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Txtpod presentation Txtpod presentation Presentation Transcript

  • TARGET MARKET AND INCOME PROJECTION OF DISTRIBUTORS:SEIS (School Electronic and Information System): SCHOOLS/UNIVERSITIES DIRECT REFERRAL = 25%PREMIUM SERVICES IN SCHOOL:~ P600 per student every semester (for college) and P1000 per student whole year(for elementary and highschool)If you refer a school with 1000 population of students:(1000 college students X P600 premium service = P600,000)Your commission is 25% of P600,000  P150,000/semester(1000 combined elementary and highschool x P1000 premium service = P1,000,000Your commission is 25% of 1,000,000  P250,000/year(How much more if you refer more than 1 school? Imagine your income boost!!)POLITICIANS (MAYOR, VICE MAYOR, COUNCILORS, CONGRESSMAN, GOVERNOR)PROPOSAL:~ CUSTOMIZED TXTPOD CARD WITH THEIR ATTACHED PICTURES ANDTHEIR FAVORITE QUOTES TO BOOST POPULARITY IN THE NEXT ELECTIONBENEFIT: OUR PRODUCT WILL BE MORE OPEN TO THE PUBLICMINIMUM 5000 cards (if they will cover half of the card) = P250,000POLITICIAN DIRECT REFERRAL = 30%If you refer a politician who avail our customized txtpod cardsYour commission is 30% of P250,000  P75,000MINIMUM 10000 cards (if they will cover the whole card) = P500,000Your commission is 30% of P500,000  P150,000
  • Left Team Right Team P1,000 DR + P500 @ 10% P1,000 P2,000Maximum of P4,000 P 8,000/day @ 10% P8,000 P 9,600/day @ 12% P12,000/day @15% P16,000 P32,000
  • Income Rank TC % Income (Daily) (Monthly)BRONZE 10% 8,000 240,000SILVER 12% 9,600 288,000GOLD 15% 12,000 360,000*Sub-Distributors can earn up to P4,000 per day or 120,000 per month.** The daily income stated above is the potential maximum Team Cycle bonus amember can earn per day.
  • Rank Achievement PV GV Rank Left & Right Left & Right TC %BRONZE 2,500 2,500 10SILVER 5,000 50K 12GOLD 25K 500K 15PLATINUM 50K 1M 15DIAMOND 100K 5M 15 PV – Personal Volume (Left & Right) GV – Group Volume or Team Volume (Left & Right)
  • Generation Levels GOLD PLATINUM DIAMOND 1st 10% 15% 20% 2nd 5% 10% 15% 3rd 5% 10% 4th 5% 5% 5th 5% 6th 5%
  • Gold1st 10% 10% 10% 10%2nd 5% 5% 5%3rd4th
  • Diamond1st 20%2nd 15%3rd 10%4th 5%5th 5%6th 5%
  • Up to 9th level
  • You You will earn each time a person placed under your matrix make a repeat purchase… … regardless who sponsored them!Up to 9th Level