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A simple presentation I did alone in under 45 minutes about Jews for English class.

A simple presentation I did alone in under 45 minutes about Jews for English class.



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Jew Facts Presentation Jew Facts Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Jews in Germany / Antisemitism Allie Gunning, Miah Hayward, Juliet Damon 11/26/13 English
  • Facts 1-3 Antisemitismprejudice or hostility against Jews ● ● Around 6 million Jews were deported in Germany during the Holocaust. ● 90% of the Jews still living in Germany were killed during the Holocaust.
  • Facts 4 & 5 ● Substantial numbers of the 100,000 German Jews who had moved to European countries that were occupied by the Nazis were also killed. ● 214,000 Jews were still living in Germany at the time the Holocaust started.
  • Facts 6-8 ● ● The Holocaust was an event based on antisemitism. About 15,000 German Jews survived the Concentration Camps or survived by going into hiding. ● Jews were forced to live in ghettos and concentration camps.
  • Facts 9-11 ● ● Jews were forced to wear a star with the word Jude written inside of it. Jude means Jew in German. ● Jews were persecuted in Germany.
  • Facts 12 & 13 ● The Holocaust Remembrance Day marks the liberation of the AuschwitzBirkenau death camps in 1945. ● Over 1.1 million children died during the Holocaust.
  • Fact 14 ● Young children were particularly targeted by the Nazis to be murdered during the Holocaust. They posed a unique threat because if they lived, they would grow up to parent a new generation of Jews. Many children suffocated in the crowded cattle cars on the way to the camps. Those who survived were immediately taken to the gas chambers.
  • Fact 15 Usually Jewish prisoners, called Sonderkommando, were forced to bury corpses or burn them in ovens. Most Sonderkommandos were regularly gassed because the Nazis did not want eyewitnesses. Fewer than 20 of the serveral thousand Sonderkommandos survived, and some of the Sonderkommandos buried their testimony in jars before their deaths. Ironically, the Sonderkommandos were dependent on the continued shipment of Jews to concentration camps for staying alive.