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5th Grade-Ch. 7 Lesson 4 How do clouds form
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5th Grade-Ch. 7 Lesson 4 How do clouds form


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  • 1. Chapter 7 Lesson 4 How do clouds form?
  • 2. Make a cloud demonstration
    • Demonstrate cloud formation with a large, wide-mouthed jar, a match, a cup of very warm water, a rubber band, and a plastic bag.
    • Pour the water into the jar.
    • Drop a lit match into the jar, then quickly cover it with the plastic bag.
    • Secure the bag on the lid with a rubber band.
    • Push the bag into the jar, and pull it out again. A cloud will form.
    • Ask: How did the match help form a cloud? Why do you need to secure the plastic bag onto the jar?
  • 3. Clouds are made of:
    • water vapor or ice crystals - depends on temp. & air pressure
  • 4. Activity- How many drops of water can a cloud hold? I predict that the cotton ball will hold _____ drops of water before it overflows. Result: The cotton ball held ___ drops before it overflowed.
  • 5. Clouds and Drizzle [02:37]
  • 6. Types of clouds Cloud Where it forms Description cirrus > 6,000m above ground High altitude, thin, wispy & white cumulonimbus thunderhead Base-1,000m above ground Top-12,000m above ground Vertical cause thunderstorms cumulus Base-2,000 -7,000 m above ground Mid-altitude, puffy stratus <2,000m above ground Low altitude Dark, cover sky fog Ground level Forms b/c air cools
  • 7. Types of Clouds [02:34]
  • 8. Types of clouds-YouTube NASA: Our World: Cool Clouds
  • 9. Types of Clouds-
  • 10.  
  • 11. Types of precipitation Form of precipitation How it forms rain If ice crystals fall in air > 0 C  melt freezing rain Ice storm-rain freezes when hits cold object sleet Frozen raindrops snow hail
  • 12. snow
    • Ice crystals high in atmosphere  grow larger  snowflakes
  • 13. snow
  • 14. hail
    • Forms when strong winds blow upward into cloud repeatedly
    • Made up of layers of ice by updrafts
    • Circulates in cloud-too heavy & falls
    • Small frozen raindrop that gets caught in updrafts
  • 15. hail YouTube video-How does hail form
  • 16. Precipitation [02:21]