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Saudi arriba language
Saudi arriba language
Saudi arriba language
Saudi arriba language
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Saudi arriba language


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  • 1. Saudi Arriba LanguageThere are many different languages that are spoken in Saudi Arriba one of the mostpopular is Arabic and some other less popular ones are Farsi and Turkish. In this countryEnglish is taught as a second language many people from this culture also can speakEnglish.The Saudis utilization of their language it reflects values of the culture. Arabic is spokenthroughout the country but each region has a different unique pattern to speak thelanguage. There is a strong difference that you would be able to know who was from therural area and who was from the urban area.Saudi Arriba is a very high context culture and depends on body language to conveyinformation to others. In this environment it includes many different types of bodymovement with many different hand gestures, eye contact, facial expression, differentvocal tones and even silence when communicating with others. Body LanguageHolding hands with some one or touching someone’s elbow is a sign of respect.
  • 2. There are Something’s that can be done through body language that are considered to bevery disc respectful. • Sowing someone the sole of their shoe • It is very rude to cross legs • Face your palm down with fingers spread and your middle finger down is a rude way to insult someone.Nonverbal communication is just as important as verbal.Hand gestures are very popular in Saudi Arabia there is an old say that goes like this “Totie an Arab’s hands while he is speaking is tantamount to tying his tongue.” This isbecause hand gestures have become a way of communicating to others in a non-verbalway. When you watch Arabia people talk they will include many hand gestures to goalong with what they are saying.When meeting some one of the same sex it is ok to shake hands but when a man andwomen meet they use a hand gesture that look like thisWhen a man is asking of a wish or a favor and wants to express “please” he simplestrokes his chin while he is talking.
  • 3. When placing you right hand in front of you moving your fingers like aclaw means you are calling some one over to youWhen you want to say yes you shake your head from right to leftAnd to say no you snap your head in an upward direction making aclicking sound with the tongue this may also mean that what you aresaying something that is false.This is an example of many hand gesture that are used in the Arabic language