An Indian Tale


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An Indian Tale

  2. 2. AKBAR AND BIRBAL: BIRBAL’S KHICHDI BIRBAL: Akbar was one of the most famous kings in the history of India. He is credited to start several new things and brought love, peace and equality among the people of the nation. Birbal was not only a close friend of the Emperor but also had administrative and military responsibilities.
  3. 3. Once upon a time, Birbal and Akbar decided totake a stroll alongside a beautiful lake. Then, a simple question occurred to Birbal:How far a man can go to have money? He expressed it to Akbar who, while listening toBirbal, sat down and touched the water in the lake. Heat once took his hand out as he realized the cold. Heexclaimed that no one would ever spend a night inthis cold water for any amount of money. Birbalbelieved that someone could. Akbar challenged Birbalto find him, and he would give that man a total of onethousand coins made of pure gold. Stroll Paseo Realize Notar Amount Cantidad Challenge Retar
  4. 4. Birbal started his search and kept looking for thisman everywhere until he found one. This happened tobe a poor guy who was desperate enough to risk awhole night of severe cold to have the gold coinsreward. Akbar, when heard the news, appointed his trustyguards to make sure that the poor guy stayed inwater for the whole night. Surprisingly, the nextmorning, the poor man came to Akbar aftercompleting his challenge, all sound and healthy, anddemanded his much awaited reward. Search Búsqueda Whole Entero Reward Recompensa Trusty De confianza To make sure Asegurarse Sound and healthy Sano y salvo
  5. 5. Akbar couldn’t believe it and asked how he hadmanaged to spend the whole night out there. Thepoor man talked about a light post that he saw aroundthe lake which he kept in focus all night. He believedthat by keeping his attention on the lamp, he couldmanage to avoid thinking about cold. To his surprise, Akbar refused to give him the goldcoins as he used the lamp’s energy to keep himselfwarm. Manage Arreglárselas In focus A la vista Avoid Evitar Refuse Negarse
  6. 6. The poor man, all disappointed, informed Birbal. Birbal didn’t go to the court next day. When Akbarasked, Birbal sent him a message: he couldn’t go untilhis Khichdi was ready. After waiting for several hours, Akbar along withhis guards went to visit Birbal. Birbal had a pot of khichdi hanging from the roofof the room several feet away from the fire. Akbarasked Birbal how he expected for a fire to cookkhichdi from such a distance. Disappointed Decepcionado Khichdi Plato indio Hang Colgar Several Varios
  7. 7. Birbal, very intelligently, replied that the same waythe poor man received warmth from a lamp post sofar away from himself. Akbar stood speechless and realized that he hadto pay the poor man the coins he had promised. THE END Reply Contestar Warmth Calor Speechless Sin habla
  8. 8. GLOSSARY 1 Stroll Paseo Realize Darse cuenta Amount Cantidad Challenge Retar Search Búsqueda Whole Entero Reward Recompensa Trusty De confianza To make sure AsegurarseSound and healthy Sano y salvo Manage Arreglárselas
  9. 9. GLOSSARY 2 In focus A la vista Avoid Evitar Refuse NegarseDisappointed Decepcionado Khichdi Plato indio Hang Colgar Several Varios Reply Contestar Warmth CalorSpeechless Sin habla
  10. 10. Text: Ana Almarza 2012