecting to play your game everywhere but notlose their place or score; especially if they paid extra for theHD tablet version.
  • 20Player Saves - Benefits and values
  • 21Geo Location - Not seen often and newLocation based gamesLocation based games like FoursqWar or Waze but think youcan use geo location for your leaderboards and achievements.In side your leaderboards• Show players or scores based on location• Show your players people in there area• Show stats, maps, heat-maps and graphs• Let players challenge other players
  • 22Geo Location - Not seen often and new
  • 23Cross Platform & Content AwarenessWhat?At the end of the day, having your game on more than oneplatform provides you more value.Key points• More revenue and better exposure• Think of ways to use this to benefit the gameplay• Think of ways to create better and unique leaderboards orachievements based on platform.
  • 24Game monetization contented to leaderboardsAds inside your leaderboardLeaderboards are a great place for ad contentKey points• It’s not intrusive to the player• Does not interfere with your game• Consider selling your own ad space• Sell ad space based on the amount of players not click rate• Create peel-away or interactive ads
  • 25THANK YOU@almogdesignalmog@almogdesign.netFurther reading• Flash & Flex magazine, getting started with Scoreoid and theimportance of leaderboards - http://bit.ly/oVidZJ• Casual Connect, Things that you can do with Scoreoid to make yourgames better - http://bit.ly/n5SWPS• @ndid_twits, highscores the easy way - http://bit.ly/rngIfy