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This is the Plans Book for my team's presentation at the National Student Advertising Competition. We placed fourth overall at the District XI competition in April 2008.

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NSAC Competition Plans Book

  1. 1. WHO RU WITH?
  2. 2. I’m with The Team 3 Table Executive Summary 4 of Research 5 Contents Target Market 7 Competition 9 Campaign Strategy 10 AIM All Access 13 Creative 16 Promotions 21 Public Relations 22 Media Planning 23 Conclusion 28 2
  3. 3. Account Executive Eric Duchek I’m with Creative Director the Team Andy Harl Media Director Drew Miller Research Team Allison Roberts Stefany Moser Market Team Dara Charlton Mike Brotzman Britt Glenn Creative Team Dan Omas Chase Wilson Advisor Jay Longwell 3
  4. 4. We are living in an information driven world. There is a plethora I’m with of companies with cannons loaded, ready to inform us of Executive just about anything. So what really separates media compa- nies from each other? Offering something unique. AIM has an extremely diverse extended family that has been notably Summary absent. This powerful campaign will show that by increasing integration across the AOL/Time Warner family, it is possible to create a product that is truly unique and speaks to consum- ers in a way that goes deeper then simply shooting content at them. Objectives: •  Increase trial and grow usage of AIM products by 15%. •  Bridge the gap between AIM Messaging and AIM Social Media. •  Increase AIM brand awareness. Target Market: •  Men and women, 18-24 Campaign Period: •  September 1, 2008 – August 31, 2009 Budget: •  $25 million Campaign Coverage: •  National in focus 4
  5. 5. Secondary Research: Key Findings: •  53 million American adults use IM and its appeal is I’m with Research Sources include: especially apparent among young adults and tech- •  PEW Research studies nology enthusiasts. •  AOL Instant Messaging Survey •  Top Ten IM Cities: •  User blogs » Miami, FL •  Internet Articles » New York, NY •  quantcast » Boston, MA » Chicago, IL » Atlanta, GA » Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX » Detroit, MI » San Francisco, CA » Sacramento, CA » Tampa, FL •  AIM’s survey stated that 26% of current AIM users want live streaming television and 21% want video on demand. •  IM users say they do at least three other things online at the same time they are IMing. •  AIM has the greatest reach among college students and on any given day there are nearly 6 million people using this application. •  Generation Y (18-24 year olds) use IM more frequently than email •  IM users link buddies to streamed web content or videos * http://www.aim.com/survey/ * http://www.pewinternet.org/pdfs/PIP_Instantmessage_Report.pdf * http://www.quantcast.com 5
  6. 6. Primary Research Conclusion: I’m with Blueprint Communications began researching to identify a The paramount finding is that people want traditional media Research specific target market that will allow AIM to reach its campaign integrated into their IM solution. IM and online entertainment goals. are widely used and accepted among our target market. •  Evaluate how our target market uses their instant Research also indicated that there is a select group that wants messenger more than to be just entertained, they want status, exclusiv- •  To find out why users have been leaving AIM for other ity, and access to a higher social class. There are many ways services to get entertainment media content online; there is a growing •  Discover which creative methods will benefit our segment that wants more from their media. target segment. Methodology •  Focus groups •  Video Intercept •  Self administered surveys •  In-depth interviews •  Web surveys •  AIM user surveys Key Findings: •  Respondents perceived AIM as “old school” •  The target would consider adopting AIM if there was exclusive media content •  Web based IM clients are the most favorable •  People’s desire for traditional entertainment integra- tion in IM •  Respondents are resourceful in online media consumption 6
  7. 7. Our research revealed to us that AIM has a large user base that Meet Aimee, The Savvy Socialite 2.0 is fragmented. Inside this base is a person who spends their The Savvy Socialite 2.0 is one part Experiencer* and one part I’m with Target free time online, has a large online social presence, and has an Striver* with “life ADD”. She doesn’t know where she’ll be interest in the content Time Warner could offer through AIM. living, working, or socializing in five years, but what’s one thing Targeted Demographic: •  21 year old, Female, Single, Major urban location, Income $20,000, some college she’s always doing? Consuming media. She is the face of pop culture and Web 2.0. She has the latest info on the upcoming Sex and the City movie, the season premiere of American Idol, Market and who just went to rehab. She’ll go see the new, upcoming blockbuster, along with everyone else, but she’s not satisfied with just that. She wants to watch it again. She wants behind the scenes. And she wants to talk about it. She wants to know what’s next and she wants to discuss it. Entertainment doesn’t just supplement her life, entertainment is her life. *VALS Experiencers are young, enthusiastic, and impulsive consumers. They seek variety and excitement, savoring the new, the offbeat, and the risky. Experiencers are avid consumers and spend a comparatively high proportion of their income on fashion, entertainment, and socializing. Their purchases reflect the emphasis they place on looking good and having “cool” stuff. *VALS Strivers are trendy and fun loving. They are concerned about the opinions and approval of others. Money defines success for Strivers, who don’t have enough of it to meet their desires. They favor stylish products that emulate the purchases of people with greater material wealth. Many see themselves as having a job rather than a career, and a lack of focus often prevents them from moving ahead. 7
  8. 8. Key attributes: What does the Savvy Socialite 2.0 want? I’m with •  She’s internet savvy. The Savvy Socialite 2.0 currently uses AIM to keep her buddy Target » The Internet is not seen as technology to her. list, made up mostly of friends from high school. She is a heavy She knows what to do and where to go to obtain online user, spending several hours a day checking her social any content she’s looking for. networking sites, watching TV or video clips, and searching Market •  She’s an online socialite. » She’s also social off-line because the more for the latest and greatest in the entertainment world, all while IMing. The number one thing she desires is access to the social someone is off-line, the more social they behind the scenes info that will get her in. are online. •  She’s the face of Web 2.0. » She’s part of the content oriented, information Experiencer sharing, and collaboration creating users that are Web 2.0. Striver •  She’s motivated by status. » The more and most exclusive content you consume, the more status obtained. •  She has a constant need for connectivity. Savvy Socialite 2.0 » Because it’s all about who you connect to and who wants to connect to you. •  She’s constantly multitasking. » She’s staying on top of all her entertainment media while connecting to her massive social network. Enterment Junkie 8
  9. 9. In order to best position AIM All Access as an entertainment networking site for the Savvy Socialite, the matrix is based on I’m with Competition two factors: the amount of exclusive media content and the integration of entertainment assets into social media. MYSPACE: “A place for friends” YAHOO!: “Friends are an instant away” •  Strengths: •  Strengths: » Large market share, popular TV shows and » Intuitive applications, highly functional, Yahoo movies, ability to add bands or shows as groups and messenger are popular social media friends products •  Weaknesses: •  Weaknesses: » No exclusive content, the downloaded IM client » No emphasis on entertainment media, no inte- is clunky and not integrated with entertainment gration of IM and TV shows, movies, or music. •  Consumer Conception: •  Consumer Conception: » Multiple options for expanding networking » One place to access groups and instant mes- opportunities, but also multiple reservations senger, but seen as easy gateway for common surrounding customer service and security web threats concerns MSN: “Every conversation counts” FACEBOOK: “A social utility that connects you with people around you” •  Strengths: » Interoperability with Yahoo, IM client is func- •  Strengths: tional and popular. » Large user base, Mesmo TV connects televi- •  Weaknesses: sion with social media by including fan clubs of » No integration of IM with entertainment, no specific TV shows focus on TV shows, movies, or music. •  Weaknesses: •  Consumer Conception: » Little or no entertainment content » Business based applications encompassed •  Consumer Conception: within an instant messenger platform that leaves » Broad association within specified communities room for common web threats under a strictly controlled environment based on advertisers widgets 9
  10. 10. Blueprint Communications sees opportunity. Our research has Market trends: I’m with shown that the Savvy Socialite 2.0 needs to be connected with Campaign her stars. “Premiumization” •  Premiumization is a trend that embodies the consum- Strategic Ah-has er’s desire for premium products. Consumers crave Strategy •  The entertainment consumed by the Savvy Socialite 2.0 is a large part of her personal identity •  The marriage of social media, content, and IM is a new, exclusive, and premium products, but don’t have the money to pay extra for these features.* significant, unfulfilled niche “Master of the YOUniverse” •  The Savvy Socialite 2.0 multitasks while online. She’s •  The Master of the YOUniverse is addicted to online IMing, while consuming many different forms of online access which is the inertia that keeps the YOUni- entertainment. verse spinning. They exercise control through •  Online “socialites” are not computer “nerds”. The creative collection, customization, personalization more social you are off-line, the more social you are and co-creation.* online. “Snack Culture” •  The Savvy Socialite 2.0 don’t just watch media, they •  Snack Culture is a trend that accommodates consum- watch and discuss it ers’ insatiable appetite for instant gratification. These •  People are afraid to download AIM due to security consumers are motivated by experiences through and system “lag” concerns. Many non-AIM users entertainment and discovery. They want to sample an would adopt it if it were web-based. array of information and services.* •  The Savvy Socialite 2.0 wants the content that gives *www.trendwatching.com her the inside information on her favorite media. •  AIM Profiles needs to be positioned as a social net- working site that’s media centric to inspire the target market to create social pages around content 10
  11. 11. Positioning Statement Campaign Strategies: For the Savvy Socialite 2.0 who often defines her identity •  Your entertainment, your way. I’m with Campaign through the media she consumes, AIM All Access is the only IM » AIM All Access is the first and only IM client to solution that gives her exclusive admission to new and exciting offer a rich entertainment package within your entertainment options while also keeping her connected to her IM. Access your favorite TV shows, movies, friends and social networks, anytime, anywhere. Communication strategy overview: music, and more, all while staying connected to your friends and social networks. Strategy •  Get it first. •  AIM will be a friend in the entertainment industry » With AIM TV’s Prequels and AIM Premiere’s •  AIM is the person that can get backstage, on the red Under the Rope, you’ll be the first to know carpet, and behind the scenes. what’s going to happen in the season premiere •  Create a niche market; a social entertainment net- or the latest blockbuster. working space •  See it on AIM All Access, or don’t see it. » With AIM’s exclusive content, thanks to partner Time Warner, webisodes, prequels, DVD extras, and chats with stars are all available only on AIM. •  Access anytime, anywhere. » Since AIM All Access will be web-based, the Savvy Socialite 2.0 will have access to the latest events without having to download an application. •  This is your entertainment network. » AIM All Access is a niche social network to satisfy your every entertainment desire. Key emotions of target: Feels the need for inclusion, privilege, status. Desires exclusiv- ity, premium possessions and services. Star power. 11
  12. 12. Phases I’m with Campaign The launch phase •  Using Current Members for Recruiting » At the initial launch we will send an IM to all Strategy members thanking them for being with AIM, explaining AIM All-Access, and persuading them to check it out and invite their friends. We will offer mechanisms such as emails, IM’s, and entertainment content that will allow the 63 million users to bring in others. If everyone tells only one person we will meet the objective of 15% growth easily. Also we have realized that with social media, when we bring females the males will soon follow. •  Promotional tactics that will cause people to take notice of the innovative, exclusive entertainment that can only be obtained by AIM. The feature promotion phase. •  Focus on consumer awareness of new AIM features that utilize exclusive media 12
  13. 13. AIM All Access AIM All Access features: AIM 6.5 will remain as it is, but AIM needs to create a sister appli- I’m with cation. There is no single space on the net that has everything the Savvy Socialite 2.0 needs to stay in front of the line, until AIM now. AIM Pages is inferior to other social networks and needs to be replaced. Enter AIM All Access; a social entertainment network. The components of AIM All Access can be accessed All Access through 6.5 but will also utilize the entertainment assets of parent company Time Warner in a new way, using exclusive content to create an IM client with more, for those who can’t get enough. AIM 6.5 has functional chat features. And so does the compe- tition. AIM 6.5 has video, music, file sharing, buddy lists. And AIM TV. so does the competition. The real question is, what does AIM Features exclusive “webisodes” and prequels of HBO and CW do that no one else does? AIM does not need more features shows only available on AIM TV. Once the TV turns off, AIM TV for more people; AIM needs the feature for the select group of turns on with the back story, the side story, the whole story. key consumers. AIM needs to differentiate itself from the rest. Many HBO and CW shows have run for multiple years and have an online following. Some of these shows include: Objectives: •  Entourage •  Create a place where IM, content, and social media •  Gossip Girl meet seamlessly •  One Tree Hill •  Offer services that are exclusive to AIM users •  Supernatural •  Create a social entertainment network that fits the lifestyle and interests of the Savvy Socialite 2.0 AIM Premiere. The place to get insider info on the most anticipated new Product strategy basics: releases. •  Provide a community that can share, discuss, and Get: congregate around various media •  Movie trailers •  Integrate Time Warner entertainment content into •  Behind the scenes footage AIM •  Cast interviews •  Become interoperable with other IM services •  News about upcoming releases •  Move to a web-based platform 13
  14. 14. AIM Green Room. I’m with Live chats with cast and crew from the Savvy Socialite 2.0’s AIM favorite movies and television shows. AIM VIP. All Access Highlights celebrity news from TMZ.com, the authority on up to the minute celebrity content. TMZ is also under the AOL/ Time Warner umbrella and when partnered with AIM VIP, both expand their reach. TMZ on AIM VIP plays top stories of the week on a streaming channel, updated hourly with the latest news. AIM Sound Check. Warner Brothers artists cut hundreds of tracks, not all of them make it onto the album. AIM B-Sides showcases these tracks not ready for the public on a streaming radio channel only available through AIM. AIM Sound Check also plays popular music on streaming Internet channels. AIM Community. Find buddies on user created media centric groups. See all the favorites of the people on your buddy list. Say what you think on the blog page. It’s not Facebook, it’s not MySpace. It’s AIM Community. 14
  15. 15. Webisodes I’m with AIM Sample Webisodes from “One Tree Hill” The is a 4 1/2 year gap between the 4th and 5th seasons. This webisode follows some of what happens with Lucas and Nathan. All Access Summary Webisode 1 Nathan is having a hard time fitting in with the basketball team because he gets playing time over the older teammates. The reason for this is that he is better (Duke did offer him a scholar- ship), but his teammates say it’s because Whitey and Lucas, the coaches, like him more. They also don’t trust him for shaving points in high school. Lucas, Whitey, and Nathan are Summary of Webisode 2 powerless in the situation. Lucas constantly misses Peyton, but he meets a new girl named ‘Becky.’ After an altercation They move in and start working. Stress builds between the at a party, Nathan considers quitting. Haley consoles him and two of them because Peyton is working long hard hours for he decides to stick it out. The police busts another party that the record company (she has an internship) and not getting the basketball team is at, and they find drugs (belonging to anywhere, while Brooke seems to get lucky when she lands the an older team member). Nathan takes the fall for the drugs capital to start her own clothing business (which will become and spends the night in jail. Before he gets suspended from clothes over bro’s). Brooke starts making money and Peyton the team, the older player steps up and takes the blame. The is frustrated. Also, Peyton is faithful to Lucas, but Brooke team apologizes to Nathan and he wins their trust and respect. seems to blow off Chance and starts dating a new guy called Lucas kisses Becky and realizes he feels nothing and is really ‘Cuyler.’ After trying to make it work, the two of them blow up in love with Peyton. at each other and Brooke moves out. They don’t talk to each other again until Brooke tells Peyton that she is moving her headquarters to New York. They speak to each other, but both still seem to be bitter, especially Peyton. This puts more stress on her feelings for Lucas. (In the future lucas is said to propose to her but she is very reluctant and so he takes it as a no). 15
  16. 16. Objectives: “Who R U With?” I’m with •  Introduce AIM All Access as the place for exclusive Creative entertainment media •  Highlight AIM All Access as a social entertainment network •  Differentiate AIM All Access from current social media spaces •  Motivate the Savvy Socialite 2.0 to invite her friends to be part of this exclusive entertainment network Strategies: “Who R U With?” “I’m with AIM” is a provocative question •  Showcase Aimee, the AIM All Access ‘mascot,’ to be calling on the Savvy Socialite 2.0’s knowledge of pop culture. a vicarious AIM user and offer a “me too” appeal The tag gives a sense of being a VIP through association with •  Use trendy visual styles to give AIM a cutting edge AIM. AIM All Access gives them the “inside contact” they need appeal to get under the rope, behind the scenes or backstage on what •  Utilize images of glamour and celebrity to communi- is hot and happening in the world of entertainment. cate a premium feel •  Use imagery from shows available on AIM All Access Mandatories Art Direction •  Blueprint has budgeted $3.6 million for production •  Clean and modern typography mixed with a trendy •  The new AIM logo must be displayed prominently color scheme of black, white and magenta •  The tag line ‘Who R U With?, I’m with AIM’ must be an •  Portray Aimee as a regular person in an extraordinary integral part of the creative situation, hanging out with the stars •  ‘Aimee’ will be portrayed with AIM All Access •  Imagery that portrays the target market and celebri- celebrities ties in a positive light •  The AIM All Access web address must be included •  A glamorous, energetic and fun tone to all the content 16
  17. 17. Television I’m with Creative Pop-ups TV ads On Time Warner TV networks, this is content that appears at the bottom of the screen during programming to avoid being “zipped” over. They will direct viewers to AIM for content related to the show being watched. 17
  18. 18. I’m with Creative Commercials This :30 second ad will be included in an ad campaign that will 00:15 Woman gets out of car but you cant see The ambient sounds of crowd reach the Savvy Socialite 2.0 on her favorite television shows. who it is. are louder. Music begins softly. These ads will feature Aimee hanging out with celebrities and gaining exclusive access to premium events. 00:18 A barrage of flashes A cacophony of go off. crowd noises mixed with flashes. Music gets louder 00:03 Spotlights on the sound of spot- 00:23 the camera pans More crowd clouds over a lights turning on back to show a sounds. Music is skyline and the capacitor regular girl wearing loudest clicking over an I’m with AIM shirt 00:06 cut to a limo ambient sounds 00:26 Bruce willis gets Music dims so cruising of cars and street out behind her and narrator can traffic Who R U With? they walk up the speak red carpet together as the camera pans 00:09 show the papar- ambient sounds of back razzi waiting with crowd and people Voice: Who r u camera’s ready with? 00:30 Aimee: I’m with Music continues 00:12 limo pulls up to more ambient AIM at softer volume the curb at a red crowd sounds Voice: Get access carpet to exclusive content on aimal- laccess.com 18
  19. 19. Magazines Movie Theatre Previews Print will introduce the Savvy Socialite 2.0 to the differences The Savvy Socialite goes to the movies at least once a week. I’m with Creative of AIM All Access and build interest in the exclusivity it offers. We will have :15 second rolling stock commercials similar to In the spread, Aimee will be joined by A-list celebrities and the TV advertisements in 500 theatres nationwide. convey that with AIM, you are with the stars. Print executions will serve to keep AIM on the minds of the consumer for the duration of the campaign. 19
  20. 20. Internet Outdoor I’m with Banner Ad Transit and Billboards: Creative These will be placed on websites that the Savvy Socialite 2.0 is most likely to visit and will show Aimee as having exclusive These reach the Savvy Socialite 2.0 in our 10 targeted cities that are the most IM savvy. Heavy IM users live in urban areas access to entertainment through AIM. and the Savvy Socialite 2.0 will frequently see such ads on a daily basis. Inline ad Inline ads will be placed on video sites such as YouTube. This is a relatively new form of advertising that features a small text ad on the bottom of a video player that opens a video ad. 20
  21. 21. Under the Rope AIM All Access will offer users a chance to see movies such I’m with Promotions as Sin City 2, Austin Powers 4, and Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. AIM Under the Rope will have AIM partnering with movie theatres in the ten DMA’s that are the most IM savvy. Tickets to the pre-screenings will only be available through a special section of AIM All Access, requiring a screen name to get the free tickets. Pre-screenings will be pulsed throughout the entire campaign for maximum effectiveness. The entire event will be AIM branded, including a red carpet entry and Virally Leaked “Lost” Episode velvet ropes to control the crowd. Users will be able to add We will produce a “lost” episode of Sex and the City that will pictures to the AIM Community feature of AIM All Access as appear to be raw footage with a time signature and rough well. transitions. Posts will be made on entertainment blogs by an anonymous user saying “I found this randomly the other day, check it out.” the link will lead to a site that has the video and Prequels to Season Premieres a solitary AIM logo, leading curious watchers to share the link AIM All Access will fill in the gaps between storylines of season with friends, who share the link, leading to a viral effect that will finales and season premieres of Time Warner TV shows such carry AIM into the minds of the target market. as One Tree Hill, Entourage, and Gossip Girls. Theses prequels Strategic Implications: will be available exclusively through AIM. There will be an appli- cation that provides a simple way for AIM members to email •  Provides exclusive experiences that are both within their friends telling them about these exclusive prequels. and outside of cyberspace •  Delivers an intimate relationship with the entertain- ment world Green Room •  Creates a more positive impression of AIM for the Savvy Socialite Furthermore, AIM All Access will provide an exclusive feel by •  Instills a sense of belonging to an elite club connecting the Savvy Socialite 2.0 directly with her favorite •  Entertains the socks off of AIM members music artists, actors, and celeb-reality talent through an AIM •  Allows users to virally market AIM’s exclusive hosted chat. The capabilities of Userplane will be utilized to content provide the Green Room promotion. 21
  22. 22. Objectives: I’m with •  Create awareness of AIM brand outside of its tradi- Public tional space •  Create goodwill within the community Relations Strategies: •  Award scholarships to students who attend public or private universities •  Offer grants to public high school drama programs Tactics: •  “AIM For The Stars Grant” •  Offers $5,000 in grants to local area high school grad- uates within the 10 targeted cities who will be attend- ing public or private universities •  To apply for the grant students need to submit an application through AIM All Access •  Recipients of grants are expected to: » Maintain a course schedule of 12 credits or more » Maintain a GPA of 3.5 22
  23. 23. Objectives: Rationale: •  Reach 60 % (17.6 million) of the total Savvy Social- Trying to portray a message in today’s information-rich, I’m with Media ite on an average of four times per month during the time-shifting atmosphere proves difficult for advertisers. The campaign. 18-24 year old market is very internet savvy and relies more •  Achieve a national GRP of 2500 •  Achieve a spot GRP of 1000 Strategies: on friends’ recommendations than traditional marketing. The focus will be on non-traditional marketing techniques that will be complemented with some traditional media as well. This Planning •  Place messages in venues that appeal to the non-traditional appeal combined with intimate experiences of savvy socialite’s love of entertainment. Such media the entertainment world will provide the most affective media includes: strategy. » Entertainment Weekly » People magazine PEOPLE MAGAZINE » Movie theatres People magazine has a readership of 42,379,000 nationally » E! network and has 6,992,535 readers in the 18-24 year old demographic. •  Target media that appeals to a female demographic The readership split from female to male is 69 to 31. People’s and use the females to bring in Males. readership was up in all demographic areas with one of the •  Use non-traditional marketing techniques includ- largest in the 18-34 year old demographic, up 3%*. It focuses ing viral, social media, and search engine marketing on celebrity news, entertainment, and current events. that allows current AIM users to easily recruit their *MRI 2007 friends. •  Utilize heavy pulsing in the fall and early winter to COSMOPOLITAN promote AIM during season premieres of TV shows Cosmopolitan is a magazine that is everything woman. It and blockbuster releases. focuses on relationships, fashion, women’s health, pop culture •  Use the plethora of AOL’s Time Warner entertainment and entertainment. It has a total adult readership of 16,969,000 assets to create and produce exclusive content that and has 4,598,000 readers age 18-24. The 18-24 demographic is only available through AIM has an index of 257 and the audience has a median income of •  Provide worthwhile, exclusive events that allow the $27,669*. Savvy Socialite to personally connect to the enter- *Cosmo media kit 2008 tainment world they love. 23
  24. 24. US WEEKLY CABLE TV I’m with US Weekly covers film, video, television and contemporary TBS and FX are among the top five networks in primetime Media music. It covers editorials on top personalities and is every- both for total viewers and viewers age 18-49*. Other popular thing entertainment. Its total adult readership is 11,071,000 networks include VH1 which has had success with celebreality with a reach of 3,200,000 in the 18-24 demographic, which shows and E! which re-caps and pokes fun at such shows and Planning accounts for 29% of the total audience*. US Weekly grew 6% in 2007#. keeps the Savvy Socialite informed on celebrity news. *Media Life 2008 #Variety TV Ratings 2008 *MRI 2007 #MRI 2007 TIME WARNER TV NETWORKS ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY We will utilize pop-under advertisements across all of the Time Entertainment Weekly prides itself on providing the most com- Warner television assets. These will be present at the initial prehensive coverage of movies, TV, music, books, DVDs, digital launch of season premieres for shows like Entourage on HBO entertainment, and more. It has a total audience of 11,076,000 and Gossip Girls on the CW and other related programming. It with 58% female and 42% male. The 18-24 demographic will direct viewers to check out AIM to see never before seen accounts for 2,693,000 readers and has the highest index of content of shows that they are watching. all demographics at 187*. *MRI 2007 OUTDOOR ADVERTISING Outdoor advertising will provide great frequency and reach for BROADCAST TV our initial launch of our campaign. We will select 10 DMA’s that We choose this media because our campaign starts in Sep- are located in metro areas of cities that are instant messaging tember when many broadcast TV shows have their season savvy to place billboards and transit ads. premieres. We plan to place ads during Lost on ABC which reaches 14.9 million viewers, Heroes on NBC which reaches 13.1 million viewers, and House on Fox which reaches 19 MOVIE ADVERTISING million viewers*. Cinema ads create a longer lasting impression than most media *Nielsen 2007 with a 43% unaided recall and an 85% aided recall#. 32% of the movie going audience is age 18-34, which is 460,800,000 admissions per year^. We will team up with Velocity Cinema advertising, a single source provider that works with 100% of cinema vendors, to present :15 second rolling stock commer- cials during the previews of movies. These commercials will 24
  25. 25. be presented in 500 movie theatres on 6,234 movie screens. SPONSORED SEARCH In addition to the movie previews we will also place advertis- When people use search engines to find entertainment content, I’m with Media ing on 10 million movie theatre fountain drinks and 20 million we want AIM to be at the top of the list. Sponsored search popcorn buckets as well as posters in theatres. will reach a large majority of internet users and will help give AIM top of mind awareness. Yahoo sites reached 138,059,000 Planning *Cinema Arbitron Study 2007 # Lieberman Research, Certified Reports Inc. 2001 monthly UV, Google sites had 134,886,000 monthly UV, and ^Motion Picture Association of America 2005 Microsoft sites had 119,297,000 UV in January 2008* We plan to also heavily advertise on AOL’s properties which 109,442,000 PRODUCT PLACEMENT monthly UV*. We will place our product in The Hills that reaches a large *comScore media metrix 2008 portion of the Savvy Socialite. The Hills is a scripted reality VIRAL VIDEO show, so it would be easy to create a storyline that incorpo- As a further tactic for our launch strategy, we plan to leak a Sex rates AIM. and the City webisode on Youtube that is seemingly user-gen- erated content. It will be titled as a “lost episode” that directs AOL INTERNET PROPERTIES them to a “secret” website that has the AIM All-Access logo For full effectiveness of our launch strategy we will advertise present. across many of the AOL/ Time Warner websites including TBS, TNT, CW, HBO, AOL, AOL Chat, TMZ.com, AIM, and all other Measurement properties associated with AIM. We will pulse throughout the Measuring growth by new sign-ups alone wouldn’t accurately campaign when season premieres come out and box office portray the growth of generated by our campaign. In order to movies drop. quantify the 15% growth of trial usage of AIM products, we will measure the number of page views on AIM All Access and INTERNET AND SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES unique visitors for the IM client specifically. Neilson reported Myspace has 68,641,000 unique monthly visitors which a 2007 average for total unique visitors of 56,782,000. 18-24 reaches 37% of the total internet audience. Facebook has visited 7,784,000 times per month. By August 2009, we are 33,861,000 unique monthly visitors and reaches 18% of the expecting a growth of 2,335,200(30%) monthly unique visitors internet audience*. We plan to use extensive advertising in for 18-24 year olds and 8,517,300(15%) total UV’s monthly social media sites. Ads will be targeted to content in users’ growth for the extended audience. This brings total monthly profiles to reach the Savvy Socialite. Youtube will be utilized as UVs to 65,299,300(+15%). We will compare actual UV figures well due to the reach of 61,375,000 monthly UV*, against our projections and advertising dollars spent to deter- *comScore media metrix 2008 mine the effectiveness of the campaign on a per dollar basis. 25
  26. 26. I’m with MEDIA SUMMARY CPP CPM National GRP’s Spot GRP’s Gross Impressions Total Cost % of Media Media Magazines Television $7,573.05 $9,798.24 $37.28 $32.66 449 228 131,782,824 66,918,673 $3,400,300 $2,234,000 19.56% 12.85% Planning Internet $5,037.78 Theatre advertsing $6,702 $17 $22.34 1985 180 582,603,356 52,830,531 $10,000,000 $1,200,000 57.52% 6.90% Outdoor $551.35 $1.66 1,000 293,502,950 $551,351 3.17% Total 2842 1,000 $17,385,651 Spot+National GRP’s 3842 Total Budget Total Media Spending 12%2% 3% 7% 20% 16% 13% 70% 58% Media 69.54% $17,385,651 Magazines 19.56% $3,400,300 Production 16% $4,000,000 Television 12.85% $2,234,00 Promotions 12% $3,000,000 Internet 57.52% $10,000,000 Contingency 2.46% $614,349 Theater Advertising 6.9% $1,200,000 Outdoor 3.17% $551,351 26
  27. 27. I’m with Media Planning 2008 2009 September October November December January February March April May June July August 1 8 15 22 29 6 13 20 27 3 10 17 24 1 8 15 22 29 5 12 19 26 2 9 16 23 2 9 16 23 30 6 13 20 27 4 11 18 25 1 8 15 22 29 6 13 20 27 3 10 17 24 31 TRADITIONAL MEDIA Magazines People US weekly Cosmopolitan Entertainment weekly Television Fox E! TBS ABC NBC VH1 Fx Out-of-home Transit Billboards in 10 selected DMAs NON-TRADITIONAL MEDIA Cinema Advertising Movie preview ads Internet Myspace Facebook Youtube Yahoo (sponsored search) Google (sponsored search) AOL/ Time Warner websites Viral videos TOTALS Reach 83 63 56 56 78 63 49 61 49 49 40 40 Frequency 6.4 3.7 3.5 4.1 4.4 3.7 3.7 3.5 3.7 3.7 4.1 4.1 GRPs 526 235.0 195.0 231.0 341.0 232.0 180.0 211.0 180.0 181.0 165.0 165.0 Impressions* 163,561,311 69,655,058 57,798,878 70,764,056 102,599,854 68,765,844 53,352,810 62,541,350 53,352,810 53,649,215 48,906,743 48,906,743 Cost* $4,180,717 $1,344,004 $1,058,425 $1,393,967 $2,346,664 $1,382,822 $944,829 $1,177,059 $944,829 $949,867 $831,234 $831,234 PROMOTIONS Green room Movie premieres Exclusive webisodes Product placement "The Hills" Pop under tv ads on Time Warner Ads on movie concessions *includes local outdoor impressions or cost when applicable. All other totals (including Reach, Frequency & GRPs) are national only. 27
  28. 28. Who r u with? AIM wanted growth. Our campaign plan will Eric Duchek I’m with realize that growth. AIM wanted to bridge the gap to AIM social Account Executive Conclusion media. Our campaign not only bridges that gap, it creates a whole new brand of network. Blueprint has delivered the answers to AIMs problems on both a product level and a com- munication level. AIM must continue to innovate and remain comitted to diffentiating itself from the competition by sticking to its most concise competitive advantage, the Time Warner family. The world of online services is available at a discount rate. Today, consumer perception is less concerned with what is available than what they can get that others can’t. Conspicu- ous consumption is still thriving in America. The Blueprint campaign taps into this paradigm and communicates to the consumer that AIM is the symbol of your online arrival into a higher statusphere. This higher level is not a closed set, our campaign invites AIM users to be the one who brings their friends to the party. By creating a social entertainment network, AIM will be able to reach it’s goal of a 15% increase in growth. In addition, AIM will position itself as a hub for a highly desireable segment of consumers. Though this campaign is scheduled to run for one year, the long term effects of this well designed strategy will extend far into the future. By the end of this campaign, the target will not simply use AIM, instead they will know: “I’m with AIM.” AIM grew up with the an older generation. AIM was the leader then; it is now time for fresh ideas and a proactive approach. With creative solutions by Blueprint, AIM will remain an intri- cate part of the dialect of the web. 28
  29. 29. I’m with Aimee 29
  30. 30. I’m with 30