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Published in: Education, Self Improvement

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  • 1. Hamagrael Elementary Open House Class of 2025
  • 2. The ABCs of Kindergarten
  • 3. A is for… Attendance  Please be sure to let the school know of any absences. American Education Week  On November 15th in the morning.
  • 4.  Birthday B is for…  The Birthday Star  No food necessary  Whole class invitations only Buddy Class  Mr. Hotaling’s Fourth Grade Book Orders  Scholastic book orders-an inexpensive way to get books for your children or even to give as gifts. BC@Home  Bethlehem’s Parent communication tool. Allows me to send emails and for you to access your child’s report card. 
  • 5. C is for… Celebrations  Halloween Party  50th day of school  Winter Party  Valentine’s Day Breakfast  End of Year carnival Signs ups are on the table next to parent conference sheets. Communication  Please call me or email me.  Classroom website Conferences  Please sign up to discuss your child’s progress.
  • 6. D is for… Determination
  • 7. E is for… Expectations: Five Rules  Follow directions quickly  Raise hand for permission to speak  Raise hand for permission to leave seat  Make smart choices  Be safe, be kind, be honest
  • 8. F is for… Families  Traditions  Roles  Responsibilities  Needs/wants  Friendship List  Please add your name to our class friendship list.
  • 9. G is for… Games  Playing board games  Checkers  Uno  Monopoly Jr.  Guess Who  Boggle  Connect 4
  • 10. H is for HOMEWORK expectations  Nightly Reading- Log – Optional  Look/read classroom website together  Reading Folders – sent home every Monday  Monthly Homework Calendar – optional  Family projects – about three per year
  • 11. I is for Independence
  • 12. L is for Leader  Rotates each day Lunch  Money to office  Have conversation in the morning with your child.
  • 13. M is for Morning Meeting  Circle opening/sharing time
  • 14. N is for Notes  Any notes sent from home should be addressed to me. THANK YOU! Non-Fiction  Biggest change in CCSS.
  • 15. O is for
  • 16. P is for PTA
  • 17. Q is for Questions  Please, please quiz your child about their day, use our website to help you. Speaking and conversing are so much a part of your child’s learning.
  • 18. R is for Report Cards  Nov/Dec  March  June
  • 19. S is for Snack  Healthy snacks and water Specials-on website Science-Five Senses, Properties, Waterplay
  • 20. T is for Tying shoes Technology  iPod Touches, iPads
  • 21. U is for Understanding: Just like you, I am a parent. I understand that things just happen – late nights, missing homework, piles of paperwork! Email me if you need anything!
  • 22.  Visitors V is for  Sign in and out at the main office. Vacations  Family vacations are invaluable, however, taking schoolwork is next to impossible, especially with all our hands on learning. Please take lots of pictures and keep a journal. Volunteers  If you are interested in helping out in the classroom this year, you can let me know and I can send you home a form with items/ways that might interest you.
  • 23. W is for Water bottle Website  Workshop- where we build on our skills  Reader’s  Writer’s  Mathematician’s
  • 24. X is for An EXCELLENT YEAR
  • 25. Y is for You!
  • 26. Z is for Zero! Please write your child a note before you leave and leave it at their seat.