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6th Grade-Ch. 5 Sec. 3

6th Grade-Ch. 5 Sec. 3






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    6th Grade-Ch. 5 Sec. 3 6th Grade-Ch. 5 Sec. 3 Presentation Transcript

    • Ch. 5 Sec. 3Ch. 5 Sec. 3The CrusadesThe Crusades
    • Objectives• Determine the religious andeconomic reasons for the Crusades• Summarize the events of the FirstCrusade• Explain how the Crusades changedmedieval society• Evaluate the actions of crusaders
    • Crusades• series of attempts by Europeans to gaincontrol of the Holy Land
    • Pope Urban II• pope whocalled onEuropeansto come tothe aid of theByzantineemperor
    • Peter the Hermit• leader ofordinarypeople on1stCrusade
    • Saladin• Muslimleader
    • Jerusalem• city sacredto Jews,Christians &Muslims
    • The Holy Land• Jews,Christians, &Muslims allconsideredPalestine, asmall region onMediterraneanSea, the “HolyLand,” orsacred place
    • The Holy Land• Pope UrbanII urgedEuropeansto takecontrol of theHoly Land inthe late 11thcentury
    • Causes of the Crusades•The Crusadesconsisted of 8 warswaged over 200years to capturePalestine
    • Land, Trade, and Wealth• Europeans wanted control ofPalestine’s key trade routesbetween Africa, Asia, and Europe• Pope Urban II - interested inweakening Byzantine empire totake control of its trade routes• merchants joined b/c of tradeinterests
    • Peter the Hermit and thePeople’s Crusade• Peter the Hermit gathered an armyof common people to march on theHoly Land
    • Peter the Hermit and thePeople’s Crusade• Much of the group broke apart asfood became scarce and as localgroups attacked• When the army reachedConstantinople, they attacked theTurks but were defeated
    • Later Crusades• After the FirstCrusade,Christians set up4 kingdoms inPalestine• The next threeCrusades werelaunched whenMuslims attackedthese kingdoms
    • Later Crusades• Saladin, a strongMuslim leader, tookcontrol of Jerusalemin 1187• Saladin & KingRichard I of Englandmade a short-livedagreement to keepJerusalem open toChristians
    • Later Crusades• Remaining four Crusades,waged during the 1200s,ended in European failureand Muslims took over thelast of the Christian landsin 1291
    • Results of the Crusades• Europeans were neverable to recapture the HolyLand after they lost control
    • Results of the Crusades• increased trade & increased use of money–crusading nobles needed money forsupplies, so they allowed peasants tobuy their freedom–feudalism grew weaker, towns grewbigger, money was used morefrequently–intl. trade grew as Europeansencountered goods from Africa and Asia
    • Results of the Crusades• conflict betweenChristians, Jews,and Muslimsover the HolyLand continuestoday