Pedestrian Play: An Investigation of Public Games for Adults

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For my 3D Interaction class, I went out and investigated the world of game design. From interviews with indoor and outdoor game experts and developers, I harnessed a clear understanding of what design …

For my 3D Interaction class, I went out and investigated the world of game design. From interviews with indoor and outdoor game experts and developers, I harnessed a clear understanding of what design principles and design requirements are meaningful in the creation of an indie folk game.

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  • 1. pedestrian playan investigationof public gamesfor adultsALLISON LEACH 3D IX CLASS CALIFORNIA COLLEGE OF THE ARTS FALL 2012
  • 2. Background
  • 3. THE PROBLEM Forgotten Play Adults have forgotten how to play. Yes, we schedule the occasional "game night" or sports match on weekends - but that spontaneous play from childhood no longer has a place in our lives. By surprising city pedestrians with an inviting installation game in open public spaces, I hope to reintroduce that experience of joyful, child-like play into adult lives. Further, I believe that the silly, permeable nature of pedestrian games offers an unparalleled opportunity to instantly bond new people.
  • 4. PEDESTRIANSPotential Playerssome statistics:107.4 million Americans use walking as a regular mode of travel(51% of the population).People between the ages of 5 and 40 make up 33.7% of people walking.People walk more for social and recreation trip purposes than for workpurposes. Exercise and health, errands, recreation make up some of the topreasons for walking. *Source:
  • 5. PED GAME DESIGN PRINCIPLES 1 Portable and simple to set up 2 Compelling from a distance 3 Fun and easy to learn 4 Focus is on players and social interactions 5 Flexible game structure
  • 6. Research
  • 7. INTERVIEWS 5-min Intercepts Indoor Game Players (2) Outdoor Gamer Players (2) In-depth Expert Game Player (1) Game Developers (3) Urban Architects (2)
  • 8. INTERVIEWS Game Player Volleyball Player Noah Mark Facebook Game Developer CTO of a Start Up"Games can function "Neither points nor Discovered his team "I enjoys the game toas a bonding story are necessary for by walking over and get out of the house,experience for friends a fun game" asking to play sweat a little, enjoyand also as a forum for fresh air and get somenew social interactions Ideal pedestrian game: Obstacles in the way sun."as an icebreaker" going on a quest with of playing: lack of time, clues in Dolores Park busy weekdays, family commitments
  • 9. INTERVIEWS Interviews Joust Gamer Joust Designer Volleyball Groups, Golden Gate Park Dannel Douglas WilsonExpert Gamer • Software Developer at Etsy Game Designer at Die Gute FrabrikPrefers time as the Favorite game is Joust "Most digital games involve For physical games, bodycompetitive determinant because it "magically staring at a screen, but with motion has to be fun first.rather than points combines people looking Joust players look at one silly and hours of fun" another, creating a sort of A games "Cultural Alibi""Games that dont entirely cognitive dissonance" lets players act the fool,rely on skill are interesting No longer agile enough push each other andbecause of the uncertain to play childhood street With few rules, players can make movements that areoutcome." games. cheat in creative ways. unacceptable in another context
  • 10. INSIGHTS alluring Meaningful impact High social cost of on non-players embarrassment Simple & fun core Fun but no room Audibly and visually for hacking compelling from a distance obstacle-ridden permeable Difficult set-up Complex rules Crowded location Too lengthy Busy day Not enough structure off-putting
  • 11. PERSONASSocial Explorer Safe Spectator Fresh-air Athlete Tech GamerIs pulled outside on a Curiosity-driven to Seeks physical activity Always on top of thesunny, free weekend watch people playing and fresh air latest and greatest in in a public space gaming technologyFinds novel experiences Schedules a specificand new people Prefers to keep some time on the weekend Enjoys playing bothrejuvenating distance from the for team sports virtually and in-person gameNeeds downtime from Desires a good sweat Prefers games with ascreen technology Enjoys the spectacle and an activity digital componentafter a long work of watching players with strategy andweek and anticipating each socializing one’s next move
  • 12. SETTINGTime and Place A sunny weekend when where A sunny weekend afternoon Open urban spaces − from parks to when people have free time courtyards − which can quickly be and are in a relaxed state. transformed into adult playgrounds.
  • 13. Tech and Trends
  • 14. TRENDSGoogle, Samsung, PlayStationin-person playingWith the Nexus Q, each player taps the top ofthe orb with her Android phone or tablet, and anNFC chip signals the device to open Google Play.portable projectorSamsungs Galaxy Beam phone features abuilt-in nHD projector which can instantly createa 50-inch wide screen.bright, smart & wirelessPlayStation Move controllers incorporateBluetooth technology, an accelerometer, andalluring LED lights.
  • 15. TRENDSDie Gute Frabrik, GAFFTAdigital playgroundsJohann Sebastian Joust is a no-graphics,digitally-enabled playground game designedfor motion controllers such as the PlayStationMove. As an installation game, it creates aninstant street performance.Grey Area Foundation for the Arts iscurrently hosting an Urban PrototypingFestival in San Francisco.UP challenges creative thinkers to reinventpublic spaces by designing engaging physicaland digital interventions - such as an urbanversion of chutes and ladders.
  • 16. MATERIALSPlastic and Woodbioplasticsbio-derived phbv, polyethyleneSourced from starches, cellulose, or biopolymers.Used for floor mats, packaging, grocery bags, toys,bottles, home goods and flatware.Environmentally friendly, durable, flexible, moldablereclaimed woodSourced from timbers and decking rescued fromold barns, factories and warehouses.Used for decoration, home building, architecturaldetails, cabinetry, furniture and flooring.Green, high quality, strong, stable
  • 17. Brand
  • 18. Indie Game Company Die Gute Frabrik "We take classic play forms from the past - be they physical folk games from the playground or adventure games from old consoles - and breathe new life into them with 21st century technology and our own sense of style and storytelling. "Die Gute Fabrik ("good fabric") is a small gamesstudio based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 19. some statistics: brand attributes Hand-crafted Synaesthetic Offbeat Poetic Personal
  • 20. Product Journey 1 2 3 4 prototyping production promotion distribution Participate in a Publish game with Establish online Distribute game public, collaborative an organization such presence for selling to journalists, game creation event. as the Copenhagen and community indie friends, and Game Collective. building. . at public events ex: for publicity and Nordic Game Jam, Release game on Create awareness to create word-of- Copenhagen chosen platform by hosting mouth buzz (iPhone, PlayStation) spontaneous city street games and ex: Establish the playing at various GameZone, manufacturing indie game festivals. Edge, On the and distribution of Verge, Metacritic, physical components ex: Eurogamer IndieCade, LA
  • 21. DESIGN RECOMMENDATIONS 1 Mobile and sharable simple and low-cost 2 Games structure requires silly behavior 3 Modeled after traditional folk games 4 Online platform for post-game community 5 Players performance fascinates more than digital experience underwhelming tech
  • 22. thank you