Death Of Ben H All


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Death Of Ben H All

  1. 1. By Sarah The Death Of Ben Hall
  2. 2. Who is Ben Hall? <ul><li>Born in New South Wales, Australia, on 1837, Ben Hall is one of the most famous bush rangers in the world. </li></ul>2. Both of Ben Hall’s parents were convicts. They were pardoned (set free) before Ben was born. 3. When Ben was young, he played with horses all day. He soon developed a bond and talent with cattle.
  3. 3. Why did Ben Hall want to become a bushranger 2. Not long after Bridget ran away, he was put in jail for 5 weeks, for something he didn’t do. A week later he was let out due to lack of evidence. 3. After Ben got let out of jail, he found his house burnt down and all his cattle dead. It was this incident that turned Ben into an outlaw. 1. When Ben was 18, he fell in love with a young woman named Bridget Walsh. Ben decided to work for Bridget’s father as a stock- keeper. Soon after Bridget gave birth to two fine children, Bridget ran away with a policeman. Ben had no idea until he returned. Ben was heart broken.
  4. 4. How Ben Hall Died 1. People have different opinions on how Ben Hall died. Some say he got shot while sleeping. Others say one of his friends, betrayed him. 2. The most popular opinion is a friend betrayed him. A man named Mike Connelly. Ben Hall told Mike where he was going, after Ben left Mike told the police where Ben was hiding. At 6:30AM, Ben went towards the horses with a bridle in his hands. Seeing him, police began to run towards Ben. Ben turned and ran towards five other policemen. Condell(a policeman), took careful aim, and shot at Ben. The bullet hit Ben right on the shoulder. Ben grabbed a sapling, and ordered Billy ( a friend) to shoot him. The other policemen shot him, and Ben rolled over dead. The policemen reported that 30 bullets did their job. 3. Ben Hall died on the 5 th of May 1865.
  5. 5. Where Ben Hall is buried 1. Ben Hall is buried in the Forbes Cemetery, a memorial to Billy Dargin at his feet. 2. Ben Hall’s grave is next to Ned Kelly’s sister’s grave. Together they make a popular tourist attraction. 3. Ben Hall died, when he was 27 years old.
  6. 6. Why is Ben Hall still known today. No-one can forget Ben Hall. There are songs , poems , books, websites and lots more. He never shot anyone in his wild career, but he is still known today!
  7. 7. “ I’ll tell you straight, you’ll never catch Ben Hall!!!