G325 an introduction to the exam
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G325 an introduction to the exam






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G325 an introduction to the exam G325 an introduction to the exam Presentation Transcript

  • Breakdown of the exam In the A2 exam you will have 2 hours to answer 2 compulsory questions and 1 question on Postmodernism. There are two sections to this paper:Section A: Theoretical Evaluation of Production (50 marks)Section B: Contemporary Media Issues (50 marks) The purpose of the exam is to assess your knowledge and understanding of media concepts, contexts and critical debates, through your ability to evaluate your own coursework in reflective and theoretical ways (Section A with me) and through your understanding of one contemporary media issue (Section B - Postmodernism with Mr Ford)
  • Breakdown of the exam Section A- Theoretical Evaluation of Production  2 compulsory questions  Q1a – about YOU – reflective evaluation of your skill development – AS & A2  Q1b – about THE WORK – concept analysis of either AS or A2 projects  30 mins to write each answer – at least 2 sides per answer – write fast! Section B – Contemporary Media Issues - Postmodern Media  Choice of 2 questions on Postmodernism  Answer 1 only  1 hour to write answer – at least 4 sides  Answers must focus on at least 2 media e.g. film and music video  Answers must refer to the past, the present and predict for the future View slide
  • G325 Section A The next few weeks will introduce you to Section A of the G325 (Critical Perspectives in Media) exam which is worth 50 marks. In order for you to be best prepared for Section A of the exam you will need to refer to the coursework blogs you have kept at AS and A2. You will be evaluating your AS and A2 coursework in terms of the skills you have developed and theories you have learnt. Section A requires you to answer two compulsory questions 1 (a) and 1 (b). View slide
  • Section A Question 1aQuestion 1 (a) requires you to describe and evaluate you skills developmentover the course of their production work, from Foundation Portfolio toAdvanced Portfolio.It asks you to consider the whole of your practical work: your preliminary task at AS (e.g. school magazine/short filmed sequence of conversation) your main task at AS (music magazine/film opening) your preliminary task at A2 (Busted music video) your main A2 task (music video) and your A2 ancillary tasks (digipak and magazine advert).It can also include things you have produced outside the course, such asproduction work in other subjects like Art or Photography, or even thingsyouve just made for fun, like a video on YouTube.
  • Section A: Skills Evaluationof ProductionThe focus of this answer must be on how YOU havedeveloped as a maker of media products across all yourwork – your skills development - the question is all aboutskills and gets you to think about what you have learnt.Youll be asked to focus in particular on one or two from thefollowing list: Digital Technology Creativity Research and planning Post-production Using conventions from real media textsWe will study all of these areas and you will apply all ofthem to all of your coursework pieces so that you arefully prepared for the exam.
  • Section A: Skills Evaluation ofProduction – Question 1(a)TaskPut the requirements of this question into your own words: Describe and evaluate your skills development over the course of your production work.
  • Section A: Skills Evaluationof Production There is some cross over between the 5 areas e.g. for “Research and Planning” you had to research other music videos/CD covers/magazine adverts/magazine covers. This research clearly links to “Using conventions from real media texts” , the final bullet point. In pairs brainstorm what you think the 5 areas mean.
  • Task Write down a brief description of your AS and A2 production pieces of work.You should include: What you were asked to produce The target audience How you evaluated your product.
  • Record sheet of classbrainstorm of ideas Music Magazine Music video and ancillary tasks (Main task & Preliminary task of college mag)Digital TechnologyCreativityResearch and PlanningPost-productionUsing conventions from real media texts