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Gene Pools And Evolution Word Match
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Gene Pools And Evolution Word Match


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Exercise - word match - for gene pools and evolution

Exercise - word match - for gene pools and evolution

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. Gene Pools and Evolution - Matching Columns. Name _____________________________________________________________________________ 1 Allele frequency A All the genes in a population 2 Cline B Mating between relatives 3 Deme C Selection favouring one extreme of a continuously varying characteristic. 4 Directional Selection D Selection favouring the average and thus resisting change. 5 Disruptive Selection E The proportion of an allele in a gene pool compared with all the alleles at that locus. 6 Founder Effect F Random changes in allele frequency in small populations due to the accumulated effects of chance. 7 Gene flow G Period in which a population is reduced to very small numbers, resulting in inbreeding and the loss of much of its genetic diversity. 8 Gene Pool H Situation in which certain genotypes leave more surviving offspring than others, thus making a greater contribution to the gene pool. 9 Genetic bottleneck I The occurrence of two or more distinct variants in a population. 10 Genetic drift J Selection favouring the two ends of a continuously varying characteristic. 11 Inbreeding K Reduction in genetic diversity following the separation of a very small proportion of an original population. Population of the new gene pool lacks diversity until numbers build and mutation occurs. 12 Mutation L Movement of genes between gene pools by immigration and emigration. 13 Natural Selection M A gradual change in the traits of a species over a geographical gradient. 14 Polymorphism N The ultimate source of variation in a gene pool. 15 Stabilising Selection O A local interbreeding population of a species. Q 1 Domestication – the breeding of plants and animals with desired traits – is due to artificial selection. Explain the key differences between artificial selection and natural selection. ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ Q 2 Evolution by natural selection is often said to be “Survival of the fittest”. Explain what the term “fittest” means in a biological context. ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________