8th Grade-Ch. 7 Sec. 2 Male & Female Reproductive Systems
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8th Grade-Ch. 7 Sec. 2 Male & Female Reproductive Systems






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8th Grade-Ch. 7 Sec. 2 Male & Female Reproductive Systems Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Ch. 7 Sec. 2 Male & FemaleReproductive Systems Objectives: 1. What is sexual reproduction? 2. What are the structures and functions of the male reproductive system?male female
  • 2. Objectives: • 1. when 2 living organisms1. What is sexual create another living organism reproduction? • When sperm reaches egg 2. What are the • Joining of egg & sperm structures and functions of the • When 2 people make living male thing of same type reproductive • Makes another human system? • 2. sperm & testes • Penis, urethra, testes-create sperm, Penis delivers sperm
  • 3. Characteristic Male Female Sex cell sperm egg (ovum) Organs testes ovaries Hormones testosterone estrogen egg sperm
  • 4. reproduction• process by which living things produce new individuals of same type
  • 5. fertilization• joining of sperm & egg
  • 6. zygote• fertilized egg
  • 7. chromosomes• carry info. that control inherited 23 23 characteristics – ex. eye color – every cell= 46• except sex cells = 23 46 Eye color calculator
  • 8. Punnett square (eye color)
  • 9. testes• male organs• produce sperm & testosterone• located in scrotum Male Reproductive System Diagram
  • 10. testosterone• hormone that controls development of physical characteristics in mature men –facial hair –deepening of voice –broadening of shoulders –ability to produce sperm
  • 11. sperm•head- contains chromosomes•tail- helps swim toward egg
  • 12. semen= sperm cells + fluids- leaves body  urethra in penis
  • 13. Semen contains about 5 to10 million sperm per drop! Great Sperm Race
  • 14. Objectives: 1. What are the structures and functions of the female reproductive system?2. Describe the menstrual cycle.
  • 15. ovaries• female organs• produce eggs & estrogen
  • 16. ovaries• located near oviduct (fallopian tubes)= passageway for eggs uterus (womb) Kidshealth.org Female reproductive system
  • 17. menstrual cycle• monthly cycle of changes that occurs in female reproductive system
  • 18. menstrual cycle1. egg develops in ovary2. uterus lining thickens3. mature egg released once month from ovary oviduct = ovulation4. if sperm present- can be fertilized for next few days Menstruation explanation
  • 19. May 2011 menstrual dischargedeveloping egg egg moves ovulation  oviduct occurs egg enters uterus
  • 20. menstruation• process when extra blood & tissue from thickened lining pass out of body cervix vagina (birth canal) Menstruation Animation