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  • 1. Mise en scene
  • 2. The text on the vehicle tells us that this scene is taking place in Chicago
  • 3. This sets the scene in a busy city which may mean that It is highly populated with people. Also amount of lights can demonstrate the night life in Chicago.
  • 4. This scene is set inside a building, can be her house or at an office from this shot it is hard to identify.
  • 5. From this scene it is more clear that it is in someone's house, this can be demonstrated by the bed and sofa. It looks like a comfortable setting. However the sight of these legs just appearing creates an uneasy atmosphere.
  • 6. In this shot you can see the woman's facial expression. It appears as if she is in agony, uneasy and angry through the gritting of her teeth.
  • 7. The mans face is only partly visible and even then the face is not clear enough for us to identify this man. The other part of his face is mostly made up of shadows in which side lighting was used to create. The woman's face is covered therefore we cannot be sure what her facial expression is, but because the mans arm is over her mouth and eyes are shut it may demonstrate that she is agony and pain.
  • 8. You can see the woman’s facial expression as she is getting strangled. Her mouth is open and her eyes are wide open showing she can’t breathe. She is using her hands to try and stop the person struggling her, showing she is trying to stop this person.
  • 9. In this scene we can see that the woman is holding a gun. This is a prop and can be used to show that the woman is trying to protect herself. The man is trying to stop the woman from shooting, he is attacking her again. Shadow is created again to conceal the mans identity.
  • 10. The phone can be a prop, it may seem like it has been used and therefore may suggest that the woman attempted to call someone before she got murdered.
  • 11. Shadow is created once again and this shows that the man is completely dominating this shot as he covers the bottom part of the scene. This scene is when the main attacks the woman on the floor.
  • 12. The woman is wearing a white costume this shows innocence and vulnerability The man is wearing black which can portray death and mystery.
  • 13. This man is wearing a brown coat which can represent him in his own period time and also may portray him as a detective due to this stereotypical costume.
  • 14. Camera angles, shots and movement
  • 15. Slow Pan shot of Chicago USA- used to establish the setting and environment of the film.
  • 16.
    • Quick fast edit to a to shot and then back to another pan of the city.
  • 17.
    • Another two shot with mainly the woman's head and shoulders shows that the focus is on her. This again cuts to another wide pan over the city.
  • 18.
    • A slow tracking shot at a slight high angle shows the woman’s lack of power and vulnerability. And again the camera moves to a pan of the city but this time from a birds eye view
  • 19.
    • Another two shot again at a slight high angle also shows that the women is weak. Cut to pan.
  • 20.
    • There is a final high angle shot of the woman and the change to negative effect allows us to assume that she is dead
  • 21. Sound in The Fugitive By Cornelious (1088)
  • 22. What sound is there in The Fugitive?
    • In the 1993 film, the fugitive, there are different digetic and non-digetic sounds. Most of these sounds were edited in during post production. The sounds that feature in the opening include:
    • The main sound, which can be related to crime as it is high pitched,
    • When the names come up, there is a shutter sound.
    • Then, when the negative style images appear, there are photographic sounds.
    • During these negative styled images. We hear:
    • The punch of a fist.
    • A woman scream.
    • & a struggle
  • 23. Why are these sounds included ?
    • The main high pitched crime sound has been included because it helps to set the mood of the thriller.
    • The shutter sound during the names, informs us that someone has wrongly been convicted of a crime.
    • The photographic sounds during the negative style images, lets us know that there has been a crime.
  • 24. Editing Straight away we see lots of editing at the beginning of the movie, the name Harrison fades in and out followed by his last name Ford, and at the same time we see lighting effect reflecting the title. Again here, we see the same thing happening with a different title/name. The fonts are rotating and fading in. We see here that these are the main characters of the movie, the big stars maybe... Finally followed by the title of the film it self, which shows its starting.
  • 25. Slow motion effect and cuts There is a lot of slow motion which is used in this film especially at the start, it creates a sense of tension and it makes the audience understand what's going on in more detail. we also see parallel action shots where the filming is been cut into two parts where the women is getting raped or hurt – not sure and where there is an overview of the city which is in colour and the other isn’t. So colour is also used effectively in the editing, as well as the cuts.
  • 26. Again here we see the women getting killed in a black and white picture. Then it turns to a negative picture maybe o show that its a negative thing to? Not sure but its very effective. That's when she dies. After that all we see is the screen dissolves into another scene where the police is just arriving at the crime scene maybe... This is a very effective way to end a scene its like starting a new paragraph.
  • 27. Here we see a lot of jump shot as the photographer takes pictures also the camera jumps into a different angle and zooms in to show the women is dead, we also notice that the movie has changed into negative to show that she's dead. Then there is a straight cut and the image goes back to its normal colour and the movie carries on...