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Published in: Automotive
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  • 1. About us Founded in 2005, Eurosonics initially offered a powder coating and wet spray painting service. Over the last several years we have also developed a real enterprise in the alloy wheel refurbishment sector. We have continued to invest in the latest machinery, equipment and staff training for all aspects of alloy wheel refurbishment. Eurosonics has the broadest alloy wheel refurbishment service in Ireland and is therefore the perfect partner for your alloy wheel refurbishment requirements.
  • 3. OEM FINISH In recent years, Eurosonics has installed the latest machinery and equipment to produce a factory finish in alloy wheel refurbishment. We use the same materials and process as the leading alloy wheel manufactures in Europe.
  • 4. OEM FINISH The process in brief: 1. Old coating is striped off and we remove any scratches or damage from the wheels 2. Wheels are heated to 200oC 3. We apply powder primer electrostatically. This ensures an even coat on the intricate areas of the alloy 4. Wheels are the partially oven cured 5. We then apply a base coat 6. Finally, the wheels are electrostatically coated in a high gloss acrylic powder lacquer and returned to the oven for the final bake at 170oC for 15 minutes
  • 5. SMART REPAIR SERVICE Due to time and space in the forecourt, our OEM finishes may not always be the best option for you as a dealership. So Eurosonics has invested in a mobile alloy wheel refurbishment vehicle which can visit you on site. Our vehicle is fitted with the latest machinery and equipment.
  • 6. SMART REPAIR SERVICE The process in brief: 1. Smart repair vehicle arrives to your facility 2. wheels are removed from the car 3. We break the bead to expose the wheel rim 4. Wheels are prepared, removing any scratches or damage 5. Wheels are primed and flattened, the base coat is applied (this is the colour stage) 6. Wheels are then finished in a high gloss lacquer and cured under UV lamps for 20 minutes
  • 7. SMART REPAIR SERVICE Our mobile wheel refurbishment vehicles are proving very popular with the busy dealerships. This is due primarily to the fact this is not a one man setup – you have the peace of mind knowing we have a fully trained team to carry out your alloy repair. You do not get affected by holidays or sick days; once the van is booked it will arrive. We offer this service nationwide to all motor dealerships.
  • 8. DIAMOND CUT Diamond cut alloy wheels are becoming more and more popular on all car brands across the spectrum. Care needs to be taken so that the clear coating on the wheels does not get breached, as the wheels will very quickly oxidise an loose their unique appearance. Not many companies in Ireland offer diamond cut wheel refurbishment. Those that’s do tend to charge a premium for the service Eurosnoics has recently invested in the latest specialist equipment and tooling required to diamond cut alloy wheels so you know the job will be done right.
  • 9. DIAMOND CUT The process in brief: 1. The old coating is striped off 2. Wheels are heat to 200oC to remove gas build up 3. Wheels are electrostatically powered primed and partially oven cured 4. Wheels are base coated (colour stage) – the wheels are placed into the CNC machine. Using speciallist tools we remove the base coat and powder primer from the face of the alloy wheel, at the same time achieving a machined finish similar to the back of a CD 5. The alloy wheels are electrostatically power lacquered in a high gloss acrylic powder and given a final bake at 1650C for 25 minutes
  • 10. DIAMOND CUT In light of he process and the specialist equipment required for the diamond cut refurbishment, it can take up to three days to complete a set of wheels. However, we can arrange collection and delivery to keep the lead time to a minimum. We offer this service nationwide with collection and delivery.
  • 11. CORPORATE REFERENCES Audi South Dublin Service Centre 96 Bracken Road, Sandyford Audi Goatstown Goatstown Road, Dublin Colm Quinn BMW Glasson Road, Athlone Airside Ford Unit 4, Airside Motor Park Carroll & Kinsella Unit 5, Deansgrage Business Park Navan Ford Kells Road, Navan, Co. Meath Windsor Liffey Valley Motor Mall, Dublin 22 Toyota Main Dealer Grange Mototrs Ltd, Mullingar
  • 12. Contact Us Eurosonics Ltd Rosemount Business Park Unit 4c, Ballycoolin Dublin 11, Ireland Ph: 01 821 6828 After Hours: 087 657 9315 Fax: 01 821 6994 Email: