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Alma klotz hw420-2-unit5project
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Alma klotz hw420-2-unit5project


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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  • 1. ALMA’S MENTAL Guide to mental fitness that is.
  • 2. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW  Mental Fitness  What the heck is that!?!  Physical Perks  An in shape mind helps promote an in shape body?  Mental Exercises that bring out those physical perks  Yes, really.  Need Proof  Well here’s some for you, you skeptical person you
  • 3. Everyone has heard of mind over matter. Or, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Tons of old famous adages that have passed from generation to generation. However, we, rarely think of the strength of our mind. And how much we can do to better that strength. And how much that strength can better all aspects of our lives.
  • 4. It’s true, some people just don’t believe that there is a connection between their body and their mind. Clearly, these are people who has never been startled, or had a crush. Ahh, the crush. When that special someone walks into the room and your cheeks turn red…there’s nothing deniable about that!
  • 5. DEVELOPING YOUR CONSCIOUS THE LITTLE PIECES OF YOU Personal • Psychospiritual • Biological Inner • Psychospiritual • Interpersonal Outer • Biologcial • Worldly shared • Worldly • Interpersonal
  • 6. PERSONALAREASOFDEVELOPMENT Each of us has areas that we need to further develop. Perhaps you have too much on your mind at work and have trouble concentrating. Try this breathing exercise when you are feeling particularly overwhelmed  When you feel as if there is too much on your plate…  Put both of your feet on the floor hips width apart  Sit with your back straight but resting on the back of your chair  Place your shoulders in a comfortable position  Take a deep breath in through your nose as if you were preparing to belt out a loud scream  Rather than letting that breath out as a scream, feel your stomach expand as you inhale as deep as possible  Let the air out through your mouth  Now close your eyes this time and imagine the air you’re pulling in your nose is actually coming through your body all the way from the tips of your toes  Breathe in until your stomach is filled with air  Hold that breathe  When releasing that breath imagine that all of your worries and to do’s have fallen into their perfect place and feel calm and concentrated
  • 7. THE NUMBERS…THEY DON’T LIE  The Details  Rats given Cytoxan laced water  Cytoxan causes nasty nausea  Rats given clean fresh water  Rats still experienced the nasty nausea  Why?  The rats altered their own immune systems to reproduce the nausea, even in the absence of Cytoxan  The Power of Prayer  393 patients, randomized, double-blind  Control group-no intercessory prayer  Experimental group-prayed for as intercessory group (person) saw fit  The divine results  Patients group prayed for:  Fewer deaths  Fewer pulmonary edemas  Less potent drug therapy  Less resuscitation required The 1970’s The 1980’s…
  • 8. THE HEALING POWER OF FORGIVENESS  Students received six 50 minute group trainings that provided steps toward forgiveness  After learning to forgive the wrongdoer in his/her life the student also learned to become more forgiving in general  10 weeks following study each student maintained his/her ability to lend forgiveness and be forgiving  269 participants, age group of 25 to 49 years old with unresolved interpersonal hurt  Participants experienced relief of physical symptoms  Lowered stress levels  Increased optimism  Although not all persons in the study experience full forgiveness to this/her wrongdoer, each did experience significant improvement Study Number One Study Number Two
  • 9. Conclusion The realization that we hold our health, not in our hands but in our heart and mind. We are extraordinarily able control so many aspects of our mental, physical and spiritual well being. Forgiveness, to this author is the most important aspect that we are in control of. Forgiving ourselves and others helps develop our conscious mind, forces us to meditate on positive things, and sometimes even forces us into the realm of physical fitness.
  • 10. References Dacher, E. (2006). Integral Health The Path to Human Flourishing. Laguna Beach, CA: Basic Health Publications, Inc. Schlitz, M., Amorok, T., Micozzi, M. (2005) Consciousness and Healing: Integral Approaches to Mind-Body Medicine. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Inc.