Mafia Annihlation


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Mafia Annihlation

  1. 1. Mafia Wars Annihilation Welcome to the Mafia Wars Annihilation course. You are going to learn how you can easily annihilate the popular game, Mafia Wars. Before we begin I need to let you know something. If you want a book full of fluff, talking about a load of rubbish that you don’t need to know, you’re in the wrong place. I’m sick of guides that are 30-40 pages, but half of it is just them blabbering on when they don’t need to. I have a unique style of writing. Straight to the point, no time wasting. If you’re happy with that... let’s begin  This first chapter of many books is all about the creator. How great they are... How they spent years researching and writing the book etc. Who really cares about that? I don’t thinking anyone does, so let’s jump straight in.
  2. 2. The Basics Mafia Wars as a game is as the name suggests, is about the mafia. Now this simple thing is often forgotten or bypassed by a lot of the players. If you were in a real life mafia and went outside on your own, you wouldn’t last 5 minutes. Maybe you would be able to go down the corner shop and purchase something, but that’s as far as it goes. The same rule applies in Mafia Wars. You need to build a powerful mafia if you want to annihilate this game. Let’s just go over the most important aspects of the game, so that you have an understanding of the game as a whole. We will then go over them in more detail later on in the book. Mafia Size A lot of people say that having a massive mafia, is not the way to go. That it’s harder, more expensive etc. As long as you follow this guide properly, having a massive mafia size is going to let you annihilate the game. Having a larger mafia, does cost more, because you have to outfit each one with armour and a weapon. If you follow the cash flow system in this ebook, the money won’t be a problem. Jobs At some point in Mafia Wars, you are going to have to do some jobs. Each job will give you a certain amount of currency depending on where you are. You will also gain the experience needed to level up your mafia. (As you do complete jobs, you will also gain something called “godfather points.” – It’s important that you do not spend these until you have read the appropriate section of this book). Cash flow
  3. 3. Getting cash in Mafia Wars is easy, but at the same time, very important. You need cash to purchase the weapons and armour that will en-sure you are as strong as you need to be. There are numerous ways of making money: • Fighting • Businesses • Jobs • Robbing • Hitlist Fighting Fighting in Mafia Wars, is one of my favourite things. To me, it shows how strong your mafia is against other mafias. If you have rubbish armour and weapons, you will lose nearly every fight. The explanation of fighting is easy. You need good weapons so that you can kill them easily. You also need good armour though, in case they have good weapons. As long as you keep buying the best weapons and armour along your journey in Mafia Wars, you will win nearly every fight. I say nearly because sometimes you will lose a fight, even if you have the best items. Mafia Wars introduced a system so that sometimes you will lose a fight, to make the game more interesting. The Hitlist
  4. 4. For whatever reason, you may want to put someone on the hitlist. Most people just stick friends on there for a laugh. What happens is that you put someone on the hitlist for a price. For this example, let’s say you put $100,000 down as a price. If someone comes along and kills that person, you have to pay out $100,000. As long as you have good items, this is actually a good way to make money yourself. Take a look at the hitlist for someone that can be killed for a nice sum of money... BAM, maybe $1-3 million in your bank. A lot of players in Mafia Wars get put on the hitlist, so there will always be people for you to take out. Leveling Just like most games, in Mafia Wars you can level up. You level up by winning fights, and doing jobs. Each give you experience points. Once you do level up, you gain 5 skill points. As a bonus, you also receive 1 “godfather” point. The godfather points can be used to purchase tons of different stuff like health refills etc. Personally, I only suggest spending them on the weapons you can buy. These are some of the best in the games. The skill points can be used to improve you character in 5 different ways. Attack - Increase your attack to do more damage and win more fights. Defence - Increase your defence to repel more attacks. Health - Increase your max health to survive intense fights. Energy - Increase your max energy to do more jobs. Stamina - Increase your stamina to fight more often. (Requires 2 godfather points) At the start of the game, you will want to put most of your skill points in Energy. This way you can do more jobs, which will equal more money. Keep putting your skill points in energy until you have around 60.
  5. 5. After that, it’s up to you where you wish to put your points. Depending on what you like doing, you will need to put points in the appropriate places. I could tell you to always put points in Attack, but what’s the point if you don’t like fighting? Building Your Mafia Size That’s the basics out of the way. Now, it’s time to start building your mafia size. A lot of people have the assumption that this is a time consuming thing to do, so don’t do it. Big mistake. With the methods I explain below, you will gain a massive mafia. You can only have 501 mafia members, so keep that in mind. You can actually have more, but they won’t attribute to your mafia’s strength/defence... so its pointless having more than the maximum. There are literally around 10 different ways to raise your mafia size. I’m only going to show you 3. “What?! Why are you only going to show me 2?” I bet that’s what you just thought. Well to be honest the first way I only suggest because it’s nice to have people that you know play the game with you. The second way will literally get you around 60 friend invites a time. They both take about 5 minutes max a day to do. 5 days and you will have the maximum friends that you need. This slow build up will also allow you to catch up on improving your items. Simple . Step 1 – Recruit Friends
  6. 6. Mafia Wars has an inbuilt function that allows you to invite your friends to join your mafia network. All you do is select the names you wish to invite and click send. It’s that simple. It will then send your signup link to all the people you selected. The only problem with this is that a lot of people get so many application requests these days. Most people simply ignore them. That’s not what we want. What I suggest doing is contacting your friends one-on-one. You could use the social networks message system, use MSN Messenger or whatever other way you contact friends on a daily basis. Just send them a nice message, asking them kindly to add you as a mafia member. You will of course need to get your signup link from inside the game, to give to your friends to use. Step 2 – Post In The Official Forms Not many people know about this method of getting your mafia size huge in such a little time. The company behind Mafia Wars is called “Zynga”. Well, after a little exploring I found out they actually have their own forum. I know you want to play the game, not spend your time in a forum... but hear me out. After browsing around, I found out they had a section that was dedicated to asking for people to add you in Mafia Wars. Exactly what we want! Here’s a direct link to that section. (Ignore the ugly link) s=a8a6757ddc2143a9b663908b786f294d&f=40
  7. 7. Before you go posting in the forum, you will need to sign up for a free account. Please make sure to also read the rules so that you don’t get banned. Make sure that you post in the correct section. As they have different ones for each social network. The key to getting a ton of mafia members from this method is how you write your request. If you go take a look now, you will see a lot of people just posting “Add Me” with their link. Completely the wrong thing to do. You need to look like a grown up, helpful player. Here’s a template that you can use. You will need to fill in gaps before posting. “Hello Everyone, I’m looking for some people to join my mafia on _______. Currently I’m level ______ but am growing daily. I give out energy boosts daily and try to gift as many items as I can. Will also help kill anyone on your hitlist if I can. PUTYOURLINKHERE” If you post that, you will look like the perfect player. You will have tons of people requesting to join your mafia. Building your mafia size is important, but it’s pointless unless you equip them with the correct items. I see this problem all the time. I attack someone with 501 mafia members, but I beat them on a newly created account with only 2 mafia members. Without good items on your mafia, you are weak!
  8. 8. Now these items cost money. Without the money, well you can’t buy the items. So what we will do now is cover Jobs. This way you will be able to get a ton of money, invest it in businesses and then buy the items that you will need. Completing jobs also can give you some items, which is always helpful when you don’t have to pay for them. Jobs When you first start doing jobs in Mafia Wars, you start out as a “street thug” If you do what I mentioned earlier, and put all your skill points into Energy until you have about 60 in there, you won’t have any problems doing the jobs. If you do end up needing more energy points, top it up. Each job will require you to have some items before you can do them. Start off with the cheapest ones, and then build your way up using the money from completing previous jobs. If you have a problem purchasing the job items, purchase the items for the first job you can get. Do that same job a few times to get a nice chunk of money. Invest that in one of the businesses you can purchase, and use that business to help fund the other jobs. Always try and do the jobs that require the most energy first. Even though this means you will run out of energy straight away at a low level, it also means you get more experience quicker. In turn, that means you will level quicker, increase your energy quicker and also gain more money than doing the small jobs. When you level up, you also have all your health, energy and stamina filled up. This will speed up the process of going through all the jobs dramatically. You may also notice that each time you do a certain job a little bar next to it rises up. If you fill up the bars of each job in that section, the jobs will raise a level. This will increase the experience and money you will receive for completing them.
  9. 9. If you get each job in that section to level 3, you gain a very special item. If you can, try and get these items. They can cut your countdown timers in half and many other things. Here’s a list of the weapons you need and the loot you will get from every section of jobs available. Street Thug (Level 1-4) To complete all the Street Thug jobs you'll need 1 Pistol, 1 Crowbar, 1 Sawed Off Shotgun, 1 Machine Pistol, 1 Baseball Bat and 1 Motorcycle. The loot you'll acquire: .22 Pistol – Beat Up Rival Gangster 9mm Semi-Automatic - Rob A Pimp Associate (Level 5-8) To do all the Associate jobs you'll need 1 Crowbar, 2 Colt Pistols, 2 Sawed Off Shotguns, 3 Tommy Guns, 1 Bullet-Proof Vest, 3 Sedans, 1 Armoured Sedan, 1 Delivery Truck, and 1 Motorcycle. The loot you'll acquire: Butterfly Knife - Collect Protection Money Brass Knuckles - Rough Up Dealers Tactical Shotgun - Perform a Hit .45 Revolver - Take Out A Rouge Cop Soldier (Level 9-12) To do all the Soldier jobs you'll need 1 Bullet Proof Vest, 2 Tactical Shotguns, 4 Machine Pistols, 1 Chain Gun, 4 Tommy Guns, 3 Sedans, 2 Armoured Sedans, and 4 Motorcycles. The loot you'll acquire: C-4 - Destroy Enemy Mob Hideout Stab-Proof Vest - Kill A Protected Snitch Automatic Rifle - Bust a Made Man Out of Prison Semi-Automatic Shotgun - Fight a Haitian Gang Lucky Shamrock Medallion – Clip the Irish Mob's Local Enforcer Firebomb – Steal a Tanker Truck Enforcer (Level 13-17)
  10. 10. To do all the Enforcer jobs you'll need 10 Grenades, 2 .45 Colt Revolvers, 2 Chain Guns, 10 Tommy Guns, 4 Firebombs, 3 Bullet Proof Vests, 1 Sedan, 2 Armoured Sedans, 2 Luxury Town Cars, 3 Getaway Cruisers, and 2 Delivery Trucks. The loot you'll acquire: Armoured Truck - Smuggle Across The Border Concealable Camera/ Computer Set Up/ Untraceable Phone - Rob and Electronics Store In the Enforcer job section there are also Preparation Jobs, you have to do. Completing these give you Cards, Liquor, Tokens (Poker Chips), and Wire Tap Devices. It’s important that you do these as they are needed for the jobs that are coming now. They can only be used once, so you will find yourself going back to do these preparation jobs quite often. Hitman (Level 18-24) To do all the Hitman jobs you'll need 15 Chain Guns, 10 Grenades, 5 Machine Pistols, 5 Body Armours, 3 Armoured Sedans, 4 Luxury Town Cars, and 10 Getaway Cruisers. The loot you'll acquire: Grenade Launcher - Repel the Yakuza .50 Caliber Rifle - Disrupt Rival Smuggling Ring Armoured Car - Invade Tong-Controlled Neighbourhood RPG Launcher - Sell Guns to Russian Mob Bodyguards - Protect Your City Against A Rival Family Night Vision Goggles - Assassinate A Political Figure Napalm Attack - Exterminate a Rival Family Blackmail Photos - Obtain Compromising Photos Capo (Level 25-34) To do all the Capo jobs you'll need 15 Chain Guns, 5 Automatic Rifles, 4 Semi-Automatic Shotguns, 1 Tactical Shotgun, 4 Tommy Guns, 1 .45 Colt Revolver, 15 Body Armours, 2 Night Vision Goggles, 2 Body Guards, 2 Untraceable Cell Phones, 4 Motorcycles, 4 Armoured Trucks, 5 Luxury Town Cars, and 4 Getaway Cruisers. The loot you'll acquire: Prop Plane - Steal An Air Freight Delivery
  11. 11. Harley Davidson - Run a Biker Gang Out Of Town Illegal Transaction Records - Steal Bank Records Consigliore (Level 35-59) To do all the Consigliore jobs you'll need Blackmail Photos, 5 Delivery Trucks, 4 Semi-Automatic Shotguns, 2 Speed Boats, 1 Hacksaw, 1 Prop Plane, 5 Automatic Rifles, Untraceable Cell Phones, 18 Illegal Transaction Records, 2 .22 Pistols, 10 Chain Guns, 2 .50 Caliber Rifles, 2 Night Vision Goggles, 2 Body Guards, 10 Luxury Town Cars, and 2 Grenade Launchers. The loot you'll acquire: Luxury Yacht – Influence a Harbour Official Porsche 911 – Ransom a Businessman's Kids Bookie's Holdout Pistol – Fix the Big Game Underboss (Level 60-99) To do all the Underboss jobs you'll need Computer Set Ups, 6 Armoured Trucks, 20 Chain Guns, 2 Humvees, 6 Automatic Rifles, Untraceable Cell Phones, Illegal Transaction Records, 12 Body Armours, 4 Luxury Town Cars, 4 Getaway Cruisers, 4 Armoured Cars, 1 AR-15 Assault Rifle, and 4 Grenade Launchers. The loot you'll acquire: Humvee – Break Into the Armoury AR-15 Assault Rifle – Rip Off the Armenian Mob Falsified Documents – Take Oven An Identity Theft Ring Boss (Level 100+) To do all the Boss jobs you'll need Illegal Transaction Records, Blackmail Photos, 20 Chain Guns, 10 Automatic Rifles, 1 .22 Revolver, 1 RPG Launcher, 5 Grenades, 20 Body Armours, 4 Body Guards, 4 Night Vision Goggles, 40 Luxury Town Cars, 5 Getaway Cruisers, 3 Prop Planes, 1 Private Jet. The loot you’ll acquire: Federal Agent – Buy Off a Federal Agent Police Cruiser – Blackmail The District Attorney Private Jet – Make a Deal With The Mexican Cartel
  12. 12. Armoured Limousine – Shake Down a City Council Member Generating Some Extra Cash Now you should have some nice cash in your bank from doing the jobs that you can. Even though you should gain quite a lot, you will still need a lot more to buy all the items you need to make your mafia stronger. You can earn money a few different ways in Mafia Wars. What I’ve done below is created a cash flow plan for you to use. This will enable to make a lot of cash easily. • Do Some Jobs – while jobs don’t payout the best money wise, it’s important that you do some initially to get your cash flow started. Do the biggest job you can, that pays the best a few times. This will also increase your experience points a little, so that always helps as well. • Start Investing – From the money that you gain from doing some jobs, it’s time to invest that money in some businesses. Businesses are one of the easiest ways to make money. Once you purchase them they make money forever, without requiring any more work. It’s really important that the first businesses you buy are “Mafia Mikes.” The payout is really good for a very small price upfront. That is what we need, especially when starting out. They are actually the best ROI business in the game. So make sure you buy as many as you can. Once you have bought the maximum you can, you should be bringing in a hefty sum of money each hour.
  13. 13. This is where you will want to start purchasing some weapons and armour, so we can move onto the next stages of your cash flow plan. • Fighting – Once you have started getting some weapons and armour, you will be slowly getting strong enough to fight while waiting for your money each hour from your businesses. Every time you fight someone you will lose 1 stamina point, so there is a maximum you can actually fight. Doing this in between waiting for your business money is perfect though. All the money we need right now is helpful. • Top-up – You are nearly able to rob people. Robbing is the best way in this game to make easy money quickly. Before you do that though, you may want to do the last few steps for a little while to save up some cash. Purchase even more weapons and armour before you continue. • Robbing – This is the part where you cash just explodes. When you rob another mafias business, you can make about $2-3 million for just using one stamina point. Nice, I know. How much you make from robbing will really depend on what type of business you try and rob. The more expensive the business, the more you will make. Whenever you have a chance, it’s really important that only rob the casinos. Casinos payout the most money, so try and focus your robberies on them.
  14. 14. If you do all the above in order, you really will make a ton of cash really fast. Here’s a quick breakdown in simple steps for you. Step 1 - Do jobs to get initial cash flow. Step 2 - Invest in some “Mafia Mike” businesses. Step 3 – Upgrade your weapons/armour. Step 4 – Start fighting while waiting for cash flow from businesses. Step 5 – Upgrade weapons/armour even further. Step 6 – Rob Businesses, casinos are you main target. Fighting You should now have a nice cash flow coming in and started to purchase some items for your mafia. It’s so important that you purchase the items that I have to repeat it 100 times. Without them, you will not annihilate Mafia Wars. In this section I’m going to talk about fighting in Mafia Wars. Fighting is something that not everyone likes doing. Its not very rewarding, but I love just jumping in to some fights when I’m waiting for other things. Winning a fight does depend on a few variables. • Your Mafia Size
  15. 15. • Your Health • Your Mafias Weapons And Armour • Your opponents Mafia size/weapons/armour • Luck (There is a small amount of “luck” in fighting. Sometimes someone with 1 mafia member can beat you. The game does this to spice things up. From looking at the different variables, we can work out that we can raise our chances of winning a fight by increasing certain variables. Mafia Size This is an obvious one. If you have more mafia members, you have more people to help you out in fights. Like I said earlier, you can have a maximum of 501 members in your mafia, so you need to fill that as much as you can. Use the 2 steps I showed you earlier to build you mafia size. Health When you start a fight, the system basically gives each player a turn each to attack. Whoever is left with the most health wins. While you defence armour dramatically helps you, your health also comes into play. With more health, your opponent has to do more damage to kill you. You can raise your health by putting points into when you level. Although it is good to put some of your skill points in health, don’t go overboard. But if fighting is all you want to do in Mafia Wars, feel free to put as many as you wish in here. Mafias Weapons/Armour This is the most important variable in fighting. With the best weapons, you will deal the most damage. With the best armour, the opponent won’t be able to hurt you as much. As you can see, you really need to invest in both of those if you wish to fight a lot.
  16. 16. Each mafia member can use only 1 weapon, armour and vehicle. So for example if you have 501 mafia members, you will need to purchase 501 weapons, armours and vehicles. Any more than that and they just don’t help you at all. So when equipping your mafia, bear that in mind. Getting The Most Out Of Your Mafia Seeming as you’re at this stage of the ebook, you should have a massive mafia, have plenty of cash flow and the best items that you can get in Mafia Wars. With all these in place, you really can annihilate the game. You will win fights all the time... Successfully rob tons of Casinos... But what would you say if I told you, there something else you can do with your mafia that will help you even more. You can actually place 6 of your “Top Mafia” team members in special slots that give you a massive boost on certain things. Hopefully you have actually started adding people in your mafia so you can do this. To put people in these spots, click on “My Mafia” section in the game and promote the player that you want, into the appropriate spaces. Here’s a description of each of the space available. Mastermind - Choose a member with many jobs completed to promote to Mastermind to get more experience points from doing jobs. Your Mastermind gains a small chance of gaining 50% more experience when performing jobs. Wheelman - Choose a member with the Fearless character type and a high level to promote to Wheelman to get a reduced energy cost for jobs. Your Wheelman gains a small chance to perform jobs for no energy.
  17. 17. Button Man - Choose a member with the Maniac character type and a high level to promote to Button Man to get an Attack bonus. Your Button Man gains a small chance to always win fights they initiate. Bodyguard - Choose a member with many fights won to promote to Bodyguard to get a Defence bonus. Your Bodyguard gains a small chance to always win fights when they are attacked. Safecracker - Choose a member with many successful heists to promote to Safecracker to get more money from fighting and robbing. Your Safecracker gains a small chance to gain double the money when fighting or robbing. Bagman - Choose a member with the Mogul character type and a high level to promote to Bagman to get more money from jobs. Your Bagman gains a small chance to gain double the money when performing jobs. The “Godfather” Points Godfather points are actually a secret way of annihilating Mafia Wars. You see, most people spend them straight away on a health refill, or a stamina refill. DOH! Defiantly do not spend your godfather points on money. Personally I would suggest saving up and purchasing as many of the items that are for sale. Some of the best armour/weapons in Mafia Wars can only be purchased via Godfather points. There are 4 ways of gaining godfather points. You can gain 1 godfather point for every level you gain in the game. That’s not many I know. But that’s because they are so valuable if used correctly. Every little helps I suppose.
  18. 18. You can also purchase them if you wish. I wouldn’t recommend doing that though, you could easily start spending too much and then the whole point of Mafia Wars would be out the window. You can also do some free surveys. I do these all the time go get quick, easy godfather points. I would say that nearly everyone who wants the points does the free surveys. All you do is fill out for example you name and email on a website and then within 15-60 minutes you Mafia Wars account gets credited with the point. If you do wish to do this though, make sure you create a throwaway email. The spam mail you will get from these surveys is unbelievable. They sell your email left, right and center. Along with free surveys, you can also sign up to paid programs to get a massive influx of points. Sign up for a paid trial at blockbuster for example and you can easily get 100 points. Make sure you read the small print on the paid offers though, as some of them can be pretty sneaky! Other Hints & Tips • Always keep your money safely in the bank. If people rob you, you will lose quite a lot of money, which you don’t want. Yes, the bank takes 10% as a money laundering fee, but its worth its weight in gold. • Buy some Casinos that you don’t care about. Just like you can rob peoples businesses, they can do the same to you. If you have a casino, they will straight away go for that, and then leave. This will leave all your other business to keep on raking in the money.