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Allan Robinson Portfolio


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  • 1. Search for Meaning Open-source development Computing Fear Ubiquitous computing Freedom Google Android ty Insta-grati cation Web 3.0 Daily information Niche-Media Disruption Communication Sensory Augmentation Mobile Technologies Connected E-paper Display of Life Relevance Facebook Training Experiences Improvement es Internet e-reader Wireless Home Digital Interface Accuracy Constantly- iPod developing Personal Journey Concentration Content objects Clean Water Go-To Twitter CHNOLOGY Pleasure Hyperconnectivity Allan Robinson iTunes Recording Platforms of mass communication Connectivity Human-Tech Portfolio EHAVIOUR Belonging Live Processing Soundbooth Purpose Collaboration Dependency Self-suf ciency es Data Transmission Fretplay Isolation Tech-bubble Connected 2.0 Facebook Web experience o Micro-Blogging Danger YouTube Narcissist impulses Adaptation Instantaneous
  • 2. “ORBIS” Electric Guitar The “Swiveling-neck guitar” is an electric guitar designed to prevent hand injuries that occur with extend use of string instruments. The uniqueness of this product is in its design; the guitar has a core that can swivel and rotate independently from the rest of the instrument body, following the movements of the fretting wrist. This guitar has been designed for beginner musicians, particularly keen of rock music (Guitar hero crowd).
  • 3. Concept Development Different sessions with stakeholders yielded many insights that were later translated into design changes. The design of the Orbis guitar follows these design considerations, including mechanical and psychological features that will enable users to play safely without incurring in injuries to the playing hands. (This guitar has a neck that swivels and rotates to follow the movements of the player instead of forcing the wrist to play in awkward positions).
  • 4. Rough Prototyping Keeping the pace with the ever-shifting opinion of human stakeholders was very challenging. In order to develop the design and move forward, it was necessary to quickly prototype the frequent design changes. In order to accomplish that, I forfeited aesthetic pleasantness in favour of functionality; many prototyped ideas were shut down when guitar players played the rough models, giving way for strong design to flourish in the process.
  • 5. Final Design Direction The final design direction includes a logotype and a name based on an analysis of the Gibson brand. Many aesthetic considerations where taken; stakeholders favoured a mirror-fnish black as the colour for the guitar
  • 6. This thesis project ended with final working prototype that is the presentation of a final as close to the final design as design direction, including possible. Working Prototype all the research, concept development, working This is a picture of myself prototypes, and of course, a playing the final prototype
  • 7. Map of technology and behaviour trends in North America, as of Jan 2010 Quantum Technology Tablets Human Strength magni ca- Clean Coal Energy Storage Technologies Open-source development This map shows Cloud Computing current and Biometric Authentication Ubiquitous computing Google Android emerging trends and signals in technology Smart Grid Web 3.0 Touch-sensitivity News and Daily information and behaviours in Sensory Augmentation Netbook Mobile Technologies North America, as of Biogerontology NAVTEQ Facebook E-paper Display January 2010. 3D Cinema iTunes Internet e-reader Social Media Wireless Home Digital Interface The value of a map Apple iPod Wireless Power Induction Clean Water that displays Twitter Go-To objects information on these Netbook Google TECHNOLOGY Nuke Technology Hyperconnectivity two categories is to enable the Platforms of mass communication Crowd Mining formulation of insight Sedentarism BEHAVIOUR Belonging and evaluation of Purpose Collaboration emerging signals. Dematerialization of experiences Education Self-suf ciency Terrorism Isolation Tech-bubble This map was Real-time information diffusion Feedback Connected experience developed as a Information Overload Micro-Blogging User-based personal project in Narcissist impulses Adaptation the winter of 2010. Evolution Memes and exclusive lingo Sense augmentation Alienation Industrialization of Hacking Real-Time Collaboration Instant Grati cation Virtualization Sexting Omnipresence of Data
  • 8. Survival Kit for MEC For this student project, Mountain Equipment Co-op commissioned the design of a winter survival kit for outdoor sport enthusiasts. The kit should appeal to non-recreational skiers, snowshoers, trekkers, etc. The kit would retail in MEC outlets, therefore aligned with the MEC brand, and had to be portable, lightweight, and support the user’s survival for 24 to 48 hours
  • 9. Accountable Inspired Simple Progressive Quality Responsible Dynamic
  • 10. Brand Expectations: • High quality • Reliability • Sustainable • Durable • Smart design Emotions • Optmistic • Forward-thinking • Caring • Assertive • Proactive
  • 11. The User • Male-Female • 25-35 • High-income • Well-educated • Environmentally conscious • Disposable income • Physically fit Drivers • Footprint reduction • Leaving a better world • Need to get in touch with nature • Personal growth • Empowerment
  • 12. MEC User Spectrum Cycling Hiking / Camping Snow Sports Climbing Water Sports Track Backpacking SNOWMOBILING Kayaking Bouldering Mountain Dog Hiking SNOWBOARDING Scuba-Diving Free solo Climbing Road Free Hiking Freestyle Free Diving Traditional Climbing Hill Walking Freeride Canoeing Sinul Climbing Scrambling SKIING Sport Climbing Thru-Hiking Downhill Top Roping Ultralight Backpacking Cross-Country Waterfalling SkiBoarding Snow Shoeing SLEDDING BackCountry Downhill Toboggans Target audience Audience
  • 13. No extraordinary event Immobilizing First Aid Shelter Project Water Food Project Rescue Location Water Food Location Team Outdoor Injury Assess / Activity Adress Bearable First Aid Continue SAFE LOCATION Lost Assess / Project Project Water Food Rescue Set Up Shelter Water Food Location Adress Location Team T= 0 Hr T= 24 Hr T= 48 Hr Usability Experience Map / User
  • 14. Discovery and Expansion The purpose of this student project is to further explore a topic of interest, and place it in the context of design, society and culture in 2010. This process includes an exploration of behaviours and technologies related to the topic, as well as an analysis and description of trends resulting from research. The topic chosen for this project is “Electric Guitar”
  • 15. 01. Discovery : Trends and signals as opportunities New Opportunities Insta shredder Rate my single Riff Machine Basement Global Jam Label A tool that enables beginner guitar Related to the “basement label”. Online program that can produce Having the capability of a home The infrastructure already exists: A players to increase the perceived With the capability to record and music bits –riffs— based on user computer that can process electric system of interconnected speed and accuracy of their playing edit music material at home, comes input. Users can input variables like signals from the instrument and computers that can interact in real The Unknown technique through digital the next step: evaluate ME through keys, time signatures, tempo, record it, the next manifestation of time. These computers have the manipulation of input. the evaluation of my content; tuning, feel. The program will then Meaning of Life content being considered as an present the user with riffs that can the garage band is the “ME”band; capability to process live signal from users can write and record music in electric instruments (guitar). Global extension of oneself be then developed into songs the convenience of their home, and Jam would be an online community Search for Meaning then release them on the net. The Independence infrastructure is there. where users can log in and… jam. Jam in real time to songs under a Fear common format/time signature/metronome. Preservation Change Real Time Freedom Connectivity Insta-grati cation Optimal Health Bene t Niche-Media Disruption Personal Higher Communication Customization Sensory Integration Processing Connected Relevance of Life Change activity (reduce practice) Therapist Ice and pain medication Ful llment Training Experiences Rest Improvement Splints and braces Modify wrist positioning TECHNOLOGICAL Broadcast Modify posture Insecurity Coordination Medication POSSIBILITIES AccuracyConstantly- Teu el Destiny Development developing Personal Journey Modify seating Concentration Steroid injection Star sh Technology signals / New Real Time Content Torzal possibilities Feedback Dexterity Pleasure Chiropractor Orchid Bass Self-tuning instrument Finger-tracking software Short Term Long Term Multiple Release (CD + Game) Magni cation iTunes Bene t Bene t Trapezoidal neck Carbon Fiber “Branded” Ferrari Satisfaction Recording Forshage Hollow Body Electric Guitar Guitar FL Studio Electric Instruments Tim Miller Connectivity Human-Tech Klein KX Bass LBG carbon graphite composite guitar Guitar games Rick Toone Dove Guitar Home Studio Live Processing Soundbooth Rick Canton Real time feedback Customization Effects Personal Customization Acupunture Dependency Guitar Rig Nava Guitars Insta-grati cation Related Technologies Fretplay Mini Gordo Connected experiences Data Transmission Henry Olsen MASH Shift Constantly-developing content Garage Band Facebook Web 2.0 Less Health Bene t Self-publishing Guitar Pro YouTube Danger E- Commerce Instantaneous We are connected. Mobile devices We exist in multiple dimensions at As we exist in an interconnected Current trend related to instant Instantaneous feedback. We are Feddback enable us to send and receive once. There is, of course, our environment, we no longer perceive grati cation. We expect our actions interested in creating content as Hope information at all times. This hyper physical existence, but there also ourselves through methods of self to have an immediate effect across well as receiving immediate connectivity causes us to feel eager exist virtual manifestations of evaluation, but we evaluate space. This trend is also related to reactions to it that can be stored Dreams to participate in our environment, ourselves that currently reside on ourselves through the perception of instantaneous feedback; we expect and referenced. This feedback Future we are anxious to manifest ourselves the internet. We have gained the other entities in our network. We are our actions to be immediately becomes content itself in the form through existing media platforms. capacity to revisit our own existence not who we think we are, but what recognized and eagerly review of lingo, memes and other repetitive through mobile platforms that others perceive we are. feedback produced from our forms of metacommunication record media of our existence. disruption in the pond. Plugged in and You! Across time Hello? Can you I want it all and I Trends and Signals ready to go and space hear me? want it now What do you think?
  • 16. 02. Expansion : De ning what could be possible Material Material experimentation will be part of the Shape development of this concept. The goal is to possibly reduce injury through the sue of a Experimentation with the softer materiual than section shape of the wood guitar neck is necessary to determine an ideal playing position that reduces/eliminates the need for unecessary tension in the fretting hand Mechanics The main value for players will be the prevention of awkward hand positioning. One way to acomplish that could be to incorporate a swiveling/twisting neck that follows the playing hand Shape One aspect that is often overlooked in electric guitars is the way that they sit on the players leg. Experimentation and prototyping will yield alternative ways of acomplishing the goal of designing a guitar that sits comfortably on the players leg Shape Similar to the leg rest, the picking hand rest on the guitar is often overlooked. A study of FENDER FEND ER FENDER FENDER ER FENDER FENDER FEND FENDER FEND ER FENDER ER FEND FENDER FENDER FEND ER FENDER FENDER FENDER ER FEND FE ER ND FEND ER picking hand ND FEND FE FEND ER ER ER ER FEND ER FEND ER ND FE FE ND ER FE ND FEND ND ER FE ER ER ER ER FE ND ND FE ND FE ND FE positioning in relation ER ER ER ER FE ND ND FE ND FE ND FE ER ER ER FE ND ND ER FE ER ND FE to the instrument will ER FE ND FE ND ER ND FE ER ER ND FE FE ER ND ER yield a more ND FE FE ER ND appropriate design solution to this problem Design Direction: Mechanics, Shape and Material Intervention User Manufacturer Retailer
  • 17. Tape dispenser for Scotch This project was sponsored by Scotch. The brief required to design a tape dispenser for a specific audience. The design was required to fit into the aesthetics of the Scotch brand and its audience, be able to be mass produced /packaged and distributed.
  • 18. Target Consumer A busy, well-educated mom in a middle management position within a company is the main target consumer for this tape dispenser. Users in this demographic want to appear wealthy, beautiful youthful. Vibrant colours, dynamic shapes and and overall playful feeling would all be well-received things in the environment of these users. Allan Robinson - 2283927
  • 19. NO METAL! Too masculine-looking Concept Development In the process of determining an ideal direction, I went through numerous iterations and ideas. While most of them stayed on the drawing board, all of these previous articulations helped shape what I believe to be an ideal solution that addresses the criteria set out at the beginning. Base too heavy-looking, too angular. Allan Robinson - 2283927
  • 20. The Proposal A playful design that incorporates the elements of the tape-using experience into a youthful, light-hearted object. The design features a dark, heavy-looking base that contrasts with the sinous, colorful surface on top. The colour, texture and shape of the top portion of the dispenser is meant to be an attention grabber on any desk. This design appeals to the desire to appear youthful and vibrant through the use of asthetics, colours and shapes related to youthfulness. Allan Robinson - 2283927
  • 21. R 10 Orthographic Views Friendly looking shapes, rounded corners make part of 28 the dynamism of this object. R3 Previous iterations of this idea featured straight angles and an overall masculine look and feel; All measurements in MM a look that was left behind in *Not to scale order to effectively reach the target audience. 70 157 25 20 64 - 32 O 74 45 136 Allan Robinson - 2283927
  • 22. Manufacturing Snap-fit plastic parts, the lack of adhesives or permanent Injection Moulded Parts joinery and the use of a recycled aggregate to weight down the unit are some of the characteristics of this product. This product has been design for durability, this is NOT A THROAWAY TAPE DISPENSER. It is meant to be a playful, sculptural piece that will lighten up the appearance of a desktop within the target demographic. Snap Fit Design Recycled Content as Weight Allan Robinson - 2283927
  • 23. Exploration, Insight and Foresight This student project seeks to discover signals that create patterns of emergence and explores the significant possibilities at the intersection of new technology towards the creation of new experiences, spaces and products. The project focuses on understanding behavior in people in order to foresee future product and service opportunities by studying emergent micro-cultural norms
  • 24. Experience / Behaviour Map (2008) Superior being Meaning of life Change The unknown What`s next Evolution Freedom Quality of life Personal journey Mammal Adaptation Independence Preservation Nurture Support Evolution Instinct Relevance of life Survival Community Need Purpose Procreation Answers Fulfillment Meaning Food/water/air Reproduction Realization Family Social being Friends I want Status Family Pleasure Social animal Sex Partner Secondary needs Destiny Narcisism Occupation Education Insecurity Vanity Development CONSUMER Guitar Recognition Facebook Philosophy Competition Connectivity Ipod Computer Alienation Satisfaction User-experience Music Ignorance Internet Dependency Individualism Apple Cellphone Information User-based Information Overload Foresight Intelligence Go-to object Communication Independence Self sufficiency Curiosity Exploration Anxiety Social being Selfishness Eagerness Isolation Feedback Danger Reaching out Sense of belonging Sharing experiences Echo chambers Hope Future Dreams
  • 25. Phase 1: Discovery Insights Explaining new opportunities by revealing insights TRENDS: Dematerialization of social The GO-TO object Facebook interaction The go-to object is the entity that enables MySpace Products and experiences that dematerialize us to function in this world. It has changed YouTube social interaction enable you to connect to over time, it used to be a pocket book, or an a larger network; by removing the physical agenda, or even a wrist watch. Kids usually Twitter have a transitional go-to object that offers constraints (time and space) of physical social LinkedIn interaction, these services enable the user to them comfort when faced when unusual interact with whomever they want whenever situations (generally a blanket or a toy); adults Second Life have cellphones/blackberries that serve a they want. similar purpose Go-to Object Current physical social interaction demands “Enablers” that you be present here and now; What started as being just a portable phone dematerialized social interaction enables has quickly transformed into an object that you to interact anywhere and expands the we depend on to function. Forgetting a timeline for such event (no longer you interact cellphone or losing it is sure to cause anxiety with the person just in present time, you and depression; we feel our cellphones can see and react to past actions of such vibrating even when they are not. They are person, presented in the format of “status”, the first thing we check when asked with the “favorites”, “friends” and text messages question “What are you doing later?” displayed on profiles.) While the present manifestation of this object Future manifestations of these services will serves mostly as a phone and organizer, future surely include a clear and stronger way to manifestations of this trend will be more of interact with others across time and space; the a MANAGER, an object that sorts life out for existance of ourselves on a network will evolve you, and object that can read and respond into a more meaningful part of our life, and to your physical and emotional state. The it’s linked to the evolution of what we call the ultimate “go-to object” will be the one that is Internet now. no longer an object, but a part of yourself.
  • 26. Phase 1: Discovery Insights Explaining new opportunities by revealing insights TRENDS: Sharing Experiences Portable, connected and able Facebook The current trend of online services that allow With the existance of a second manifestation Photo-sharing services you to share the experience of life through of our self (Currently, “me on the internet”), YouTube your eyes (Facebook, Flickr, YouTube) is only comes the need to create and maintain the the early manifestation of deeper desire; the transfer and actualization of information “Me on the net” desire to be recognized. between the two (I want to know what people Blogs think of my new pictures - people who Our narcissistic desire to see ourselves comment on my pictures want to know what I Forums reflected on everything that surrounds think about their comments) us is now being projected on our social User-created content interactions. We realize that our inner circle Currently, this desire to be “connected” to our Cellphones of intimate friends is no longer enough to larger network at all times is being released satisfy our desire to see ourselves reflected through the ability to navigate the internet Wireless Internet on society, therefore, we open accounts, we from a portable device (cellphone, laptop, collect friends, we thrive on the “view count” blackberry, iPhone) Bluetooth connectivity of our online content. There is plenty of room for the development This desire to see ourselves on everything and implementation of a device or service is currently constrained by technology; that should effectively keeps us connected at successful products/services will release all times with our larger network (currently on this narcissitic desire by enabling us to the Internet). Such device or service should be share whatever we decide we want to share, aware of our wants and desires and present including emotions, sensations, feelings the information from our network accordingly. and physical experiences (I am no longer “excited”, ultimately, you will be able to temporarily experience my excitement through your own body)
  • 27. Phase 2 : Expansion Report. Scenarios Summary of possible experiences TRENDS: JENNY AND SEAN Go-to Object Human - Tech “What do you feel like doing tonight then?” Asked Sean Portable, connected and able “I don’t know, I kind of feel like just heading home and going to bed early tonight” Replied Jenny DISCLOSURE: “Well, you could do that… but what if we Emotion-recognition catch a movie instead? I hear that the latest James Bond movie opened last week. Having Information Analysis a little fun might help you forget about—“ (personality traits) “Yeah, yeah, I know. I don’t feel like a movie though” What ever happened to that weird ALLIANCES: 80’s rock bar on Duncan St? I haven’t been Google Earth there since college…” Google Maps “Hang on… yeah, it’s still there. Do you feel like reminiscing over a couple of drinks?” Google “Sure” “Alright!” Jenny hails a cab while pressing Sean’s standby button and putting him away in her purse. He’ll come in handy again when she needs to save a couple of numbers at that bar.
  • 28. Phase 2 : Expansion Report. Scenarios Summary of possible experiences TRENDS: The SOULSCAN display it on the headgear screen. As Patrick walked through the demolished embassy, he Human Tech started to see a weak hint of blue coming from 5 minutes after that senseless explosion in the Sharing Experiences and Swedish embassy in London, all you could see underneath. He approached further, increased Emotions was smoke; all you could hear was screams. the SOULSCAN’s range by 10 and then he Hans, a 50-year old diplomat had been saw Hans’ emotional state, depicted in a deep knocked in the head by the antique book- blue. He signalled the rescue team with the shelf in his office and further buried under the hydraulic tools behind him, and moved on to DISCLOSURE: crumbling walls of the building. He could see wave in other teams to all the colour patches SOULSCAN his hands in front of him, although he could he could see now on his screen. barely move them; his eyes were open but Emotion recognition all he could think of were distant memories Emotion-sensitive Lens brought into his brain by the shock of the explosion. By the time Patrick jumped off his fire truck, his SOULSCAN headgear was already boot- ing. He had only been able to use it twice before, once in a fire, once in a rescue mis- sion. The second time he used it he realized that the SOULSCAN had saved the life of that baby, but left him with a sour aftertaste, he had seen a bit more that he needed to know. Patrick ran onto the remains of the building af- ter the first team signalled him to do so. With his SOULSCAN turned on, he started to scan the area for survivors. According to the train- ing, the SOULSCAN would assign a colour to the emotional state of a person and then
  • 29. Information Toolkit Healthcare Human Factors has developed a best practices toolkit to be distributed in hospitals in Ontario, with the objective to spread information about proper disinfectation techniques to avoid the spread of nocosomial infections. The objective of this student project is to define a form and experience model for optimal engagement with the tools in the toolkit, in order to create best practices and real sustainable results, using an experience design based approach.
  • 30. Research Synthesis Primary Research Secondary Research need for hand hygiene Observed risk factors for poor • Lack of knowledge of guidelines/protocols adherence to recommended hand- • Not thinking about it/forgetfulness • No role model from colleagues or superiors hygiene practices • Skepticism regarding the value of hand hygiene • Disagreement with the recommendations • Physician status (rather than a nurse) • Lack of scientific information of definitive impact of • Nursing assistant status (rather than a nurse) improved hand hygiene on health-care–associated infection • Male sex rates • Working in an intensive-care unit Additional perceived barriers to appropriate hand hygiene • Working during the week (versus the weekend) • Lack of active participation in hand-hygiene promotion at • Wearing gowns/gloves Melrose Pat Agnes • Automated sink individual or institutional level • Lack of role model for hand hygiene • Activities with high risk of cross-transmission • Lack of institutional priority for hand hygiene Female Female Female • High number of opportunities for hand hygiene per hour • Lack of administrative sanction of noncompliers/rewarding Nurse Nurse Maintenance of patient care compliers Self-reported factors for poor adherence with hand hygiene • Lack of institutional safety climate • Handwashing agents cause irritation and dryness • Helped patient into a • Doesn’t use the sink to • Replaces glove boxes • Sinks are inconveniently located/shortage of sinks wheelchair wash her hands • Helped a patient get out • Lack of soap and paper towels of a wheelchair • Often too busy/insufficient time • Picked up soiled linens • Helped a patient get • Understaffing/overcrowding • Picked up food tray water to wash up • Goes in and out of • Patient needs take priority • Thorough washing of • Entered a room without rooms frequently • Hand hygiene interferes with health-care worker hands using a mask • Replaces gloves relationships with patients • Sanitized her hands after approximately every • Low risk of acquiring infection from patients three days • Wearing of gloves/beliefs that glove use obviates the potential contamination • Doesn’t use sanitizer, • Daily checkups prefers soap prolonged or extended antimicrobial activity that prevents Definition of Terms or inhibits the proliferation or survival of microorganisms after application of the product. This activity may be Alcohol-based hand rub. An alcohol-containing preparation demonstrated by sampling a site several minutes or hours designed for application to the hands for reducing the after application and demonstrating bacterial antimicrobial number of viable microorganisms on the hands. In the effectiveness when compared with a baseline level. This United States, such preparations usually contain 60%–95% property also has been referred to as “residual activity.” ethanol or isopropanol. Both substantive and nonsubstantive active ingredients can show a persistent effect if they substantially lower the Conclusions Antimicrobial soap. Soap (i.e., detergent) containing an number of bacteria during the wash period. antiseptic agent. Plain soap. Plain soap refers to detergents that do not Antimicrobial substances that are applied to Antiseptic agent. contain antimicrobial agents or contain low concentrations the skin to reduce the number of microbial flora. Examples of antimicrobial agents that are effective solely as • Nurse managers have been identified as a critical stakeholders as they are the ones that will train include alcohols, chlorhexidine, chlorine, hexachlorophene, preservatives. staff on proper hand hygiene techniques iodine, chloroxylenol (PCMX), quaternary ammonium compounds, and triclosan. Substantivity. Substantivity is an attribute of certain active ingredients that adhere to the stratum corneum (i.e., • Some of the factors that influence poor hand hygiene compliance are: lack of role models, lack remain on the skin after rinsing or drying) to provide an Antiseptic handwash. Washing hands with water and soap or of accountability, lack of motivation and lack of knowledge other detergents containing an antiseptic agent. inhibitory effect on the growth of bacteria remaining on the skin. • Physicians are the group with the lower hand hygiene compliance in a hospital environment, Antiseptic hand rub. Applying an antiseptic hand-rub product Surgical hand antisepsis . Antiseptic handwash or antiseptic according to research to all surfaces of the hands to reduce the number of hand rub performed preoperatively by surgical personnel microorganisms present. to eliminate transient and reduce resident hand flora. • The critical part of the staff in a health care environment (the ones with the most patient contact) Antiseptic detergent preparations often have persistent Cumulative effect . A progressive decrease in the numbers of are the ones that decontaminate their hands the least microorganisms recovered after repeated applications of antimicrobial activity. a test material. • Heavy workloads and forgetfulness are often reported causes of non-compliance Visibly soiled hands . Hands showing visible dirt or visibly contaminated with proteinaceous material, blood, or other To Reduce bacterial counts on hands by Decontaminate hands. • Money is not necessarily the reason for non-compliance performing antiseptic hand rub or antiseptic handwash. body fluids (e.g., fecal material or urine). • Lack of responsibility is correlated with non-compliance Waterless antiseptic agent . An antiseptic agent that does Detergent . Detergents (i.e., surfactants) are compounds that not require use of exogenous water. After applying such possess a cleaning action. They are composed of both • The lack of role models that follow adequate hand hygiene procedures in the workplace affects an agent, the hands are rubbed together until the agent hydrophilic and lipophilic parts and can be divided into has dried. the compliance of the staff four groups: anionic, cationic, amphoteric, and nonionic detergents. • Research shows that staff has suggested that a reward/punishment system would not affect their Although products used for handwashing or antiseptic handwash in health-care settings represent various types hand decontamination habits of detergents, the term “soap” is used to refer to such detergents in this guideline. • Research also shows that the placement of ABHR dispensers profusely in the work environment will dramatically increase compliance Hand antisepsis . Refers to either antiseptic handwash or antiseptic hand rub. • Heavy workloads Hand hygiene.A general term that applies to either handwashing, antiseptic handwash, antiseptic hand rub,or • Overcrowded/understaffed hospitals surgical hand antisepsis. • Patient needs come first, even before hand hygiene Handwashing . Washing hands with plain (i.e., non- antimicrobial) soap and water. Persistent activity. Persistent activity is defined as the
  • 31. Cyclic Experience Map
  • 32. 1. Design Criteria •The intent is to design the interaction between the nurse manager and the existing toolkits. In order for this interaction to be effective, several facts need to be taken into consideration: •Nurse managers have numerous responsibilities, the presentation of the toolkit should allow for multiple interruptions •Readability will be one critical issue, since these toolkits will most likely be used while on the move •The presentation of the toolkit should accommodate a busy schedule, it should be assumed that a nurse will most likely not have the time to go through the whole tool without stopping
  • 33. 2. Proposed Modifications Reconfiguration of the layout To physically separate the tools Determine an ideal typeface Create a hierarchy of elements