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Here is information about some of the most famous fashion designers of all time; their names, their ...

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Fashion Designers |

  1. 1. Fashion Designers | Here is information about some of the most famous fashion designers of all time; their names, their life stories and an insight into their successful careers. And not just that, this section dedicated to fashion designers also provides you with some tips on how to enter this profession and make a mark in fashion designing. Read on. Famous French Fashion Designers The words 'France' and 'fashion' have forever been hand-in-hand. Some of the world's best fashion designers have been Frenchmen and Frenchwomen. We take a look at some of the French fashion designers who later became famous names... What Does a Fashion Designer Do So what does a fashion designer do besides living a glamorous life? Well, definitely a lot more than dealing with the paparazzi. Designers hold the key to the change in trends, and what stays in-fashion and what becomes outdated.... Fashion Designer Career Information Being a fashion designer is a job that requires a creative mind, an eye for detail, and a rock steady determination. Read on to know some more information regarding a career in the fashion industry. How to Become a Fashion Designer at a Young Age
  2. 2. So, you want to know how to become a fashion designer at a young age, is it? Well, we have some tips and pointers that could take you along the right path. Giorgio Armani Biography Giorgio Armani biography is tough to write. The Czar of the European fashion industry started out with simple beginnings and now is one of the most recognizable names on the planet. So be the enthusiastic spectator and have a... Famous Fashion Designers Famous fashion designers such as Versace, Calvin Clein, Ralph Lauren and Christian Dior have defined fashion for years. Fashion Designer Salary
  3. 3. F a s h i o n d e s i g n i n g i s o n e o f t h e most coveted jobs all over the world. Considering this fact, I have decided to compile, fashion designer salary, job description and educational requirements, in the article below. Careers in Fashion Designing Fashion designing has become a much sought after career in recent times. People who have a flair for style and are up-to-date with new trends are fit to get into fashion as a serious career opportunity. But many do not know that... Top 10 Fashion Designers Fabric designing is a serious business. The top names in this field decide what's in and what's out. The haute couture of this industry is ruled by some of the world-famous couturiers. Let us take a quick look at today's top 10...
  4. 4. Steps to Become a Fashion Designer Do you find yourself constantly looking at fashion magazines to learn about the latest trends? Are you always admired and appreciated for the ways in which you experiment with your clothes? If yes, fashion designing is the career...