Analysis of questionnaire answers


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Analysis of questionnaire answers

  1. 1. Analysis of questionnaire answers
  2. 2. Question 1 – What is you gender ? This question was used in order to target our main audience but we also wanted to have a wider knowledge about what other types of audience may think. Our main target audience is males and therefore we decided to have more male participants than female. We believe that pop-rap genre appeals mostly to males but as this is just a stereotype we ensured that we had an average sample size for females as well. This will also allow us to compare the answers between the genders and therefore we identify what tastes differ due to gender. Number of people Gender 10 Female 15 Male
  3. 3. Question 2 – What is your age ? This question was used in order to ensure we appeal to the most suitable audience. For our music video we believe that the ages of 15-18 are our target audience. We therefore have 19/25 participants based on that age. The reason we chose to question individuals outside that age group is so that we can have a wider knowledge of what other age groups may think. This will allow us to see if there is a link between the age of a person and the likes or dislikes of our genre. We can then implement this into our music video by filming footage which would appeal to our target audience. Ideas of what may appeal to our target audience can be found in this questionnaire if analysed correctly. 3 19+ 11 17-18 8 15-16 3 13-14 0 12 and under Number of people Age groups
  4. 4. Question 3 - What are your interests ? In this question we intended to find out what is the most common interest among people as this may allow us to shape our music video accordingly. We found that football and shopping were the most common. We anticipated football to be one of the highest rated interests as it is quite common in teenage boys however shopping was rated higher and therefore we concluded that in order to shoot an appealing music video ensuring that our actors had fashionable clothes may increase the videos success. 2 Other 3 Scouts 0 Ice Skating 1 Drawing 8 Shopping 4 Dance 7 Football Number of people Hobbies/Interests
  5. 5. Question 4 – What is your favourite music genre In this question we decided to add a variety of answers firstly because there are many different types of music out there so we wanted to try our best to list them on our questionnaire and secondly the reason we added many options is because we cant determine what type of music individual would like the most and therefore by having many options we can determine what genres are most popular and least popular. In this question we found that majority preferred Rap compared to any other genre closely followed by RnB. This would suggest that as our music choice is partly rap we should have the highest appeal compared to any other genre. 2 Dub step 1 House 7 Rap 0 Metal 0 Indie 3 Grime 1 Urban 2 Pop 6 RnB 4 Rock Number of people Genre
  6. 6. Question 5 – What makes a good video In this question we intended to find out what would make a good music video. We found that most participants stated that videos with a good narrative appealed more to them compared to any other convention. We also found out that music videos do have a huge part to play in a songs success as the results show. We therefore our trying to implement this into our music video, though this may be more difficult as our chosen song does not have a narrative in terms of the footage and therefore we may have to create a narrative our self. 0 None, It depends on the music 4 Dance routines 5 Special Effects 7 Performance Based 9 Good narrative Number of people Convention of a music video
  7. 7. Question 6 – Do you like videos that are repetitive or unique Even though the answer to this question would sound obvious we wanted to have solid evidence of this before proceeding. We found that majority of participants would prefer unique videos rather than repetitive ad therefore we have decided to try and make our music video as unique as possible. In order to this we intend to film at locations which may not have meaning to the song straight away but have a secret meaning which will get the audience guessing. 23 Unique 2 Repetitive Number of people Type
  8. 8. Question 7 –What would make a music video stand out ? This question would seem similar to a previous question we asked. However there is a difference as this question is asking what is more attention grabbing rather than what is preferred. By finding this difference we can try using both the conventions which are attention grabbing and conventions which are most preferred to make our music video more appealing. We found that fashion is a big concern in this age and therefore we intend to have our actors where fashionable clothing throughout our video. 6 Attractive Locations 3 Unique Dance routines 16 Fashionable Costumes Number Of People Convention
  9. 9. Question 8 - What clothing would rap artists most likely wear In relation to our previous question we wanted to find out what are the most common clothing worn by rap artists. By asking this question we are trying to find out what the audience remembers the most of an artist and there we will try to implement this into our music video. We found that the most attention grabbing clothing was the polo shirt and therefore justifying the clothing as being fashionable at the same time. The clothing we choose to use in our music video depends on these results and we are therefore going to use Polo's, Vans and Jeans as the most typical outfit in our music video. 1 Trainers 4 Vans 3 Chinos 2 Hoodies 8 Polo 3 Sweatshirts 4 Jeans Number Of People Type of clothing
  10. 10. Question 9 – Where do you by your music from This question does not have a direct link with the production of our music video, however it does give us an insight on advertising methods if we were ever to advertise our music video. The data suggests that more people electronically purchase their music video and therefore if we were to advertise possibly the best option would be to advertise online. 0 Other 15 I tunes 10 HMV Number Of People Location
  11. 11. Question 10 – Where do you listen to you music This question again would not be directly linked to the production of our music video however gives us an insight of media in terms of advertising. From these findings we can suggest that the most common place for people to listen to music is You tube and therefore it would be ideal to advertise on You tube which many companies do. Furthermore the finding strengthens our other finding which is music video is significant to the success of a song. This can be seen through the fact that through these results it shows that no-one listens to songs on the radio and therefore may suggest that they prefer the song with a video. 0 Radio 5 TV Channels 20 You tube Number of People Source