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Launched a business during Field 2 in the first year of Harvard Business School. The business was targeted at improving the marriage search process in modern day India. Using theories and strategies ...

Launched a business during Field 2 in the first year of Harvard Business School. The business was targeted at improving the marriage search process in modern day India. Using theories and strategies from our courses, our multi-national and diverse team of 6 developed this brand book to create consistency in the logo usage for easybiodata and easybiodata.com. easybiodata is a modern solution to the Indian matrimonial process where users can create biodata for marriage in minutes.



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Easybiodata brandbook Easybiodata brandbook Presentation Transcript

  • brandBook
  • © 2013 easyBiodata easyBiodata brandBook | 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 Intro 4 easyBiodata logo 6 easyBiodata icon 8 Colors 9 Copy & Tone Of Voice 11 Typography 13 Trademark Guidelines
  • © 2013 easyBiodata easyBiodata brandBook | 3 Introduction easyBiodata A solution to your matrimonial search easyBiodata is an invitation-only online service that helps individuals to create, share and manage beautifully designed Biodata for marriage. Our goal is to help individuals spend less time sending emails and more time finding the right candidate for their loved ones. Our branding is essential to the easyBiodata experience. The focus of our identity is modern and elegant simplicity. We created this document to help communicate our branding guidelines to partners seeking to feature easyBiodata. We need to ensure that our brand maintains a consistent look and feel no matter where in the world it is seen. This requires strict dedication to standards. This guide is provided to keep the brand focused and unique.
  • © 2013 easyBiodata easyBiodata brandBook | 4 Logo Usage Our logo is the touchstone of our brand and one of our most valuable assets. We must ensure proper usage. The preferred way to use the easyBiodata logo is over a white or black background. Every attempt must be made to do this. If the logo must be placed on a another color background then the easyBiodata logo can be knocked out and used in one color. Please observe the clear space around the logo to maximize visual effectiveness. Nothing should intrude into this specified clear space. x 3x 3.5x x
  • © 2013 easyBiodata easyBiodata brandBook | 5 Incorrect Logo Usage PLEASE DO NOT: 1. Change logo’s orientation. 2. Add extraneous effects to logo. This includes but is not limited to: bevel and emboss, lighting effects and drop shadows. 3. Place logo on busy photography. 4. Change logo colors. 5. Attempt to recreate logo. 6. Scale logo disproportionately. 7. Make alterations, additions or substitutions to the words and or colors contained in the logo. 8. Use logo as a repeated pattern, “wallpaper,” or other decorative device. 9. Display logo without the ™ symbol. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • Icon Usage The easyBiodata icon is used on our mobile apps and on any marketing materials where social media icons are used. The easyBiodata icon is more versatile in its usage than the easyBiodata logo. The easyBiodata icon can be used with rounded corners or no rounded corners. It can be subtly styled to fit into social media icon sets. The easyBiodata icon can lie on most colors. © 2013 easyBiodata easyBiodata brandBook | 6
  • © 2013 easyBiodata easyBiodata brandBook | 7 Incorrect Icon Usage PLEASE DO NOT: 1. Change the color of icon to fit your campaign colors. 2. Remove core elements of the design or attempt to redraw. 3. Rotate icon. 4. Stretch or distort icon. 5. Alter the square that icon sits in. 6. Add any additional typography to the icon. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Mumbai
  • © 2013 easyBiodata easyBiodata brandBook | 8 Colors Our colors are what give us our distinctive personality. We are bright, lively and joyous. 1. LOGO COLOR This is our logo color. Use it sparingly so as not to outshine our logo. 2. SUPPORTING COLOR PALETTE These make up our core color palette. 1 2 Matrimonial Red CMYK 13, 100, 100, 4 RGB 204, 0, 0 Hex # CC0000 Matrimonial Orange CMYK TBD RGB 234, 95, 0 Hex # TBD Matrimonial Gold CMYK TBD RGB 255, 203, 0 Hex # TBD Matrimonial Green CMYK 80, 15, 100, 3 RGB 51, 153, 0 Hex # 339900 Subtle Gray CMYK TBD RGB 127, 127, 127 Hex # TBD
  • © 2013 easyBiodata easyBiodata brandBook | 9 Copy & Tone Of Voice Our signature writing style is modern and elegant simplicity. When referencing easyBiodata, please use the following guidelines: 1. Use easybiodata.com when referring to the online website and platform 2. Use easyBiodata when referring to the company in general Please do not use the following capitalization when referring to easyBiodata: 3. EASYBIODATA 4. EasyBiodata 5. easybiodata 1 2 3 4 5 Correct Correct Incorrect Incorrect Incorrect To find out more visit the easyBiodata.com. Check out our brand page on the easyBiodata website. Follow us on the EASYBIODATA YouTube page. To find out more visit EasyBiodata.com. We love using the easybiodata website!
  • © 2013 easyBiodata easyBiodata brandBook | 10 Typography Typography is a key element to communicate a unified personality for easyBiodata. We have selected TWILIGHT and OSWALD as our fonts. TWILIGHT is elegant and embodies India. When writing headlines use TWILIGHT CAPS. TWILIGHT should not be used for body copy. Mixing weights in headlines is okay. OSWALD is modern and simple. When writing headlines use OSWALD CAPS. When using OSWALD for body copy use sentence case. Mixing weights in headlines is okay too.
  • © 2013 easyBiodata easyBiodata brandBook | 11 Trademark Earlier we gave you some rules for displaying our logos. In addition, there are also important rules for how we use our wordmarks, and they are described here. HOW TO USE OUR TRADEMARKS: 1. Use the easyBiodata Marks in sentences as nouns or adjectives. 2. When applicable, distinguish the easyBiodata Marks from surrounding text by italicizing or using a different font for easyBiodata Marks. 3. When applicable, always follow your use of our easyBiodata Marks with the ™symbol in superscript. 4. Do not use our easyBiodata Marks in the possessive form. 1 2 3 4 Correct Correct Correct Incorrect To find out about more easyBiodataTM visit the easyBiodataTM website online today. Check out our brand page on the easyBiodataTM website. Follow us on the easyBiodataTM service. To find out more visit easyBiodata’s website