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Trb2 u1 4-prac_plus

  1. 1. Units 1–4 Grammar Practice (Plus) 1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 1 Philip was really disappointed because he _________________ (not do) very well in yesterday ’s exam. 2 We _________________ (hike) for hours but we haven ’t got back to the hostel yet. 3 Politicians _________________ (say) to be selfish, vain and dishonest. 4 Last week, two children _________________ (rescue) by a local fisherman. 5 A tax rise _________________ (just / announce) by the government. It ’s bad news for everybody, I ’m afraid. 6 If I _________________ (play) well, I ’ll probably win. 7 What _________________ Jim _________________ (drink) if there hadn ’t been any lemonade? 8 I ’d help with the washing up if I _________________ (have) a bit more time. 9 I wish we _________________ (not have) to get up so early tomorrow morning. 10 Provided that you sign all the documents, the sale _________________ (go) through. © Macmillan Publishers Ltd, 2010
  2. 2. 2 Write questions for the answers using the prompts. 1 How long / he / sit there? ___________________________________________________________ An hour. 2 you / have to / work late / this evening? ___________________________________________________________ Yes, I do, I ’m afraid. 3 Who / the film / direct / by? ___________________________________________________________ Spielberg, I think. I enjoyed watching it. 4 What / it / make of? ___________________________________________________________ Wood. 5 you / have / hair / cut? ___________________________________________________________ Yeah. Do you like it? 6 What / you / say / if / you / see Karen? ___________________________________________________________ I would have apologized. 7 Where / you / go / if / it / stop raining? ___________________________________________________________ We ’ll go to the park. 8 What / you / wish / you / do / last weekend? ___________________________________________________________ I wish I ’d stayed at home! © Macmillan Publishers Ltd, 2010
  3. 3. 3 Complete the sentences by adding two words in each space. 1 Sue _________________ waiting for the bus for an hour. 2 Yvonne _________________ gone home. It ’s the only reason why she isn ’t still at school. 3 Amy _________________ been rude to her grandmother. It was the wrong thing to do. 4 It _________________ that the population will double in the next few years. 5 An announcement _________________ made in the station when I arrived. I stopped to listen. 6 Do you think Harry _________________ told why he didn ’t get the prize? 7 Joe _________________ been upset if he had lost. 8 Where _________________ go if you get the weekend off? 9 You won ’t get lost as _________________ you stick to the clearly-marked footpaths. 10 I wish _________________ worked harder at school. © Macmillan Publishers Ltd, 2010
  4. 4. 4 Choose the best option to complete the sentences. 1 Thomas _________________ get up early on a Sunday because there is no school to go to. a shouldn ’t b mustn ’t c needn ’t 2 If I _________________ Peter, I would have spoken to him about the housework. a had seen b have seen c saw 3 Where _________________ been made? a it has b had it c it was 4 I wish she _________________ cry. a won ’t b doesn ’t c wouldn ’t 5 The children were _________________ round the school by one of the teachers. a being shown b showing c have shown 6 If she turned up late again, what _________________ do? a will you b won ’t you c would you 5 Translate the sentences into your own language. 1 The students have been told to bring their own books. ___________________________________________________________ 2 The book is thought to be very well written. ___________________________________________________________ 3 I would have bought you a present if I ’d known it was your birthday. ___________________________________________________________ 4 If I were you, I ’d sell the bike. ___________________________________________________________ 5 I wish you wouldn ’t make so much noise. ___________________________________________________________ © Macmillan Publishers Ltd, 2010
  5. 5. Vocabulary Practice (Plus) 1 Write a word for each definition. 1 the jury ’s final decision _________________ 2 a newspaper with sensationalist headlines _________________ 3 the money it costs to run a company from day to day _________________ 4 a court official who calls witnesses _________________ 5 a sense which involves using your tongue and is useful when eating _________________ 6 feeling sick _________________ 7 a big, serious newspaper _________________ 8 a short news programme that is shown regularly _________________ 9 to argue with a shopkeeper in order to get a lower price _________________ 10 something that is sold for a good-value price _________________ 11 a sense that involves using your nose _________________ 2 Complete the sentences with words made from the words in brackets. 1 The _________________ (defend) was found guilty of burglary and assault. 2 It ’s important to follow the correct _________________ (proceed) when installing electrical wiring. 3 I admire Stan ’s _________________ (profession). There is nothing amateurish about what he does. 4 We ’ve raised a thousand euros thanks to your _________________ (generous). 5 Take this _________________ (prescribe) to the chemist ’s and get these pills. 6 Andy ’s _________________ (recover) is taking longer than expected. 7 Gary is a young _________________ (offend) who has committed a lot of antisocial crimes. © Macmillan Publishers Ltd, 2010
  6. 6. 3 Complete the sentences with the correct words. 1 Bill has a _________________ tumour. He needs surgery. 2 Stephanie has an _________________ disease. She isn ’t going to get better. 3 Paul is _________________ to coffee. He can ’t stop drinking it. 4 The injection was _________________. It didn ’t hurt at all. 5 The weather in England is _________________. You never know what it will be like. 6 Drinking too much alcohol can be very _________________ to your health. 7 Jill has bought a pair of very _________________ trainers. They ’re the latest design. 4 Complete the compound nouns and adjectives with the correct words. 1 Harriet bought the CD player second-_________________. 2 Jill is suffering from a head_________________. 3 Damien is a single-_________________ person who is ambitious and knows exactly what he wants. 4 Sarah bought socks and under_________________ in the sales. 5 It was a hard-_________________ report which criticized everybody involved in the fiasco. 6 Amy must have eaten something bad because she now has food _________________. 7 Sally is public-_________________. She helps out in community schemes. 8 If you take this drug, there will be bad side _________________. 9 Dan is plain-_________________. He isn ’t afraid to say exactly what he thinks. © Macmillan Publishers Ltd, 2010
  7. 7. 5 Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions. 1 We ’re excited _________________ going to the concert. 2 Tabloids often dumb _________________ news stories. 3 I was late _________________ school this morning. 4 When did Ben come _________________ following his operation? Was he unconscious for a long time? 5 I ’m curious _________________ who Penny is going to invite to her party. 6 We shouldn ’t use _________________ all the paper. 7 Tony picked _________________ a cold on holiday. 8 I think I ’ve been ripped _________________ by the CD store. I ’ve paid twice as much as I should have. 9 William passed v in the corridor. He was unconscious for a long time. 10 I ’m not aware _________________ any reason why we shouldn ’t go. 6 Complete the sentences with the infinitive or gerund form of the verbs in brackets. 1 Sheila remembered _________________ (call) me on my birthday. It was nice talking to her. 2 We couldn ’t stop _________________ (have) a coffee until we had finished the project. 3 I clearly remember _________________ (take) the keys with me this morning. 4 Have you finished _________________ (use) the dictionary? I need to look up one word. 5 I forgot _________________ (bring) my laptop. Do you mind if I use your computer? © Macmillan Publishers Ltd, 2010