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Science Fair Powerpoint 2012
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Science Fair Powerpoint 2012


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Science Fair May 10
  • 2. Science Fair ProjectRequirements:1. logbook2. display board3. abstract4. models and/or visual aids
  • 3. • dated record of all work done on the science project 1. detailed notes 2. original observations 3. data from the experiment
  • 4. SCIENCE FAIR LOGBOOKName ______________Grade ______________Project Question ______Hypothesis __________
  • 5. • Start-to-finish, dated record of all work done on the project.• Every entry should include the date it was made.• Typed or neatly handwritten.• Composition book• Must be organized with the following 6 sections (use professional looking tabs to clearly label each section):
  • 6. 1. Daily Activity Log• personal thoughts, interviews, plans, actions• For example: 3/15/11 - did background research on Internet today; notes are recorded in background info section of this log book
  • 7. 2. Background Info• research-from books, Internet, interviews, etc.• include a works cited page in this section (websites, books used, etc.)
  • 8. 3. Scientific Method• Problem/Research Question - 1 - 2 sentences• Hypothesis - 1 - 2 sentences• Variables - list independent variable, dependent variable, controlled variables (constants)• Equipment & Materials - list• Procedure - numbered list
  • 9. Variables• It is important for an experiment to be a fair test.• You conduct a fair test by making sure that you change one factor at a time while keeping all other conditions the same.
  • 10. Independent Variable• One thing that you changed in your experiment.• If you are testing the growth of plants in different light levels, the independent variable is the amount of light each group of plants receives.
  • 11. Dependent Variable• Quantity that you are measuring in your experiment• If you are testing the growth of plants in different light levels, the dependent variable might be the height of the plants grown in different light levels.
  • 12. Controlled variables• Variables that were held constant for all groups.• If you are testing the growth of plants in different light levels, the controlled variable might be the type of plants, the pot size, the amount of dirt and the amount of water.
  • 13. 4. Raw Data & Observations• use tables, notes, etc., to record your experimental results
  • 14. 5. Findings & Interpretations• Interpret your results.• What do they say?
  • 15. 6. Conclusions & Recommendations• State whether or not your hypothesis was correct and why.• Make recommendations for improving your project & for further study.
  • 16. Science Fair Project Requirements:• The purpose of the display is to show what you have done.• The exhibit should be visually appealing, using color and photos to show the work you have done.• Photographs must be dated and labeled to relay the progress of the experiment, and/or the outcome of the experiment.
  • 17. Think of the display board as a commercial for your project. Include the following information on your display board:
  • 18. Title The title of your project. Your name.Data and Graphics Present any significant data, graphs, and pictures in this section.  Visual representations of your results, if done effectively, are worth thousands of words.
  • 19. Problem/ Purpose State the problem that you were originally concerned with and explain why you selected the topic you did?Hypothesis State your hypothesis as an if/then statement.
  • 20. Procedure State the procedures you followed.  What experiments did you perform and why?Results What did you find out from your data?  Explain the results here.
  • 21. Conclusions Was your hypothesis right or wrong?  Can you make a new statement that you know to be true based on your research?Recommendations From everything you learned would you make any recommendations for further research? Write your ideas for research in this section.
  • 22. • brief overview of your project work• include the title, your name, and brief summaries of the problem, hypothesis, procedures, data and conclusions • no more than 1 typed page with 1 - 2 paragraphs
  • 23. • Did you create any models or experimental setups that are important in explaining your work? • 3-D objects and pictures are often more effective than words at communicating complex ideas. 
  • 26. Whatnot to do !
  • 27. SCIENCE FAIR IMPORTANT DATES!• March 27: Science Fair Project Question Due- Email to me-• April 17: Log Book Check• May 10 : Entire Project Due (display board, bibliography, abstract & log book) Judging will be done at school. Parent display 6:30-8:00
  • 28. Teacher & Parent Resources•••••••
  • 29. REQUIREMENTS POINTSProject Question– email to me DUE: March 27Log Book Check DUE: April 17Completed Logbook DUE: May 10Abstract (typed summary) DUE: May 10Display Board (use of models/pictures, followeddirections, neatness, clarity, creativity) DUE: May 10TOTAL /100