Photography – Choosing A Quality Lens          for Your Camera                              http://bestwidecameralens.comW...
An option of using the normal focal length is also available in several wide lens cameras. For therange of 24 to 50mm, nor...
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Wide Camera Lens


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A short review on choosing a Good Wide-Angle Lens.

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Wide Camera Lens

  1. 1. Photography – Choosing A Quality Lens for Your Camera http://bestwidecameralens.comWhile choosing a best wide camera lens, there are many considerations that a photographyenthusiasts needs to take under account. Usually, a large depth of field is required in wide cameralens, which makes photographer to focus on the whole scene conveniently. Hence, there is norequirement of having an expensive lens. When you purchase a best wide camera lens you willnotice an X number on the box. The resolution of the lens depends upon that f number. Lower the Xnumber, fastest is the resolution power of the lens. Then obviously, the price of the camera lens willalso exceed with the lowering of X number. There is no requirement of lens faster than an f4 for thelandscape photography. Moreover, these wide camera lens are heavy to carry and large in size. Gofor the camera lens during the hiking tours that are not heavy to carry.Important Considerations for Choosing the Wide Lens for Photography:  You need to choose the best wide camera lens that is light weight and not too large.  It will be the total waste of money to buy an expensive wide camera lens for landscape photography. Generally, the lens with f4 number and more is preferred for such photography.  It will be good if you find a camera with image stabilization. The stabilization is necessary if you are hand holding your camera, as it makes a difference between getting a blurred or sharp image.  Always prefer a maximum wide lens for scenery photography, the wider the lens, more the landscape beauty can be captured.A lens with the focal length of 24mm to 35mm is considered to be the wide angle lens. Severaloptions of ultra wide lenses are also available now a day in the market with the focal length under24mm.If you are photographing laying or standing at a height that is lower than the landscape, then widelens camera will help in providing more depth to an image. For the most magnificent photographyeffect, wide lens with the high focal length are used.
  2. 2. An option of using the normal focal length is also available in several wide lens cameras. For therange of 24 to 50mm, normal focal lengths are considered. These types of focal lengths lens aregood for taking the shots where you want the main emphasis to be on an object in the background.Additional Considerations When Analyzing a Wide Camera Lens:Aperture: The best wide camera lens is the one that features on fast apertures with low light workand great for field effect.Light Fall Off: Other name given to light fall off is vignetting. Good lenses suffers minimum of it.Focal Length: There are varieties of fixed focal length cameras or prime versions cameras available,apart from 16 to 35mm zooms which is typically in wide angle cameras.Distortion: Most of the wide angle cameras are distorted at their widest length. This distorted look isin the wide lens camera especially at the corners and in the middle with possible barrel distortion.Sharpness: Typically, the better lens will have less softness compared to the mediocre rangecameras. Though the wide camera lens will give to the sharp pictures but softness in the corners isquite common.Chromatic Aberrations: You must have noticed a magenta looking fringing or halos in thephotographs with dark background. In post, it can be reduced. Better quality lenses will shows lesshalos when compared to the cheap ones.Why You Should Consider Wide Camera Lens?To give the natural look to the pictures with the little technical effect is the answer of the question.You will see the world in the whole new way once you attach a wide angle lens to your camera. Youcan see the unique perspective of everything, be it, architecture or landscape. This new view point isconstantly captivating as we simply do not see the world this way with our own eyes. The best widecamera lens helps you encompassing to compose the picture with the background, middle and fore.Through this you can lead to perspective, depth and movement of the picture. The whole paragraphcan be summed into a word 밆 RAMA?For more information on best camera lens, visit