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Allwin21 presentation en 12282011

Allwin21 presentation en 12282011



Allwin21 is the exclusive licensed manufacturer of AG Heatpulse 610 Rapid Thermal Processor. Allwin21 is manufacturing the AccuThermo AW 410,AccuThermo AW 610,AccuThermo AW 810,AccuTherm AW 820 ...

Allwin21 is the exclusive licensed manufacturer of AG Heatpulse 610 Rapid Thermal Processor. Allwin21 is manufacturing the AccuThermo AW 410,AccuThermo AW 610,AccuThermo AW 810,AccuTherm AW 820 AtmosPress Rapid Thermal Processors and AccuThermo AW 610V,AccuThermo AW 820V vacuum Rapid Thermo Processors.Compared with traditional RTP system, Allwin21"s AccuThermo AW RTPs have innovative software and more advanced temperature control technologies.

Allwin21 is remanufacturing PE 4450 Sputtering Systems,originally Perkin Elmer 4450 sputter systems,with innovative software with advanced controll technologies and new design for much better performance and maintenance.

Allwin21 Corp also professionally supplies the following refurbished semiconductor equipment.

Rapid Thermal Processing System: AccuThermo AW 410,AccuThermo AW 610,AccuThermo AW 810,AccuTherm AW 820 AtmosPress Rapid Thermal Processors and AccuThermo AW 610V,AccuThermo AW 820V vacuum Rapid Thermo Processors;Refurbished AG Heatpulse 210/410/610/2101/2106/2148;

Plasma Asher Stripper Descum:Refurbished Matrix 105;Refurbished Matrix 10;Refurbished Gasonics Aura 1000;Refurbished Gasonics Aura 3010;Refurbished Gasonics L3510;Refurbished Branson IPC 3000;Refurbished Branson IPC L3200;

Plasma Etch:Gasonics AE 2001;Matrix 303 Plasma Etcher;TOK TSE-306W PLASMA ETCHER

Reactive ion etching (RIE):STS 320 RIE;Plasma Therm VII 70 Series


Inductively coupled plasma (ICP):STS Cluster 2 ASE,AOE;STS Multiplex ICP

Electrical Tester: HP 4062UX Semiconductor Process Control System / HP4145A/Hp4145B;

Wafer Probers: Refurbished Refurbished EG 1034;Refurbished EG 2001;Refurbished EG 2010;Refurbished EG 2080;RefurbRefurbished MP 2020;Refurbished EG 4085X;LC-361C High Voltage Probe

Metrology Instrument: Refurbished HitachiCD-SEM Hitachi CD-SEM S-8820; Hitachi CD-SEM S-8840; FE-SEM Hitachi FE-SEM model S-4700;Hitachi S-4500 SEM Cold Field Emission SEM System; Hitachi Tabletop Microscope TM-1000; HITACHI Field Emission SEM S-5200;,KLA-Tencor/Tencor Tencor/ KLA-Tencor M-Gage 300; KLA-Tencor Surfscan 6200; Tencor Auto OmniMap RS55 / tc ;

Backside Equipment:Waferdemount AW750;Plasam Asher



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    Allwin21 presentation en 12282011 Allwin21 presentation en 12282011 Presentation Transcript

    • Allwin21 Corp. 3521 Leonard Court Santa Clara, California 95054 www.allwin21.com April 2011 Confidential & Privileged
    • About Allwin21 Corporation • Allwin21 is the exclusive licenced manufacture for AG Heatpulse 610 from Mentron,an Applied Materials company. • Founded in 2000 in Silicon Valley to provide quality products, services and spare parts to worldwide customers in semiconductor and solar industry. • Strong global presence for proximity to active customers. • Worldwide installed base has reached > 300 systems so far which has expanded to first tier major semi manufacturers. • Commitment to technology innovation, process engineering and long term relationships with customers and suppliers. Confidential & Privileged
    • Allwin21 Mission Statement• To deliver unique, high value-added solutions to our customers, using Allwin21s proven products that are leveraged by our innovative technologies.• We are dedicated to providing unique solutions that enable new processes, improve yield, increase uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and extend life of capital equipment. Confidential & Privileged
    • Company Distribution Britain France Germany Allwin21 Corp Korea Allwin21 Corp USA Beijing. Japan TaiwanHeadquarterSubcompany or officeAgents Israel India Allwin21 Corp Nanjing Vietnam Brazil Confidential & Privileged
    • Allwin21 Main Customers Confidential & Privileged
    • Innovative Technologies• Process development and enhancement – Combined 20 years of process experience• System control on board/component level – Superior customer support• Advanced AW Software for each equipment – User-friendly with excellent customer reception – Enhanced automated system diagnostics for better serviceability – Integrated process control system – Real time graphics display – Real time process data acquisition, display, and analysis – Programmed comprehensive calibration and diagnostic functions – Better performance and maintenance than the original systems• Precise Temperature Control Technology – Much better uniformity – Much better repeatability Confidential & Privileged
    • Products and Services• Processing and testing systems – Rapid Thermal Process – Plasma Asher Stripper Descum – Plasma Etch – Reactive ion etching (RIE) – PECVD – Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) – Metrology & Inspection – Electrical Test and PCM Software – Wafer Probers – Sputtering and Evaporator System• Services – Refurbishment – Upgrade (process enhancement, control system and ALLWIN21 software) – PCM testing module design – Installation /On-site training• Spare parts Confidential & Privileged
    • Main Product List Refurbished Refurbished Refurbished RefurbishedRapid Thermal Process Asher/Stripper/Descum Plasma Etch RIE/PECVD/ICP Probe/TesterAccuThermo AW 810M Gasonics Aura 1000 Matrix 403 STS PECVD EG 1034/2001AccuThermo AW 610 Gasonics Aura 2000 Matrix 303 STS ICP(ASE,AOE) EG 2010/4085AccuThermo AW 410 Gasonics Aura 3010 Gasonics AE 2001 STS RIE MP 2020AccuThermo AW 820M Gasonics L3510/PEP3510 Tegal 901e KLA Metrology RefurbishedAccuThermo AW 610V Matrix 105 Tegal 903e HP 4145B SputteringAccuThermo AW 820V Matrix 205 Lam 490/590/690 Perkin Elmer 2400 HP 4062Refurbished AG 210 Matrix 10 Lam 4420/4520/4620 Perkin Elmer 44XX New AW-PCMRefurbished AG 410 Branson IPC L3200 Lam 9400 MRC 6XX Hitachi FE-SEMRefurbished AG 610 Branson IPC 3000 Lam 9600 MRC 900 Hitachi CD-SEMAllwin21 is the exclusive licensed manufacturer of AG Heatpulse 610 Rapid Thermal Processor. Allwin21 ismanufacturing the AccuThermo AW 410,AccuThermo AW 610,AccuThermo AW 810,AccuTherm AW 820AtmosPress Rapid Thermal Processors and AccuThermo AW 610V,AccuThermo AW 820V vacuum RapidThermo Processors.Allwin21 Corp. was formed in 2000 to provide Rapid Thermal Process, Plasma Asher Stripper Descum, PlasmaEtch, Reactive ion etching (RIE), PECVD, Inductively coupled plasma (ICP), Metrology & Inspection, ElectricalTest and PCM Software, Wafer Probers, Sputtering and Evaporator System high-tech equipment, services andtechnical support in Semiconductor industry,MEMS, Biomedical, Nanotechnology,Solar,LEDs etc. Confidential & Privileged
    • Products Typical Application Area Chip Maufacture Compound Industry:GaAs, GaN, GaP, GaInP,InP and SiC Optronics:Planar optical waveguides,LASERs,LEDs and VCSELs Biomedical MEMS Nanotechnology Solar Cell Confidential & Privileged
    • AccuThermo AW 410/610/810 RTA RTP Typical Applications Ion implant activation Contact alloying Ploysilicon annealing GaAs processing Oxide reflow Oxidation and Nitridation Silicide formation Other heat treatment process Key Features:Precise and Repeatable Temp. Control Easy Pyrometer Calibration Small footprint and energy efficiency X . Advanced AW 900 Software Use ERP,Not Single Pyrometer Confidential & Privileged
    • AccuThermo AW 410/610/810 RTA RTP LEDs Solar CellSemiconductor New Technology Process Confidential & Privileged
    • AccuThermo AW 610V/820M/820V RTA RTPAccuThermo AW 610V AccuThermo AW 820VAccuThermo AW 820M •Vacuum RTP •Long time process RTP •Wafer Size: 2 to 8 inch capacity Confidential & Privileged
    • Plasma Asher Descum Systems Matrix 105 Standard Matrix 105R TTW Branson IPC 3000Gasonics Aura 1000 Gasoncis Aura 3010 Gasonics L3510 Confidential & Privileged
    • Refurbished Plasma Etcher Systems Matrix 303 Standard Matrix 303R TTW Tegal 901e/903e StandardLam 490/590/690/790 Lam 4420/4520/4620/4720 Tegal 901e/903e TTW Confidential & Privileged
    • RIE PECVD ICP SystemsSTS Multiplex ClusterPlasmafab PF310STS Multiplex 320 Confidential & Privileged
    • E-Tester Wafer Probe and PCMEG 2001X EG 4085X HP 4062UX EG 1034X Confidential & Privileged
    • Metrology FE-SEM CD-SEM M-Gauge SystemsHitachi S4500 FE-SEM Hitachi S8820 CD-SEM KLA-Tencor M-GaugeHitachi S4700 FE-SEM Hitachi S8840 CD-SEM Confidential & Privileged
    • Sputtering SystemsPerkin Elmer 2400 Perkin Elmer 4400/4410/4450 MRC 602/603/643 MRC 902/903/943 Confidential & Privileged
    • Spin Tracks Fully-automated Spin Tracks for normal production fabrication areas Semi-automated Spin Tracks for R & D and Pilot Production Manual Bake Ovens forMBO R & D and Pilot Production Confidential & Privileged
    • Contact UsAddress:3521 Leonard Court ,Santa Clara,CA95054,USATelephone:1-408-988-5188Fax:1-408-904-7168E-mail: sales@allwin21.comWebsite: www.allwin21.com END Confidential & Privileged