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  • 1. Action Thriller An action thriller film is action and thriller combined and they are films that race against the clock which means that they contain a lot of violence and an obvious antagonist. They mostly contain a lot of explosion and gun action. Action filmsoften have elements of mystery and crime in the film but these elements take a backseat action.
  • 2. An example of a action thriller film are James Bond films.
  • 3. Crime ThrillerAn crime thriller film is crime and thriller combined that offer suspenseful accounts of a successful or failed crimes. These topics include murders, shootouts and double-crosses and these are the central ingredients.
  • 4. An example of a crime thriller film is the Godfather
  • 5. Erotic ThrillerAn erotic thriller film is erotic and thriller combined which have become popular since the 1980s and the rise of VCR market penetration.
  • 6. An example of a erotic thriller is Basic Instinct and Fatal Attractions
  • 7. Horror ThrillerAn horror thriller film is horror and thriller combined which shows the conflict between the main characters are metal, emotional and physical. This sets the horror thriller apart by the main elements of fear through ought the story.The main character is not only up against a superior force but they are or will soon become the victims themselves.
  • 8. An example of a horror thriller is Psycho.
  • 9. Techno ThrillerAn techno thriller film is thriller and technology that doesn’texist combined. Most techno thrillers are based on the future and it is usually about military technology that has gone wrong.
  • 10. An example of a techno thriller are Terminator films.
  • 11. Psychological ThrillerAn psychological thriller is the conflict between the mainscharacters and so that they are mental and emotional rather than physical.
  • 12. An example of a psychological thriller is Paranormal Activity.
  • 13. Torture Porn ThrillerThese are thriller films that have torture in the characters. The films are gory and have slow deaths.
  • 14. An example of torture porn thriller is Saw.