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Angelsof Loveand Light E Book Link Edit


angels and the seven rays

angels and the seven rays

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  • 2. Angels of Love and Light The Great Archangels & Their Divine Complements, The Archeiai BY LYNN FISCHER WITH PAINTINGS BY MARIUS MICHAEL-GEORGE TRANSFORMATIONAL MEDIA PUBLICATIONS South Yarmouth, MA
  • 3. Many thanks to CREA for her gift of the idea for this book, and for her wonderful newsletter, Wings of Light. Text sets 13/21 Adobe Garamond, Display is Vivaldi and Delphian. Copyright © 1996 by Lynn Fischer Paintings/Illustrations Copyright © 1996 by Marius Michael-George Cover Design by Jack Crompton Graphic Computer Production and Text Editing by Alyssa Angelis Text Editing & Rewrite by Ann T. Yates Interior Design by Lynn Fischer Transformational Media Publications © 1996 All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. ISBN: 0-9652896-0-5 For more information and to order by mail or MC/V, contact: The Zephyr/TMP (Transformational Media Publications) P.O. Box 1214, South Yarmouth, MA 02664-4521 Phone (508) 394-8691 To order through a book store, call The Cape Cod Book Center (MC/V) 508-477-9903 Also, for books, posters, prints and cards, call Marius Fine Art Studio at 1-888-872-9111
  • 4. Dedicated to my parents, who have been two angels in my life without knowing it! …and to all the angels on earth and in the heavens above, who lovingly serve mankind with unconditional love… and to all my collaborators on this beautiful project. Thank you!
  • 5. Contents INTRODUCTION • 1 ANGELS • 6 ANGELS AND THE SEVEN RAYS • 8 THE ANGELIC REALM • 15 THE SEVEN RAYS • 22 LIGHT • 25 THE SEVEN RAYS The First Ray / Blue • 34 The Second Ray / Yellow • 37 The Third Ray / Pink • 41 Fourth Ray / White • 44 Fifth Ray / Green • 47 Sixth Ray / Purple and Gold • 50 Seventh Ray / Violet • 53 THE ARCHANGELS OF THE SEVEN RAYS • 57 Archangel Michael & Archeia Faith • 60 Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine • 70 Archangel Chamuel & Archeia Charity • 80 Archangel Gabriel & Archeia Hope • 96 Archangel Raphael and Archeia Mary • 102 Archangel Uriel & Archeia Aurora • 108 Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Amethyst • 116 GLOSSARY • 122 BIBLIOGRAPHY • 130 APPENDIX • 132
  • 6. Angel ANGEL n. & v. [OE engel, corresp. to OFris. angel, engel, OS engil, OHG angil, engil (Du., G Engel), ON engill, Goth. aggilus (perh. immed. f. Gk.), one of the earliest Gmc adoptions from L; superseded in ME by forms f. OFr. angele f. Chr.L angelus f. Gk aggelos messenger.] A. n. 1.Theol. A spiritual being more powerful and intelligent than a human being, esp. in Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and other theologies, one acting as a messenger, agent, or attendant of God; in Christian theology also spec., a member of the ninth and lowest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy, ranking directly below the archangels] (usu. in pl.). 2. A guardian or attendant spirit (used both with and without implication of belief as such) Also fig., a person like such a spirit. ME. 3. A messenger, gen. poet. (mpw rare exc. as fig. use of sense I). 4. A conventional representation of a celestial angel, figured with wings and usu. a, long robe. The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary © 1993 rs ANGEL (an’jel) n. 1. Theology. An immortal, spiritual being attendant upon God. In medieval angelology, one of nine orders of spiritual beings (listed from the highest to lowest in rank): seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations or dominions, virtues, powers principalities, archangels, and angels. 2. A guardian spirit or guiding influence. 3. Christian Science. God’s thoughts passing to man. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language © 1971
  • 7. Introduction od’s power throughout all ages and cultures has come down from above. The Lord’s messengers have wings on which they carry the good news of God’s love to humans on earth. These messengers are angels, who like the sun and stars, bring God’s light down from the heavens. Like gentle, solar rays cast down from a burning ball of fire, this celestial army of angels break into millions of facets and forms as Millions of spiritual creatures walk the they touch down on earth. At each tier, their power is earth unseen, both stepped-down so that we can grasp the otherwise incompre- when we wake and when we sleep. hensible mystery of God. Through their resemblance to this JOHN MILTON, life, they make God’s awesome love understandable to the PARADISE LOST, IV human world. There has been much written about angels in the last • 1 •
  • 8. r Introduction s few years. But not much has been said about their relation- ship to light and the beautiful spectrum of rainbow colors. Angels are always depicted in art as coming from the sky, often bathed in rays of sunlight breaking from the clouds. As a person interested in the hierarchy of the heavens, I have tried to understand the many ways our Father/ Mother God comes to us. It is no surprise that I focus on the angel as messenger. I believe we are I became fascinated with a particular class of angel, free, within limits, the archangels, who are perhaps the best known angels in and yet there is an history. They are the messengers who bring us the intelli- unseen hand, a guiding angel, that gence of the universe in a simple, practical way. They repre- somehow, like a sent seven principles of God’s foundation—power, wisdom, submerged propeller, drives us on. love, purity, healing, service and forgiveness—also known as RABINDRANATH the Seven Rays of Enlightenment. These rays are the seven TAGORE colors of the rainbow, and each ray is guided by an archangel. Imagine the Godhead as pure white light. The light • 2 •
  • 9. r Introduction s falls to the earth through a prism, refracted into seven dif- ferent colors. Each ray brings a different aspect of the Godhead to earth. For example, Archangel Michael communicates the qualities of power, faith, protection and deliverance. He governs the first ray, which is the blue ray. As the prism of the earth turns, one ray falls more intensely on each day of the week. The traits of this ray and this archangel are stronger on that particular day of the week. Each of us have a certain resonance with at least one of these attributes, which also correspond to our various missions on earth. The archangels work in the world as male and female complements. The female is the archeia, the male is the archangel. Just as in nature we work as male and female pairs when we create a human life, the archangels and archeiai introduce the quality of their ray into human con- sciousness together. • 3 •
  • 10. r Introduction s The seven rays also correspond to other natural pat- terns. The rays can be matched with the seven chakras, or seven seats of power in the body, according to Eastern reli- Angels and ministers of grace gions. In Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, the attributes defend us. of God are divided into seven sections of the body. Each sec- WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, tion contains one chakra, or wheel, which aligns in the body HAMLET, I.IV. along the spinal column. When each chakra is perfectly tuned, the body is in utter bliss. Likewise, the balance of the seven rays can bring us to a higher plane of bliss and spiri- tual enlightenment. I hope a better understanding of the archangelic realm and how it bathes the earth in love and light will bring us the understanding of our true identity. We are the divine children of God. Working with angels, we can begin to tran- sit God’s peaceful kingdom on earth as decreed in the Lord’s Prayer. “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” It is the grand decree of God, the One Eternal Mind, • 4 •
  • 11. r Introduction s to unite the kingdoms of the angels, mankind and the ele- mentals (the elements!). With angels trumpeting at our side, this is not hard work, but a natural rising of consciousness that can only be described as joyous. • 5 •
  • 12. Angels “We are neither the light nor the message, we are the messengers…The message is love.” —An angel from Wim Wenders’ Film, Far Away, So Close The prophet Mohammed said every raindrop is accompanied by an angel. “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heir of Salvation.” —HEB. 1:14 • 6 •
  • 13. r Angels s “One of the main messages angels have for us: Life is really not serious, and humor and levity equal creativity. Life can be beautiful, like the colors of Heaven. Humans need to incorporate celestial play and joy into their lives.” —Terry Lynn Taylor, author of Messengers of Light. • 7 •
  • 14. Angels and The Seven Rays ngels in one form or another are depicted in almost all of the worlds’ great religions. They are men- tioned in recorded history as far back as three thou- sand years before Christ, according to Terry Lynn Taylor in her book, Messengers of Light. Egypt, Babylon, Persia, and India recognized winged angels in ancient times. Greeks and Romans began placing wings on angels in the West, probably as a result of the influence from the other cultures. Perhaps angels got their first major foothold into Western history from Zoroaster, or Zarathustra, of Persia, who was born 600 years before Christ. He wrote about his • 8 •
  • 15. r Angels and the Seven Rays s encounters with a number of angels. “He called them exten- sions and projections of God toward humanity—not sepa- rate beings standing between God and man,” said Taylor. (God is portrayed by Zarathustra as residing over a court of angels, oversized human-like figures, both male and female, Angels can fly who reflect God’s radiance.) because they take themselves lightly . Today, we generally regard angels as winged messen- OLD SCOTTISH SAYING gers. Their message is God, and God is love. Love is the most potent power in the universe. It is the essence, or life force through which all healing is conceived. This is the message the angels bring down to us: God/Love is all. You do not need to struggle. You need only to love God like chil- dren love their own father. You are His children. Have faith that he will provide for you. While this is simple to understand, it is more difficult to practice and believe in a world created by humanity, which presents countless opportunities for us to hurt and be hurt. When I asked an intelligent and caring friend why she • 9 •
  • 16. r Angels and the Seven Rays s did not believe in angels, she replied, “Are there angels fly- ing over Sarajevo, or Boston Children’s hospital, or a ward for terminal cancer patients? What are they doing there?” Difficult circumstances, hardships and illnesses are all teachers, forcing us to go to God for help and solutions. Even if we do not understand these lessons cognitively, we see them in our soul. We have an inner understanding and our soul does learn. Because of God’s great love for mankind, he gave us freedom to experience the use of his power in all our worlds, and to learn from our actions. We are not created as robots, programmed to do whatever God wants us to do. He gives us the opportunity to experience the duality of both good and evil so that we may consciously choose by exercising our own free will. Through the laws of karma, or the law of cause and effect, we are able to learn from our actions. Every thought, word or deed is recorded as karma, which eventually comes • 10 •
  • 17. r Angels and the Seven Rays s back to us as good fortune or as a circumstance that needs So great is the power of angels in the spiri- to be resolved. tual world that, if I God gives us free will. He allows our karma to return should make known to us so that we may learn from our actions. But just as any all that I have wit- nessed in regard to it, loving parent would do, God does not allow his children to it would exceed belief. stray too far from reality without a means to redirect them Any obstruction there that ought to be back to the path of goodness. God gives us many chances to removed because it is come back to Him. contrary to Divine Angels then, are but one way God gently works with order, the angels cast down or overthrow us. An angel is a guardian or messenger from Heaven. merely by an effort of Heaven is where love exists in purity. An angel can bring the will and a look. EMANUEL Heaven to earth. Our job is to accept this loving beauty into SWEDENBORG, our lives and to share it with others. HEAVEN AND ITS WONDERS AND HELL While angels are commonly believed to be messengers S.229 of God’s Word, the idea of color as a conduit has less merit in history. Yet in the Old Testament, the rainbow was the bearer of great news. It announced the end of The Great Flood. God sent it as a sign of reconciliation and connect- • 11 •
  • 18. r Angels and the Seven Rays s edness, according to Irene Dalichow and Mike Booth in Auro-Soma, Healing through Color, Plant, and Crystal Energy. These authors also go on to say that the ancient Chinese would place people with epilepsy on violet carpets in rooms with violet veils covering the windows. The color was meant to ease their discomfort. Patients with scarlet fever were clothed in red and were treated with red light beams. Information coming out of ancient Mystery Schools talk about the seven rays, or seven colors of the rainbow, as the life of God manifest in seven different ways or activities of development on the Earth. These rays are governed by archangels. Each ray represents a sacred attribute of God. Every human being carries a resonance to at least one Godly attribute, and usually the life lessons of every individual entails the understanding and expression of that one attribute in their outer world. We can all benefit from learning which ray, or Godly • 12 •
  • 19. r Angels and the Seven Rays s attribute, we have a special connection with. Ask a child to draw a picture of love and she or he will more often than not pick up a crayon of his or her favorite color. We learn at a young age to use color to express ourselves even before we “Angels are pure thoughts from God, learn speech. A symbol often used for love is a heart or a winged with rainbow. Like each archangel, we all are attuned to one Truth and Love, no matter what color that is especially useful in our life mission, and their individualism through fulfillment of that mission, we come closer to God. may be.” Angels are generally accepted as being part of God’s SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEYS TO THE grand scheme. The seven rays are not as well known. But we SCRIPTURES, BYMARY BAKER EDDY, can all see color and we can all easily believe color has an PAGE 298:28-30 influence on our mood and our perceptions. Is it so outra- geous to believe color has a part in God’s plan? Or that there are special angels that govern each color? Angels work with color to help personify and radiate the beautiful attributes of God for mankind. By combining the two schools of thought—angels of traditional culture and their corresponding color rays from • 13 •
  • 20. r Angels and the Seven Rays s the Mystery Schools of ancient days, we gain a better under- standing of how our Father/Mother God exists for us right here and now, to see, believe and use for our own personal transformations. • 14 •
  • 21. The Angelic Realm rom Heaven above down to the earth plane, an angelic kingdom swarms with mighty rulers and winged minions. Through them, the love and majesty of God manifests over all the earth in a gloriously beautiful way. According to the fifth century scholar Dionysius, we are guarded by an army of angels that exist in a hierarchy comprised of three spheres. The first is closest to God and For he shall give includes the seraphim, cherubim, and the thrones. The sec- his angels charge over ond sphere encompasses the dominions, the virtues and the thee to keep thee in all thy ways. powers. At the third level, we find the principalities, PS. 91:11 archangels and angels. The archangels are probably the best known in all the angelic kingdom. They include Archangel Michael, who • 15 •
  • 22. r The Angelic Realm s appears in the Old Testament as the one who stays the hand of Abraham when the patriarch is about to slay his son, Isaac, as a test of his faith in God. With some exception, the major angels referred to in secular and religious lore by name are archangels. Their names are Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Zadkiel. Notice how Angels are spirits, the suffix of each is “el.” In Hebrew this means “of God,” but it is not because they are spirits that “like God” or “representing God.” they are angels. They The hierarchy of angels was established in the fifth become Angels when they are sent. For the century by Dionysius, who based his findings on angelic ref- name Angel refers to erences he found after intense study of scripture and secular their office, not their writings. It was he who came up with the theory of the nine nature. You ask the name of this nature, classes of angels which are organized into these three it is Spirit; you ask its spheres. There have been some variations on this hierarchy office, it is that of an Angel, which is a but Dionysius’ theory is still the one most widely accepted messenger. today. SAINT AUGUSTINE The seraphim are the largest of all the angels. Their intense white-fire essence is able to purge all impure substances • 16 •
  • 23. r The Angelic Realm s from our consciousness, our being, and the outer world. Who if I cried out, would hear me They accelerate and magnify the ascension flame—the among the angels’ white ray of light that speeds the purification of our soul hierarchies? and even and our return to our Father/Mother God. Satan, was said if one of them pressed me suddenly against to be of the order of seraphim before his fall. his heart: I would be The seraphim surround the throne of God. They pass consumed in that overwhelming God’s plans along to the cherubim who convert and adapt existence. them into workable blueprints for mankind. RAINER MARIA RILKE, DUINO ELEGIES, I The cherubim are the angels responsible for protecting and expanding the power of love, the very essence and nature of God. They magnify and radiate this flame of love throughout the entire cosmos, expanding the quality of adoration and love within our hearts. The thrones carry out God’s decisions. The dominions, on the next sphere, might be called the heavenly bureaucrats. They ensure God’s wishes are enacted. • 17 •
  • 24. r The Angelic Realm s The virtues bring about miracles, or God’s blessings on earth. They are associated with acts of heroism and bring courage when needed. The powers work against Satan and keep the universe in balance. The powers are often seen as angels of birth and death. The principalities, or princes, guard over cities and rulers. They labor to prevent invasions by evil forces. The archangels rule over the angels and guard mankind. They are the guides, intermediaries, protectors and defenders of all people and living things on the earth. The archangels have the authority to lead and direct large bands of angels who serve under them to magnify and direct a particular aspect of God. Seven archangels are assigned to direct the seven rays of God’s virtues. These rays show themselves on earth as seven rainbow colors in all their various shades and hues: blue, • 18 •
  • 25. r The Angelic Realm s yellow, pink, white, green, purple and gold, and violet, rep- resenting respectively, the qualities of power, wisdom, love, purity, healing, service and forgiveness. I am convinced Archangel Michael is the grand director of all the that neither death, archangels and leader of the entire angelic host. He is called nor life, nor angels, the warrior captain of heaven and wields a sword of blue nor principalities, nor present things, flame for the protection of all mankind. His color, blue, the nor future things, first ray, expresses the power and the will of God. nor powers, nor height, nor depth, Throughout history, archangels have been portrayed nor any creature largely as male. Revelations brought to us more recently will be able to through the teachings of the Mystery Schools tell us they separate us from the love of God in have a divine, female complement called the “archeia.” Christ Jesus our With Michael, comes Archeia Faith. Michael brings forth Lord. ROMANS 8:38-39 the power of God in a male-style, projecting a thought or idea outward. Faith works in a female-style. Her energy is like the mother. The Latin word for mother is mater, which is close to the English word, matter. The female energy is the power of the earth, or the material world. The female • 19 •
  • 26. r The Angelic Realm s I saw the Lord complement materializes the archangel’s creation. seated on a high and In this balanced partnership of male and female, the lofty throne, with the train of his garment male energy represents the aspects of God as Father. The filling the temple. female stands for substance and physical matter, which are Seraphim were stationed above; each aspects of God as Mother. The male counterpart is defined of them had six wings; as energy of the spirit. The female stands for compassion, with two they veiled love and nurturance. Without these two principles of con- their faces, with two they veiled their feet, ception, nothing would exist. God encompasses all genders and with two they and aspects of gender, therefore some religions and cultures hovered aloft. “Holy, holy, holy is the speak of Him as our Father/Mother God. Lord of Hosts!,” they Angels cannot be found by airplane or residing on a cried one to the other. cloud. But they do exist somewhere in the universe. “All the earth is filled with his glory!” At the Archangels live in the etheric world, which is a plane of exis- sound of that cry, the tence that is not part of the physical world. It cannot be frame of the door shook and the house experienced by the physical senses except through imagina- was filled with smoke. tion or the special, psychic power of clairsentience. ISAIAH 6:1-4 (Clairvoyance is the psychic power to see. Clairsentience is the psychic power to feel that which most people cannot • 20 •
  • 27. r The Angelic Realm s perceive.) The etheric realm is the heaven world, and is always around us. This reality can be experienced by us when we choose to raise our consciousness to a purer state. This is where we find inspiration and divine knowing. It is where sin and decay do not exist and where the angels make their homes. The man form is higher than the angel form; of all forms it is the highest. Man is the highest being in creation, because he aspires to freedom. —PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA, Autobiography of a Yogi • 21 •
  • 28. The Seven Rays Expressing the Divine Desires of our Father/Mother God ivine desire fills the universe in the form of ener- getic light beams that constantly radiate God’s love to the earth. They are a specialized frequency of light energy that creates a particular action, such as healing, enlightenment or wisdom, directed upon those who are receptive to it. They are also the full color spectrum of the rainbow and emanate on a daily basis down from Heaven. Fear not, little They are called the Seven Rays of Enlightenment. They bring flock, for it is your together the archangels of Western doctrine with the princi- Father’s good pleasure to give you ples of Eastern thought. the kingdom. Many in the West have turned toward Eastern reli- LUKE 12:32 gions such as Hinduism because its symbols have relevance • 22 •
  • 29. r The Seven Rays s to the physical world in which we live. Whereas the Bible They appeared to me very beautiful rainbows, as and Koran seem too esoteric for daily application, the on former occasions, but still more beautiful, with a Hindus are not afraid to say there are energies from God light of the purest white, in the centre of which was acting within our bodies. Each one of the seven chakras, or an obscure earthly some- seats of power in the body according to Eastern thought, thing; but that most lucid snow-white appearance matches one of the seven color rays. They can be stimulat- was beautifully varied by another lucidity, and was ed through exercise or yoga. Here in the West, the medical thus discriminated as also by little yellowish points world is just waking up to the connection between spiritual like small stars, besides other beautiful variations, health and physical well being. Such logical thought has and, if I rightly recollect, been part of Eastern religion for thousands of years. with flowers of different colors round about, and The seven rays are another way to physically remem- entering into the most lucid part. This was exhib- ber the work of the seven archangels. The rays are the core ited before the left eye. On the right were exceedingly attributes of the Godhead. The archangels embody and beautiful representations, distinguished by the blue direct each ray so that the different aspects of God’s light and its various related can be conferred upon mankind for their understanding colors, because the right eye represents affections, and and use. Is it really so odd to think angels have different they derive colors not from a white lucidity, but from strengths when all our knowledge is based on a world of that which is flamy. EMANUEL SWEDENBORG, differences? Everything we know we define by how it is LARGER DIARY, OCT. 21, 1748 • 23 •
  • 30. r The Seven Rays s different from something else. As we ascend in our spiritual evolution, differences disappear like writing on a chalk board, waved away and blended together as we see the truth of our oneness with all there is. But we cannot let go of dif- ference and separation without help. So the angels meet us half way. Like us, they have special attributes. Each of us will relate more intensely to one or maybe a few of the archangels and their corresponding rays. If we use our “guardian angel or archangel” and that particular path of the rainbow, our spiritual progress will be accelerated. It is this awesome and loving angelic host who trans- late the information from the Godhead to mankind. Since the energy of the Godhead is so powerful, this pure, intense light must be stepped down in frequency in order for mankind to receive it. This incredible information and lucent comfort beams down from the heavenly hierarchy above, from those beings of love and light, our invisible caretakers. • 24 •
  • 31. Light Their garments are white, but with an unearthly whiteness. I cannot describe it, ight, in scientific terminology, is electromagnetic because it cannot be energy produced by the sun in different wave- compared to earthly whiteness; it is much lengths. Holding up a prism to sunlight will create softer to the eye. a rainbow on the opposite surface of the prism. When light is These bright Angels are enveloped in a refracted and absorbed into different wavelengths, various light so different from colors and hues are created and seen by the human eye. The ours that by compari- physical world that humans see are merely reflections of light son everything else seems dark. When waves springing off objects into the retina of our eyes, creat- you see a band of ing the perception of light and color. The primary colors cre- fifty, you are lost in amazement. They ated by this light are red, yellow and blue. From these three seem clothed with primary colors of light, all the various shades and hues in golden plates, every imaginable color of the rainbow are created. constantly moving, like so many suns. Ancient Sanskrit writings taught the Eastern world PÉRE LAMY that within the human body we have spinning energy centers • 25 •
  • 32. r The Seven Rays s of light that correspond to the seven rays. Each of these energy centers is called a chakra, which in ancient Sanskrit Because He is Love in its essence, that is, means a wheel or vortex. Although not discernible to normal Divine Love (God) eyesight, these energy centers exist at a certain frequency on appears before the angels in heaven as a the spiritual, or etheric body level, and they can be affected sun, and, from that by our thoughts and emotions. sun heat and light go The chakras serve the purpose of anchoring the seven forth; the heat…being in its essence love, and unique forcefields and qualities of the seven rays of light the light…wisdom; emanations from the Godhead directly into our bodies. and so far as the angels are recipients of They align along the spine of the human body and rise from that spiritual heat the base of the spine or coccyx, all the way up to the crown and light they are of the head. As they move up the spine, each one rises to a loves and wisdoms; not loves and wisdoms higher vibration of color, sound, and purpose, rotating from themselves, but energy forward and backwards. When perfectly aligned and from the Lord. EMANUEL spinning along the spine, they infuse our being with vitali- SWEDENBORG, ty and pure energy from God, creating health and harmony ANGELIC WISDOM; CONCERNING DIVINE in our bodies, minds and spirits. In this way, they give us LOVE AND WISDOM the capacity to express the qualities of these rays within our • 26 •
  • 33. r The Seven Rays s world. Negative thoughts and emotions burden these chakras, causing blockages in this pure energy flow, often leading to many forms of mental and physical dis- tress or “dis-ease.” Notice the insights found in language. Our word for illness actually tells us sickness comes from a “lack of easement” in the body on an emotional, physical or spiritual level. The feelings of love have tremendous healing effects on the body, mind and spirit, and therefore, the seven beau- tiful rainbow rays are the universal symbol of love. Color has always been a major source of creative expression and healing on the planet. Practically speaking, color is often used to “lift up our spirits.” Nature is resplendent with lush colors of various shades and hues. On the psychological plane, just feel the different effects that the color emerald green, sapphire blue and golden yellow have upon your con- scious mind. One immediately conjures up a sense of joy • 27 •
  • 34. r The Seven Rays s based upon experiencing a favorite color. We easily accept the notion of one color cheering us up or making us feel more comfortable than others. Today many hospitals are using the healing aspects of color, according to Booth and Dalichow in Aura-Soma, Healing Through Color, Plant and Crystal Energy. Seriously ill patients are being placed in rooms with walls painted in muted tones in order to make them feel calm. Short-term patients are being placed in rooms with bright, warm colors to speed healing and raise their energy. Look at the success of the color system developed by Carole Jackson in her book, Color Me Beautiful. She created a color system based on wearing colors that are right for your skin tone, hair and eyes, thus making them right for your physical vibration. The net result is that you feel instantly better when you are wearing your “true colors.” Think about the colors you choose to wear on a • 28 •
  • 35. r The Seven Rays s particular day and the relationship of that color to your mood. Sapphire blue, the ray of powerful Archangel Michael, makes you feel courageous and energetic, ready to act. Wear yellow on a thoughtful day when you must ask for …The Night of wisdom in dealing with a particular challenge. Glory, more opulent Archangels, directing these magnificent rays, relay the than a thousand moons! Then angels feeling nature of God’s love, experienced as emotions, to and revelations waft mankind. Through these rays, they reach, nourish and pro- down by the grace of their Lord. tect their manifold cadre of human souls. Because these THE KORAN, XCVII seven rays are the very core attributes of the Godhead, they are eternally expressing love, wisdom and power into the universe. It is helpful to think of God as the source of all light, like the sun. Imagine the solar rays as beams of light toned down and refracted into separate streams that emanate through a spinning prism. On each day of the week, the prism focuses one light ray down to earth more strongly than on other days. • 29 •
  • 36. r The Seven Rays s Likewise, each human being expresses the qualities of one of the seven rays more strongly than the others, and Their faces were living flame; their usually the life lessons of every individual entail the under- wings were gold; and standing and expression of that one main ray and its attrib- for the rest their white was so intense, utes in their outer world. Many people will consciously or no snow can match unconsciously know on which ray they are working. That the white they would be their natural ray, and it probably would be their showed. When they climbed down into favorite color. that flowering Rose, When seeking the help of the archangels and their from rank to rank, they shared that angelic hosts for a specific purpose, one may choose to focus peace and ardor on certain angels according to the color, truth and attribute which they gained, they radiate. For example, when working with Archeia with wings that fanned their sides. Charity, who operates from the pink ray, one would be rais- DANTE, PARADISO, ing the consciousness and feeling of love towards oneself XXXI and others. Archangel Zadkiel would help us to amplify feelings of forgiveness, freeing us from our emotional bur- dens. Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith magnify our resolve and courage. They use the will of God to direct our • 30 •
  • 37. r The Seven Rays s lives toward positive results. Archangel Gabriel and Archeia Hope would build the feeling of hope and purify our thoughts to resurrect us to a higher spiritual consciousness. Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine would develop our spiritual understanding of God and His spiritual laws, thus making us wiser. The seven rainbow rays each have individual powers. But they also all work together. Pink, yellow and blue form a powerful triad of love, wisdom and power. According to Mystical teachings, these three attributes of God actually blend in the heart chakra to form the foundation of God’s work inside the body, and are called the Three-fold Flame. This triad of color is the divine spark that fuels our lives with the spirit of the Lord. The blue ray is governed by God’s righteous warrior, Archangel Michael and his complement Faith, the pink by Archangel Chamuel and Charity, and the yellow by Archangel Jophiel • 31 •
  • 38. r The Seven Rays s and Christine. The Three-fold Flame is the spark of life This is the seated in the secret chamber of the heart. It anchors the covenant which I will make…says the intrinsic qualities of God inside each of us. LORD. I will place The Three-fold Flame also reflects the Holy Trinity. my law within them, and write it upon Power represents the Father, Wisdom, the Son, and Love, their hearts; I will be the Holy Spirit. Love, power and wisdom, therefore, are their God, and they blended together to form a powerful team in the heart—to shall be my people… All, from the least be used in a balanced way with each flame tempering and to the greatest shall moderating the other two. know me, says the LORD, for I will for- This blend of energies within our heart is God’s elec- give their evil-doing tricity that keeps us going. We are not plugged into an elec- and remember their trical wall socket like a lamp, deriving light source from the sin no more. JEREMIAH 31:33–34 current of some man-made power. It is God’s power of love that illuminates our hearts and souls and keeps us moving, living and breathing every minute. The very life force of God is in the cells, nerves and incredible machinery of form that makes man the magnificent creature that he is, because everything is really one great power, God. Call upon all of • 32 •
  • 39. r The Seven Rays s the angels to help heal any aspect of your body, mind or spirit. Work with these colorful angelic rainbow streams for spiritual awakening and solace. Because they are the very core attributes of the Godhead, they are eternally expressing love, power and wisdom in action. Remember to use them and you will always know that you are not alone. Help is not far off. God sent His angels to care for all His beloved beings on the earth. • 33 •
  • 40. THE FIRST RAY Blue T he quality of the first ray represents the power and will of God as well as the power of faith and protection. Power has most often had connotations of battle and aggres- sion leading to harm. Think of power not as an evil impulse, but as the force behind action and movement in all things. In a general sense, it is the motivation in all that we do. The blue ray brings down God’s power, which is never harmful. The first ray emanates down to earth most strong- ly on Tuesday. It is governed by Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith. Rulers, executives, and public servants are usually found working under this ray. Leaders of the world fall under this color beam because it teaches those individuals the proper use of power. The blue ray sends us understanding of God’s power so that we do not miscreate. The correct use of God’s power may be • 34 •
  • 41. r The Seven Rays s achieved by developing four basic qualities: love, forgive- ness, humility and faith. These are the qualities of being which empower us to fulfill our roles by mixing the core Everything we attributes of God in a balanced and tempered way. When all call a trial, a sorrow, or a duty; Believe four of these cornerstones are balanced in place, we often me, that Angel’s find ourselves as respected leaders in society. hand is there. FRA GIOVANNI As we begin to learn how to use God’s laws to do his will, we all may become leaders. We can guide and teach others how to use God’s gifts. The more each one of these qualities is understood and embraced by humankind, the more authentic is the power of God moving through us. A leader in society will benefit from the blue ray because it increases the qualities of faith and protection. Calling upon this ray will help a leader to be honorable rather than self-serving. Divine Will may always be applied to decision-making in a loving way. By surrendering to the will of God impacted in our hearts and imprinted in our souls, we move from instinct into expression of our real and • 35 •
  • 42. r The Seven Rays s pure purpose in the world and use our lives more creatively. We can choose to use this godly gift towards good, evolving spiritually, or move in the opposite direction creat- ing negative consequences. God gives mankind the ability to create through the power of the spoken word. We must learn to use the power of our words and voices correctly, instead of creating harm through negativity. Through the power of the Word, the entire universe was created by God. The blue ray is the color of the throat chakra, which is the seat of communication in the body, according to Hindu and Buddhist faiths. The governors of the first ray are Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith. • 36 •
  • 43. THE SECOND RAY Yellow T he Second Ray is often called the “sunshine ray” of enlightenment, wisdom and understanding. It’s color, a golden yellow, graces the atmosphere of the earth predomi- Every visible thing in this world is put nantly on Sunday. This ray allows mankind to use his creative in the charge of an intelligence to put an end to the “dark ages” inside us and all angel. ST. AUGUSTINE, around us. Eastern thought places the yellow ray chakra EIGHT QUESTIONS appropriately at the crown of the head. Light enables us to see physically with our eyes, but it is also a powerful and popular metaphor for spiritual and mental understanding. Light means an end to darkness. Enlightenment means the end of ignorance. In Buddhist thought, enlightenment is the final blessed state, the high- est point on mankind’s evolutionary ladder. It is character- ized by the absence of desire or suffering. Once we are wise, we have no fear. Ignorance, fear and • 37 •
  • 44. r The Seven Rays s greed brings about war, prejudice, and hatred. Wisdom and illumination bring peace because they are of God. The Dark Ages were so named to describe the intel- Good thoughts lectual stagnation of the early part of the Middle Ages, after will produce good the fall of the Roman Empire. This is a period from 400 to actions and bad thoughts will produce 1,400 A.D. when European learning, artistic and architec- bad actions. Hatred tural commissions were at a historic low. Scientific and does not cease by technological advances were few and far between. hatred at any time; hatred ceases by love. The Age of Enlightenment, conversely, is the term BUDDHA applied to the entire 18th century when Europe basked in prosperity and cultural development. Significant scientific knowledge was acquired. Thinkers began to question every- thing based on a new philosophy of pure rationalism, which is the total reliance on the human mind and rejection of sensory or intuitive revelation. This caused some destructive skepticism because rationalism rejected the supernatural. However, the idea of addressing everything from an intel- lectual standpoint, gave rise to broad humanitarianism and • 38 •
  • 45. r The Seven Rays s philanthropy which was quite beneficial to society. Through man’s superior capacity to comprehend the higher mind, he can achieve God illumination and wisdom. As we examine our purpose on earth we are constantly attempting to understand the reason for struggling in a world that seems to end in death. Perhaps through the influ- ence of the yellow ray, we are wise enough to question this. We cannot all blindly accept this material view of life and death. Nor can we all shut out the hope that we are more than bodies, born to die without purpose. Through the yel- low ray of illumination, we are able to understand the lessons which our life circumstances are meant to teach us and progress on our spiritual path. In the color and likeness of the sun, our natural light, the second ray brings down the Christian concept, “As above, so below,” for the sun is forever constant in emitting its vibrant beams to all those below on the earth. The sun is an essential element of existence, creating health, wealth, • 39 •
  • 46. r The Seven Rays s and verdant abundance all around. Without the sun, the very fruits of the earth would not grow! Consequently, the color of gold has long been associated with wealth, and this precious metal is the basis of currency in our monetary sys- tem. It is also symbolic of the abundance of God’s love flowing down from the great golden central sun to those who embrace the loving, abundant presence of our Father/Mother God—those beings who want only love, peace, prosperity and authentic power for all mankind. Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine govern the second ray through their devotion to divine wisdom. Angels of the second ray abound around schools, colleges, universities and theological schools. They provide us with divine guidance in education and learning. They magnify the quality of illumination all over the world. • 40 •
  • 47. THE THIRD RAY Pink T he Third Ray represents the vibration of adoration that expresses the universal law of divine love. The desire to create beauty and harmony comes under this ray. People working as artists, musicians and peacemakers are often attracted to this blushing, heavenly hue. When the Third Ray works through a person in per- May I burst into jubilant praise to fect manifestation, that individual feels unconditional love assenting angels. for his fellow man as well as for his or her chosen vocation. RAINER MARIA RILKE, His or her work is experienced as a joyous sharing of God’s DUINO ELEGIES, 10 love for all mankind. The vibration of this ray raises the emotional level of people who are depressed or fearful, for this pink sunbeam is the color of joy. It draws out the good in people and brings a feeling of oneness with others. It helps people fulfill their own specific divine plan by uplift- ing their emotional state and drawing on the quality of • 41 •
  • 48. r The Seven Rays s divine love in their hearts and expressing it in their outer world. It is no surprise that the love ray rules the heart, or heart chakra, the ‘seat of central power’ in the body. Given the characteristics of this ray, is it any wonder couples give pink roses as expressions of love? But divine love is not like human romantic love which is too often conceived of being a painful state of desire with impulses and fears. Divine love, being everything, desires nothing. Unconditional love is all encompassing. A person experiencing such a state cannot desire anything more. Archangel Chamuel and Archeia Charity govern this petal pink stream. They radiate qualities of adoration—the profound act of honoring the divine. Such devotional love is awesome. No agony can stand up to its magnificent beauty which dissolves all illusions. • 42 •
  • 49. r The Seven Rays s The angels of the pink ray teach us that God’s love is always abundantly flowing to us and can never be withheld, for it can never be depleted. God’s love is eternal and abun- dant in the universe. It is a never-ending resource and gift. And as we give love, so it is given back to us. For love is the highest expression of God and is magnified every time we express our love to any part of life. Praise ye him, all his angels; praise ye him, all his hosts. PS. 148:2 • 43 •
  • 50. THE FOURTH RAY White Outside the open T he fourth ray is the inspirational energy of God representing purity, discipline and the ascension. This ray is made up of all the colors of the rainbow combined to window the morning air is all awash with create a sparkling crystal white. It is the concentration of the angels. purest essence of every other ray. The white ray rules the base- RICHARD WILBUR “Love Calls Us to the of-the-spine chakra, also known as the pure energies of cre- Things of this World” ation, or the sexual powers. Jesus Christ demonstrated the action of the fourth ray with the miracle of his ascension. He was the perfect man on earth because he had chosen to surrender his lesser self for his greater self. Thus, his purpose was complete and his body and soul rose up to the purity of Heaven. Likewise, the dazzling white ray helps us with our ascension. It magnifies the qualities of purity and wholeness and the desire for our soul to re-unite with God. Eventually, • 44 •
  • 51. r The Seven Rays s our souls seek the victorious culmination of the material journey. It is our ultimate hope to be reunited with our Father as His sons and daughters. This happens when we realize our full potential and fulfill our earthly missions. This state is attained when we balance our karma, the Eastern concept of the universal law or cause and effect. A balanced karma is attained when we have gone through a process of discipline and initiation, including good works, purity of heart, service to life and the resolution of all our debts to life. White is often associated with death and purity. Those who have “died” but then miraculously come back, often describe a white light before them, that is beckoning and inviting. These associations coordinate with our belief of the white ray. But it is not the image of death in a dark grave. The white ray stands for the ritual of ascension whereby the soul becomes immortal, achieving oneness with the Christ consciousness and the individual God Presence within. This is our unification with God and with the truth of our being. • 45 •
  • 52. r The Seven Rays s Our great Lord, Jesus Christ, the human demonstra- tion of God’s perfected consciousness, was one of several men whom God sent to earth to show mankind how to achieve this level of perfection. He showed us that the ascension is a glorious culmination of the soul’s journey in God’s universe, and is attainable by all those who choose to reach for their highest potential. This dazzling white ray is for purification and gives us the sense to strive for perfection. It is the desire to know and be closer to God through the purity of one’s body, mind and spirit. Those who work under this ray are usually spiritual leaders, architects, builders, musicians, artists, spiritual scientists, astronomers, biochemists, and physicists. Archangel Gabriel and Archeia Hope direct this ray by representing the resurrection and hope of eternal life. This “purity” flame pours forth its vibrant rays onto the earth plane most strongly on Friday. • 46 •
  • 53. FIFTH RAY Green T he fifth ray represents the qualities of divine vision, healing and truth. It magnifies the law of abundance in which God bestows his blessings upon all mankind. The fifth It is very important ray also enhances our ability to create through visualization, to pray for others; and helps us to focus our energies and attention on a partic- because when you ular activity in order to achieve a specific goal. pray for someone, an angel goes and sits To properly use the energy of this ray in one’s life, one on the shoulder of must have both the humility and purity of heart to hold that person. THE VIRGIN MARY firmly a dream of what one is striving for. It might also be to the children at called holding the “immaculate concept” or divine plan for Medjugorje one’s own perfection and for the perfection of the earth. Many now develop such vision through creative visu- alization or the “outpicturing” of their ideas. “Creative visu- alization” allows God’s creative activity to work through you into perfect manifestation in your life. When it is God- • 47 •
  • 54. r The Seven Rays s For he shall give directed, the outcome will be glorious—and exactly as one his angels charge over would desire. Patience is the only key to allowing it to man- thee to keep thee in all thy ways. ifest into its own action, time and space continuum. PS. 91:11 Conscious and unconscious fears, lack of knowledge and actions that are against God/Good can prevent its manifes- tation. Once again, you were given the power of God to cre- ate, and when using His will for your life, the results should be joyous. People found working under this soothing emerald green ray are often involved in healing, such as holistic health practitioners, doctors, and nurses, as well as those who understand mathematics and universal laws of cre- ation, such as scientists and inventors. The fifth ray is the ray of music and geometry. This ray helps to enrich the lives of those devoted to a particular vocation or life mission. To bring this ray into manifestation, one must desire to create the abundance and likeness of God through the concept of perfection. • 48 •
  • 55. r The Seven Rays s Archangel Raphael and Archeia Mary govern this ray by embodying the qualities of healing, concentration and truth. This ebullient emerald ray is often referred to as the “truth flame,” and the verdant greenery of the earth is an outward expression of its creativi- ty and healing. Its emerald green glow falls with great- est intensity to earth on Wednesday. • 49 •
  • 56. SIXTH RAY Purple and Gold T he sixth ray represents the majestic virtues of God’s peace, service and ministration. It is a combination of purple and gold, representing the two-fold action of God’s body and His essence. This sixth ray is also called the “grace flame,” for it blazes forth the qualities of mercy, compassion, and loving protection. The ‘grace of God,’ often used in our language, means a divine gift bestowed upon us For He will command His angels concerning you freely from our Father/Mother God. to guard you in all your ways; Likewise, this ray stimulates our desire to bestow they will lift you up in their hands, so that you mercy upon others. It promotes a desire to con- will not strike your foot against a stone. tribute to life through selfless service. When we —PS. 91: 11, 12 are affected by this ray, we feel a desire to serve God and our fellow man. Those who work under the tutelage of this light vibra- tion would be ministers, teachers, psychologists, missionaries, • 50 •
  • 57. r The Seven Rays s lawyers, public servants and social workers—also blue-collar workers, ranchers, farmers, businessmen and business- women. This ray creates a strong desire within people to wor- ship God and therefore gives us a reason and need for devo- tional worship. The sixth ray angels are always active in guiding, protecting and educating families, as well as chil- dren and babies. They teach us the quality of selflessness, as described so eloquently by Jesus when he said, “I am my brother’s keeper.” As the ray of teachers, the purple and gold ray instructs us in one more important way: it represents the universal law of cause and effect known as karma. In Sanskrit the word karma means deed. Karma is the result of our consciousness in action. Every thought, word and deed is recorded as karma, and it is a means through which each person’s soul reaps the rewards or retributions for their thoughts and actions. It teaches us that we are accountable • 51 •
  • 58. r The Seven Rays s for determining our fate through what we chose to think, feel, say and do. We learn from karma how to correct our- selves and behave in the best interests for all mankind. Archangel Uriel and Aurora bring us these qualities of the sixth ray, radiating spiritual vitality to all earthly beings. Their influence on the earth is strongest on Thursday. It is not because angels are holier than men or devils that makes them angels, but because they do not expect holiness from one another, but from God alone. WILLIAM BLAKE
  • 59. SEVENTH RAY Violet T he Seventh Ray represents freedom and forgiveness. Sometimes called the “Violet Flame,” this ray plays a powerful role in “divine alchemy,” which is the action of transforming ourselves from a lower to a higher state of con- sciousness. This ray is most strongly active on the earth on Saturday. It is ruled by the benevolent angels of freedom and forgiveness, Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Amethyst. If you shine light through a prism it will refract into seven colors, the last of which is a translucent violet. This is the ray with the shortest wavelength but the highest fre- quency, or fastest light vibration. Isaac Newton found that the color violet is the color that stands at the transition point between octaves of color and light. This explanation helps us see how this ray came to embody divine alchemy, which is spiritual transmutation. Alchemy, in material • 53 •
  • 60. r The Seven Rays s terms, is the medieval science of purifying substances into precious metal. The seventh ray gives us the power to trans- form ourselves into realized spiritual beings. In my Father’s The violet ray is also the light of the Holy Spirit, house are many mansions: if it were which stands for forgiveness and transformation in the Holy not so, I would have Trinity. The Trinity is made up of the Father, the Son and told you. I go to the Holy Spirit. The Father stands for God as Power, the prepare a place for you. And if I go and Son as Wisdom, and the Holy Spirit as binding Love, the prepare a place for cohesion of the three basic principles of being. These are the you, I will come again, and receive omnipresent energies of life and love that permeate the cos- you unto myself; that mos and bring comfort and forgiveness to the world. where I am, there ye Forgiveness is the universal unguent for the healing of may be also. JOHN 14:2,3 the consciousness of mankind. The qualities it creates with- in our life-force are transformation, mercy and freedom from burdens and the weight of karma. It is the divine alchemy that transmutes misqualified (misused) energy back into its pure state as it originally came forth from God. The seventh ray of freedom will be the most active • 54 •
  • 61. r The Seven Rays s and predominant energetic vibration on the earth during the next two-thousand-year cycle, known as the seventh cycle or the return back to God. The violet ray is the sym- bol for the approaching “New Age,” which means quite lit- erally “a new age of consciousness and freedom” for all. The violet flame can transmute our burdens and heal the earth when we choose to magnify its qualities of for- giveness. It is the ray that allows us at will to consciously change the energy within ourselves, our lives and the world around us. It is truly the gift of forgiveness and the action of the Holy Spirit working within. Often found working on this ray are great leaders, diplomats and royalty. No wonder the robes of royalty are often a rich purple tone. • 55 •
  • 62. The Great Archangels and Their Divine Complements, the Archeiai
  • 63. r The Great Archangels s “‘Go, Michael, of celestial armies prince, And thou, in military prowess next, Gabriel; lead forth to battle these my sons Invincible; lead forth my armed Saints, By thousands and by millions ranged for fight, Equal in number to that godless crew Rebellious. Them with fire and hostile arms Fearless assault; and, to the brow of Heaven Pursuing, drive them out from God and bliss Into their place of punishment, the gulf Of Tartarus, which ready opens wise His fiery chaos to receive their fall.’ • • • • ‘Of fighting Seraphim confused, at length Saw where the sword of Michael smote, and felled Squadrons at once: with huge two-handed sway Brandished aloft, the horrid edge came down Wide-wasting. Such destruction to withstand He hasted, and opposed the rocky orb Of tenfold adamant, his ample shield, A vast circumference. At his approach The great Archangel from his warlike toil Surceased, and, glad, as hoping here to end Intestine war in Heaven, the Arch-foe subdued, Or captive dragged in chains, with hostile frown And visage all inflamed, first thus began:-’ —Excerpts from JOHN MILTON’S, PARADISE LOST, BOOK VI • 58 •
  • 64. r The Great Archangels s ‘On each wing Uriel and Raphael his vaunting foe, Though huge and in a rock of diamond armed, Vanquished—Adramelech and Asmadai, Two potent Thrones, that to be less than Gods Disdained, but meaner thoughts learned in their flight, Mangled with ghastly wounds through plate and mail. Nor stood unmindful Abdiel to annoy The atheist crew, but with redoubled blow Ariel, and Arioch, and the violence Of Ramiel, scorched and blasted, overthrew. I might relate of thousands and their names Eternize here on Earth; but those elect Angels, contented with their fame in Heaven, Seek not the praise of men:-’” —Excerpts from JOHN MILTON’S, PARADISE LOST, BOOK VI • 59 •
  • 65. Michael and Faith Archangel and Archeia of Faith, Protection, Deliverance, and the Power and the Will of God BLUE RAY rchangel Michael is the most powerful, celebrated and well-known angel in history, scripture, art and literature. He and his complement, Faith, stand for The chariots of protection, deliverance and faith. Working from the first ray God are twenty of blue, they magnify God’s power and strength. Archangel thousand, even Michael uses a warrior’s strength to provide protection for thousands of angels: the Lord is among mankind. them, as in Sinai, When working with Archangel Michael, he shows us in the holy place. PS. 68:17 how to increase our ability to deal with problems. He helps us cut through all distractions, and negotiate a path to • 60 •
  • 66. Important Links for Images Relating to this Chapter Archangel Michael Prints El Morya Print Throat Chakra Print All color images in this book are available as prints and cards at our website:
  • 67. r Michael and Faith s serenity. While he is a warrior, his victory is obtained with Then war broke gentleness. He helps us to be as Jesus said, “wiley as a serpent out in heaven; Michael and his and gentle as a dove.” angels battled against Archangel Michael works with Archeia Faith, as power the dragon. The dragon and its works with faith. Power is the will behind all action. Faith is angels fought back, the ability to know that your needs will be manifested. It is but they did not necessary to know that your actions will be successful. prevail and there was no longer any Without faith, action would be impossible. The active male place for them in energy of Archangel Michael is sustained by the female nur- heaven. The huge dragon, the ancient turing energy of Archeia Faith. Together they help us to man- serpent, who is called ifest our greatest desires. Michael and Faith, the leading the Devil and Satan, angels and rulers of the first ray, protect us from evil inten- who deceived the whole world, was tions and false illusions. They cut away all that is unreal. thrown down to The blue ray, as already discussed, is one of three earth, and its angels were thrown down flames that reside within the secret chamber of the heart as with it. part of the Three-fold Flame, which is central to God’s REVELATION 12: 7-9 divine spark and workings within us. The blue ray is most strongly beamed down to earth • 62 •
  • 68. r Michael and Faith s on Tuesday, creating dazzling sunbeams of energetic light from the “great central sun,” known to be the center of the universe, the source of all love, all healing and all growth. The angels of the first ray rule the throat chakra. Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith shine over the earth from their celestial retreat over Banff and Lake Louise in Canada, in the Temple of Faith and Protection. Religious lore ranks Michael as the master of all angels. As an archangel, he is on the second lowest of the nine ranks of angels. Yet his leadership role is undisputed. He is called the prince, or greater lord, director of the angel- ic kingdom, commander of the heavenly host and the viceroy of the heavens. In Hebrew the name Michael means nothing less than “Who is God” or “Who is as God.” In the famous War in Heaven, Michael is the leg- endary angel who cast the rebellious Satan out of Heaven after defeating him. This is one example of how Michael plays the role of defeating evil forces. Michael is most com- • 63 •
  • 69. r Michael and Faith s monly depicted in classical art with an unsheathed sword. He is also pictured as a dragon slayer. Pope Pius XII desig- nated him the patron angel of policemen and Roman Catholics call St. Michael the patron saint of Germany, gro- cers, paratroopers, radiologists and the sick according to Butler in his book, Lives of the Saints. H. C. Moolenburg, author of, A Handbook of Angels, says Michael’s role as the dragon slayer is analogous to the battle between the spirit and the flesh. The dragon is the symbol for the imprisonment of matter, “the desire to give material objects lasting character.” Michael tell us it is a los- ing proposition to try to give permanence to the temporal plane of matter. It is the ultimate windmill tilting, the worship of false idols. In short, it is head- ing in the opposite direction of spiritual evolution. “Michael is thus the inexorable opponent of Satan, he who tried to make of man a materialist. The controversy between these two has lasted since the beginning • 64 •
  • 70. r Michael and Faith s of creation if we are to believe the old stories,” says Moolenburg. Moolenburg also tells a story about World War I that puts Michael’s presence on earth into very material terms. Suddenly an angel of the Lord stood by During a battle between the German and the British army, him and a light the Germans were defeating the British, when suddenly the shone in the cell. He tapped Peter on British warriors saw their fierce opponents retreating in a the side and awak- panicked chaos. ened him, saying, The British took a number of German prisoners that “Get up quickly.” The chains dropped day. Each of the prisoners told the same story. They were fir- from his wrists. ing nonstop at the English when suddenly a terrifying vision The angel said to him, “Put on your of an army loomed on the British front. The warriors were belt and your san- wearing white and riding spotless white horses. The dals.” He did so. Germans thought the army might be reinforcement troops Then he said to him, “Put on your cloak sent from Morocco. But when they started attacking them and follow me.” with bullets, not a single man appeared to be touched. Then ACTS 12:7-8 they noticed the army was lead by a powerful soldier capped with gold hair and a halo around his head. The Germans • 65 •
  • 71. r Michael and Faith s fled in utter terror. But the British never saw a thing. This vision was documented in both British and German annals as the miracle of the white cavalry of Ypes. With silence only Archangel Michael is known for more than his warrior as their benediction God’s angels come. qualities. As the angel of deliverance, he announced to Where, in the Mother Mary her approaching death. He was sketched by shadow of a great Fra Filippo Lippi as a winged angel holding a candle to the affliction, the soul sits dumb. Virgin as he tells her of her impending death, according to JAMES GREENLEAF Gustav Davidson in, A Dictionary of Angels. WHITTIER, written to a friend when his sister In John Ronner’s, Know Your Angels, Michael takes the had just died souls of the dead to the afterlife. A gospel song, “Michael, row the boat ashore,” seems to refer to Michael helping souls cross the waters from earth to Heaven. Christians invoke St. Michael as the angel of death, in the sense of deliverance and immortality for he leads the souls of the faithful “into the eternal light,” says Davidson. Often when humans describe an experience with angels, they identify the heavenly being as Michael. Joan of • 66 •
  • 72. r Michael and Faith s Arc said Michael and other celestial spirits helped her lead the French to victory over the English in the Hundred Years War. And again, it was Michael who stayed the hand of Abraham when the patriarch was about to slay his son Isaac, though others say this was the work of Zadkiel. In Jewish mythology Moses saw the image of Michael in the burning bush. In The Book of Adam and Eve, Michael leads the angels to the Garden of Eden to look at the newly formed creation of Adam. Satan, while still among the rank of angels, says it should be man that bows before the messen- gers of God. For this arrogant stance, God threw Satan and his followers out of paradise. Later when Adam and Eve are also expelled, Michael teaches Adam to survive by farming. When Adam dies, Michael cleanses the first man’s soul. Just as Michael plays a leading role in angelic lore, so does the ray he governs hold a starring part in the Mystery • 67 •
  • 73. r Michael and Faith s Schools’ theory of the enlightening fire known as the Three- At that time there shall arise Michael, fold Flame. He is power, desire and action. His crucial abili- the great prince, guar- ties are tempered by faith and love. In fact, every action we dian of your people; It shall be a time do, should be tempered by the same qualities of consideration unsurpassed in distress since nations began and compassion. until that time. Michael and Faith, like all angels, are able to embody At that time your people shall escape, a pure form of God’s energy. Their blended qualities work everyone who is found together to lift the veil of illusion. This veil, which has fall- written in the book. Many of those who en over man, is our fall from grace. Faith, the right use of sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake; God’s will, and God’s eternal protection and care, can bring some shall live forever, us back to our original state of oneness with God. others shall be an everlasting horror and Call upon the loving energy of Archangel Michael and disgrace. But the wise Archeia Faith when you need courage to achieve success in shall shine brightly like the splendor of the any venture, or are in need of strength and protection from firmament, and those who lead the many to adversity. They will cut away the veil of illusion or negativ- justice shall be like the ity that surrounds you. stars forever. DANIEL 12:1-3 If you feel a special desire to wear blue, or are attrac- ted in general to this color, you may naturally operate on • 68 •
  • 74. r Michael and Faith s the first ray and feel a kinship with Michael and Faith. You operate at your maximum potential by using the qualities of faith, will, power, and protection. Just as everyone is suited to a particular style, job, spouse etcetera, each of us has one or more archangel that will be of special help to us. Many policemen, for example, will be attracted to the qualities of Michael and Faith. Who is a better policeman, proudly and honorably wearing the blue uniform, than one who is com- fortable with his or her power, and who is also bound with Every visible a strong faith or belief in righteousness? thing in this world is put in the charge of an angel. ST. AUGUSTINE, EIGHT QUESTIONS
  • 75. Jophiel and Christine Archangel and Archeia of Illumination and Wisdom YELLOW RAY rchangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine bring down the wisdom from the Godhead. They direct the yel- low ray. This ray anchored in the crown chakra at the top of the head. The second ray beams forth to earth most strongly on Sunday. The archangel and archeia of the yellow Love is the light and ray focus their presence in their retreat above the Great Wall energy of God, and of China near Lanchow. the energy that runs Angels and saints in history, art, and literature are pic- the Universe. tured with a gold halo encircling their head. Even stalwart Christians recognize the yellow ray of wisdom through • 70 •
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  • 77. r Jophiel and Christine s depiction of this golden halo. The Hindus recognized the crown chakra as a divine yellow seat of God’s wisdom and illumination. Through this chakra we are inspired with high- er knowledge and tap into the mind of God. There is not much written in traditional lore about Archangel Jophiel. He is known as the angel of beauty, for his name in Hebrew translates to “beauty of God.” It is gen- erally believed that Jophiel drove Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Not surprisingly, Jophiel guarded the Tree of Knowledge, which played a crucial role in their expulsion from paradise. The metaphor for the beginning of the sepa- ration of man’s thought from the divine was when Eve tast- ed the fruit of knowledge, thus breaking the “at-one-ment” with God. When Eve bit into the apple she began to perceive both evil and good. The introduction of evil led man- kind to forget what absolute truth was. Everything would become relative, and man could no longer distinguish • 72 •
  • 78. r Jophiel and Christine s absolute goodness from the good that is only good in comparison to evil. So the mission of these twin flames is to illuminate mankind with understanding of the teachings of Christ, But woe to you, earth and sea, for the Mohammed, and all the other prophets and angels. The Devil has come down flames represent the phrase “I AM Light,” which is a feeling to you in great fury, for he knows he has that descends upon enlightened souls. Jesus said, “I am the but a short time. way, the truth, and the light.” In other words, he is saying REVELATION 12:12 “the wisdom that I bring you is God’s wisdom and I bring it to you to use in your life.” Whenever there is a spark of inspiration toward spiri- tual growth, the angels of illumination are brought in to magnetize that fusion. Christine, Jophiel’s divine complement, acts as the shrine for wisdom. As the feminine complement of wisdom, she represents constancy, that which is steadfast and change- less. Often someone who is so lost in thought cannot focus long enough to translate all his or her great ideas into • 73 •
  • 79. r Jophiel and Christine s material creation. This person needs the balance of constan- cy. Many intellectuals need the energies of Christine to make them practical. Like all feminine complements to the archangels, Christine is the energy of Mater, which in Latin translates into mother. The feminine complement is like mother earth, the receptive garden into which a seed is planted. In “And when a man injures and oppresses this case, Christine is the shrine where wisdom lies. Her you and deals unjust- name “Christ - in” means the Christ consciousness made ly with you, you should deal kindly into matter. She is also the spirit of Christ energy (or God- with him and forgive Consciousness) in elemental life, all the creatures and plants him. Thus you will on earth. All living beings are a combination of matter and strike at the root of hatred and enmity spirit. Likewise each archangel needs a grounded comple- and he who is your ment to translate their power to the human realm. enemy will become your friend.” Illumination is basically just understanding. If you HOLY KORAN 41:34 have been confused or afraid, you know how comforting understanding can be. When you get in a fight with some- one, the conflict is not often resolved until you understand • 74 •
  • 80. r Jophiel and Christine s the reasons for the person’s anger. When they come back to explain their rage, your anger goes away. Without knowing the reasons for the outburst, you would continue to harbor resentment. So understanding brings peace. They say to know God is the same as loving God. For the truth of the universe is so beautiful you cannot but love it. Of course not everything can be understood on this plane—certainly not all at once. But when mental mastery is necessary, the angels of wisdom will help. Psychologists make their living helping others uncover what in their past has caused them to act irrationally or painfully in the pre- sent. Through understanding a painful childhood or painful event, the patient is mentally cured from bondage by this idea. Wisdom works to heal by unknotting messy human thoughts and replacing them with God’s perfect vision. Jesus tells us the thirst for knowledge is crucial to spir- itual advancement. “Ask and ye shall receive,” means we must ask for this gift of wisdom. We must ask the angels to • 75 •
  • 81. r Jophiel and Christine s Angels are God’s become a part of our lives again. The Buddhist tradition representatives. These teaches that there is a river of knowledge that runs through upward-soaring beings never lead our consciousness and in it are all the secrets and mysteries towards self, sin, or of the universe. They are bubbling forth for us to use if only materiality, but guide to the divine we could stay still long enough to listen and recognize them. Principle of all good, Some have said the river of knowledge sounds like laughter. whither every real Others have said it is the one universal sound of “OM.” individuality, image or likeness of God, Jophiel is sent from God to help us focus our energies gathers. By giving away from carnal attractions to the pure mental state of earnest heed to these spiritual guides they Christ, which is the perfect mind. Jesus Christ was in some tarry with us, and ways responsible for changing an entire planet. The energy we entertain “angels of his mind was totally one with God. unawares.” ARYBAKER EDDY, The illumination of this ray removes the density of SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE negativity created by human thoughts and feelings. These SCRIPTURES, thoughts could be jealousy, doubt, fear, dishonor and a lack PAGE 299:11-17 of integrity. Archangel Jophiel and Christine release mighty currents of light which can flow around your brain and remove such density. The rays of God’s wisdom play upon • 76 •
  • 82. r Jophiel and Christine s your painful thought patterns like sun reflecting on rippling water. They can turn your bitterness into light banter dissi- pating from the body like breath. Jophiel and Christine are known as the directors of training for all the angels. They hold the position in the angelic kingdom similar to the one Jesus held as Lord of this earthly planet. I have said that the Three-fold Flame inside the heart chakra is made up of the yellow, blue and pink flames. You cannot get through the day without these core attributes of God. Without love, you will not have human relationships. Without faith, you will not move forward through despair. And without knowledge, you will not know where to turn or what to do. Wisdom is the lodestone, or magnet, to draw down the perfect blueprint. This perfect map is how God created man in his likeness and image. God’s will—his plan for our lives—is to use His energy to create our lives in a positive way. With our will, we create our own future as we • 77 •
  • 83. r Jophiel and Christine s grow. When we decide to move to New York City to become a great writer, for example, we are setting up that path for our life. That is our will. Call upon Jophiel and Christine when you need infor- mation. When you need understanding of a confusing situation they will pour forth the golden fountain of wisdom upon you. Bless the LORD, all your angels, mighty in strength and attentive, obedient to every command. Bless the LORD, all you hosts, ministers who do God’s will. Bless the LORD, all creatures, everywhere in God’s domain. Bless the LORD, my soul! —PS. 103:21–22 • 78 •
  • 84. r Jophiel and Christine s • 79 •
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  • 86. Chamuel and Charity Archangel and Archeia of Love and Adoration PINK RAY hamuel and Charity are twin hosts of divine love, which Jesus described as the love that passeth all understanding. Charity is compassion in action. “See that you do Chamuel channels God’s love. Together these archangels gov- not despise one of these little ones, for ern the third ray, a softly-hued petal pink, which is based in I say to you that the heart chakra. It baths the earth most strongly on Monday. their angels in Chamuel and Charity share a retreat in the etheric plane over heaven always look upon the face of my St. Louis, Missouri. heavenly Father.” Archangel Chamuel is barely mentioned by name in MATTHEW 18:10 biblical or other scripture. Perhaps because of his association • 81 •
  • 87. r Chamuel and Charity s with compassion and charity, he may be the unnamed angel “The secrets of the who comforted Christ in Jerusalem’s Garden of Gethsemane Divine Plan are written in nature, in just before he was arrested, according to Ronner in Know biology, and even in Your Angels. the hearts of all What Chamuel lacks in name recognition, he more human beings. Illusion masks the than compensates for in importance, for he governs the obvious. The poison energy of divine love, which is referred to in practically all of illusions enchants its captives. Those religious teachings as the most potent creative and healing who are enchanted force in the universe. It cannot be emphasized enough that frequently do not rec- God is love. ognize evil. Love breaks the power of Archangel Chamuel and Archeia Charity embody the evil. Peace flows from Christian decree: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with the River of Love. The River of Love all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy spirit.” Or flows from the heart as Jesus said, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” of God.” —ACCORDING TO This is not an angry schoolmarm telling you to JANICE CONNELL IN behave. This advice will bring you more joy than any other HER BOOK ENTITLED, ANGEL POWER, PAGE 164 path. While it asks that you be selfless, it is actually the most self-loving thing you can do because it will help you most. • 82 •
  • 88. r Chamuel and Charity s The Christian religion is firmly planted in concepts of char- ity and love. But the message has often been misinterpreted to mean one must give hand-outs here on earth to win a heavenly reward in the afterlife. Such thinking actually fos- ters guilt more than anything else. But that was not what Jesus’ message was intended to convey. The love that passeth all understanding is the greatest gift that you can give yourself. That is because we are all really one! Our purpose on earth is to mend this illusion of separation, so that we may ascend with the angels toward the one great source, where we all belong. If you try extend- ing unconditional love outward to those “who do not deserve it,” you will see that the principle of divine love works. It will show you that we are all one. What you pour forth into the world as love, you receive ten-fold back your- self. Love conquers all. It melts disharmony, fear and imper- fection. Love is joyful. It is a beautiful, buoyant feeling. It is • 83 •
  • 89. r Chamuel and Charity s the way people impart the wonderful feelings they receive from God to their families and friends. It is what God is. We have all been “hurt by love,” but this is not the kind that Chamuel brings to us on the crest of the soft-pink ray. The Father/Mother God’s love can never hurt. It is the true love, the “seamless garment, your eternal protection that consumes all unlike itself,” according to the book, “I AM” The Open Door. “True love is selfless, it wants nothing of itself.” The book continues, “It is already full. And out of that fullness, out of its own joy, it wishes to share, to give itself, to expand and embrace all in the wonders of itself.” Chamuel is also adoration, reverence to God, the hon- oring and worshipping of the divine. Adoration is like bask- ing in the glow of the “mighty Sun.” It is total surrender to the Father/Mother God from whom all blessings flow. “It is complete devotion to the goodness of life,” wrote Thomas Printz in his book, The Seven Beloved Archangels Speak. • 84 •
  • 90. r Chamuel and Charity s Adoration is the act of worshipping God inside each Because He is Love in its essence, of us. By focusing on the perfect spark of divine creation that is, Divine Love within the stillness of your own heart and in the hearts of (God) appears before those around you, you increase the light and illuminate the the angels in heaven as a sun, and, from darkness. Adoration is the passionate embrace of goodness that sun heat and and joy. light go forth; the heat…being in its Combined with these attributes that send the heart essence love, and the soaring with joy, is Archeia Charity. This twin flame is love light…wisdom; and and compassion in action. Call on Charity if you are having so far as the angels are recipients of that trouble meditating or loving someone. Charity will soothe spiritual heat and you and increase your feelings of love for that person. This light they are loves and wisdoms; not complement to love and adoration will affirm that which is loves and wisdoms holy within you. from themselves, but We call upon Chamuel and Charity to instill that from the Lord. EMANUEL sacred love within the emotional lives of all mankind. Their SWEDENBORG, ANGELIC WISDOM; directive is to help develop various aspects of humanitarian- CONCERNING DIVINE ism, tolerance, adoration and reverence for all life within LOVE AND WISDOM earthly beings. They work to activate our instincts to joyfully • 85 •
  • 91. r Chamuel and Charity s accept God’s presence within. The pink ray magnifies grati- tude, another way to pour fourth love for God’s gifts and When it is the Lord’s good pleasure, provisions. the good spirits appear to others, and also to themselves, like bright lucid stars, glittering according to the quality of their charity and faith; but evil spirits appear like globules of coal-fire. EMANUEL SWEDENBORG, MEMORABILIA #7 • 86 •
  • 92. r Chamuel and Charity s For by (God) were all things created that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him. —COL. I:16 Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come…(is God). —EPH. I:21 Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?…Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor prin- cipalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come; Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God. —ROM. 8:35; 37-39 • 87 •
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  • 94. Gabriel and Hope Archangel and Archeia of Visitation, Annunciation and Ascension WHITE RAY rchangel Gabriel and Archeia Hope work on the fourth ray of purity, hope, discipline and the ascen- sion. This ray is a brilliant white. Purity is the very essence and nature of God, whose character and mind are totally pure. White is the magnificent merging of all the col- ors of the rainbow in such pure form that it represents the One Divine Mind, which is often how Christian Scientists define God. Archangel Gabriel shares his retreat in the etheric between Sacramento and Mt. Shasta, California with his • 89 •
  • 95. r Gabriel and Hope s beloved complement Archeia Hope. The fourth ray rules the base-of-the-spine chakra. It bathes the earth most It is in rugged strongly on Friday. crises, in unwearable Gabriel is known as the angel of annunciation. Except endurance, and in aims which put for Michael, he is the only angel mentioned by name in the sympathy out of the Old Testament. He is the one who announces to Mary that question, that the she is to be the mother of Jesus Christ. Christian iconogra- angel is shown.” RALPH WALDO phy often depicts Gabriel kneeling before Mary, carrying a EMERSON scroll, a trumpet or white lilies announcing the virgin birth. Gabriel and Hope create the memory within all mankind of one’s divine image, a unique and perfect blue- print that is already within you. Just as he did with Mary, he plants the idea of this “immaculate concept” into your sub- conscious mind. The immaculate concept is the perfect vision of our- selves, just as Jesus Christ is the perfect, God-like man. If we hold the vision of a perfect idea, we are holding the immac- ulate concept. By holding this concept of ourselves as God • 90 •
  • 96. r Gabriel and Hope s created us is a very powerful way for us to realize our full potential. Gabriel’s mission on earth is to be the illuminator of the way—teaching man how to develop and create the con- cept of perfection for himself as well as for the earth. To the Mohammedans, Gabriel is the spirit of truth, according to Davidson’s, A Dictionary of Angels. Mohammed claimed it was Gabriel who dictated the Koran to him. Davidson, in A Dictionary of Angels, says according to the court testimony of Joan of Arc, it was Gabriel who inspired her to go to the aid of the King of France. Through listening to his communica- tion, a poor farm girl led her countrymen to defeat the English. Gabriel assists man in the ritual of the ascension, which is the reuniting of the soul with God. He shows us God’s potency since he represents pro- creation. Gabriel instructs a newly incarnating soul taken • 91 •
  • 97. r Gabriel and Hope s from Heaven, for the nine months that it is in the womb, according to Know Your Angels, by Ronner. Because of his relationship with Mary, and his connection to conception, Praise he is also thought of as the angel of childbirth. the He stands for resurrection, which is the restoration of Lord! body, mind and soul to the state of renewed life in the planes of matter. Traditional lore says that Gabriel will deliver the ultimate announcement to the earth. According to Ronner, “he will blow the final trumpet, that will wake the sleeping dead, and they will prepare themselves for the final judgment”—the wake-up call for all those who will align with God/Good. The word Gabriel is derived from the Hebrew word ‘gibor’ and that means power or hero, according to A Handbook of Angels by Moolenburgh. Catholics call St. Gabriel the patron saint of broad- casters, clerics, messengers, postal workers, radio workers, tele- communications workers, telephone workers and television • 92 •
  • 98. r Gabriel and Hope s workers. Catholics worship St. Gabriel on March 24th, the day immediately preceding the feast of the annunciation of the Blessed Virgin. In the poem, The Golden Legend, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow makes Gabriel the angel of the moon who brings man the gift of hope. Notice that this is the name of For a good angel Gabriel’s divine complement, Hope. Together they embody will go with him, his the white ray. In the Koran, Gabriel appears as a shining journey will be suc- cessful, and he will white angel to an Arab merchant, who turns out to be the come home safe and prophet Mohammed. He begins the merchant’s transforma- sound. tion with the question, “Sleeper, how long do you sleep?” TOB. 5:21 Folklore attributes Gabriel as the interpreter of dreams and visions. Gabriel is mentioned in The Bible in the story of Daniel. Daniel has a terrifying vision of a tremendous ram bucking to the west, the north and to the south, and no animal could stand up to the ram until even- tually he was overcome by a he-goat from the west after a wild struggle. Gabriel explains to Daniel the vision represents • 93 •
  • 99. r Gabriel and Hope s the Greek conquest of the empires of Medes and Persians, after a series of other conquests. Later in Daniel it is Gabriel It can in no sense who prophesies the coming of the Messiah (Daniel 9, verses be said that heaven is 21–26). About 500 years later, this immortal announcer outside of any one; it is within…and a does the same thing for the Virgin Mary announcing the man also, so far as he birth of Jesus. receives heaven, is a recipient, a heaven, Gabriel’s complement, Hope, represents the action of and an angel. purity, the brilliant white flame at the base of the Three-fold EMANUEL Flame, which is the divine spark that resides in the secret SWEDENBORG, ARCANO COELESTIA chamber of the heart. This is the pure flame of the divine mother which is the sacred fire of God’s creative energies. Through this quality of purity anchored in each individual heart, she can intensify the feelings of hope within any one of us at any time. Hope gives us the power to move into action instead of wallowing in despair, frustration and inactivity. Through communication with these beloved angels, we can begin to better understand the possibilities awaiting • 94 •
  • 100. r Gabriel and Hope s us, and experience the hope of everlasting life. You may call upon Gabriel and Hope to ask for your perfection, so that you grow spiritually on the earth plane. If you have aspirations, it is Gabriel that will help you achieve them. Whereas Michael will use his sword to cut away limitations, Gabriel uses Hope, to help us rise above adversity. It is both aspects of the archangel pairs, the so- called male and female, that define their methods of reach- ing us on earth. • 95 •
  • 101. Raphael and Mary Archangel and Archeia of Healing and Concentration GREEN RAY rchangel Raphael and Archeia Mary are the healers. To mankind, they represent the qualities of truth, concentration and healing. Their ray, emerald green, is the color of the “third eye” chakra. Their goal is to teach mankind how to develop inner vision. They help us to Praise ye him, be seers of truth. all his angels; These archangels work on the fifth ray, a shimmering praise he him, emerald green. It makes perfect sense that this ray is the all his hosts. —PS. 148:2 third eye chakra in Eastern thought. The third eye gives us the power to visualize and to bring into manifestation • 96 •
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  • 103. r Raphael and Mary s God’s plan for our lives and allows us to see the abundance he intends for us. The green ray sends its healing glow down to the earth most strongly on Wednesday. The ruling archangels of this ray reside above Fatima, Portugal, in the etheric plane. Archangel Raphael is the legendary healer. His ray is the color of spring and rejuvenation. Green is the healing color of nature. It combines the bright, yellow power of fire, like the sun, with the grounded power of nature, the earth, to create beauty and vitality all around. It is the green of life-giving chlorophyll, created by the sun’s action on the fertile earth, that restores man to health, sustaining and connecting him to his Creator. It is also the color of many healing vegetables used in cleansing diets. Likewise, in history Raphael is depicted as the healer. The very name in Hebrew means “God cures.” In The Bible, Raphael cures Abraham of the pain of his • 98 •
  • 104. r Raphael and Mary s circumcision, which he underwent late in life. In the Bible, Raphael acts as guide to Tobit’s blind son, Tobias who journeys to Media from Nineveh. Along the way he defends Tobias against the demon, Asmodeus. For whatever you ask in my name, He is thus thought of as the angel who watches over those I will do it…if you undertaking a spiritual pilgrimage, seeking spiritual healing ask anything in my name, I will do it. or transformation. In paintings by great masters such as JOHN 14:13,14 Botticini, Titian, Lorrain, Pollajuolo, Ghirlandaio and Rembrandt, Raphael is often portrayed as carrying a walk- ing stick, symbolizing the Staff of Life. This angelic healer also taught Tobias how to enter safely into wedlock with Sara, whose seven previous grooms all died on their wedding night. “He caused me to have my wife and he chased from her the evil spirit,” says Tobias. “He gave joy to her parents. Myself he delivered from being devoured by the fish; thee also he hath made to see the light of Heaven; and we are filled with all good things through him.” • 99 •
  • 105. r Raphael and Mary s Raphael is one of three archangels mentioned by name in The Bible. Raphael is the angel sent by God to cure Stricken with fear, Jacob’s thigh injury after Jacob’s battle with a dark enemy. In the two men fell to the famous legend of the flood, Raphael handed Noah a the ground. St. (Saint) Raphael “medical book” when the rain had stopped. (the Archangel) said St. Raphael is regarded as the patron saint of the blind to them: No need to in Catholic teachings. According to Butler in his book, Lives fear; you are safe. Thank God now of the Saints, Raphael is also known as the patron saint of and forever. As for nurses, physicians and travelers. me, when I came to you it was not out of Archeia Mary was embodied as Mother Mary, the any favor on my mother of Jesus. She is the aspect of grace, God’s gift of part, but because it mercy, compassion and protection. As the flame of concen- was God’s will. So continue to thank tration, she sustains and nurtures God’s children. She con- him every day; praise solidates energies—the act of focusing one’s attention on a him with song. TOBIT 12:16-18 particular vision or achievement. Such concentration focus- es the mothering sustenance of birth. Archangel Raphael and Archeia Mary also work with people on their ability to visualize the “immaculate concept,” • 100 •
  • 106. r Raphael and Mary s the vision of their perfect selves. They help us understand science. They nurture our creative talents. As the angels of healing, they assist doctors and nurses. They direct colorful, healing currents of energy into homes and hospitals where healing is needed. Perhaps you know someone who wears the color green all the time. They may have a tremendous need to heal themselves or others. Surgeons wear green in the operating room. This marriage of healing with concentration brings help to mankind, as powerful as the life-giving combination of sun and earth in the natural world. • 101 •
  • 107. Uriel and Aurora Archangel and Archeia of Peace, Ministration and Service PURPLE AND GOLD RAY rchangel Uriel and Aurora serve on the purple and gold ray, the sixth ray, which represents the Godly attributes of peace, ministration and service. They bring us the selfless flame of love used in devotional worship and service to all life. Some believe Aurora is the administra- tor of grace, which in theological terminology means the unmerited love and favor of God toward man. Or, divine influence acting in man to make him pure and morally strong. The purple and gold ray rules the solar plexus chakra • 102 •
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  • 109. r Uriel and Aurora s and beams down to the earth most strongly on Thursdays. Uriel and Aurora have their retreat over the Tatra Mountains, south of Cracow, Poland, in the etheric world. It is said, and it is Uriel is referred to in literature as the “fire of God,” true, that just before we are born, a cavern “flame of the sun,” “angel of the presence,” and the angel puts his finger “archangel of salvation,” according to Davidson. In Hebrew to our lips and says, Uriel means “God’s light” or “light of God.” “Hush, don’t tell what you know.” This is As St. Uriel in Catholic teachings, he is shown with an why we are born with open hand holding a flame. The open hand signifies an a cleft on our upper lips and remembering openness to receive God’s light. The fire inside his palm is a nothing of where we reminder of the intensity of reception of this light. A book came from. or scroll symbolizes this angel’s talents for interpretation. RODERICK MACLEISH, PRINCE OMBRA The governing angels of this purple and gold ray bring to mankind the light of God’s peace and devotion to good by intensifying our desire for worship. With the grace of his feminine complement, Uriel brings to man the tools to reach God. Devotional service and worship are important aspects of any pilgrim or pilgrimage. Without peace, the • 104 •
  • 110. r Uriel and Aurora s mind cannot receive God’s swirling energy. Grace is a spe- cial blessing of mercy, compassion, love or other virtue given to a person by God. With Uriel’s fiery devotion, comes Aurora’s power to make man morally strong. This ray is a combination of purple and gold. Likewise, the action of this ray is two-fold. The purple stands for the Holy Spirit in the Holy Trinity. It is the power of transformation and forgiveness. The purple creates the desire for spiritual service in mankind. The gold represents the enlightened fire of wisdom within our hearts, souls and minds, assisting each part of our lives to find reunion with our source, and with the “golden rule,” the laws of life. In the Holy Trinity, Christ is the golden flame. The combina- tion of the two allow us to transform or create our worlds at will. In religious lore, Uriel is referred to as the “spirit who stood at the gate of the lost Eden with the fiery sword,” according to Abbot Anscar Vonier in, The Teaching of the • 105 •
  • 111. r Uriel and Aurora s Catholic Church. Ronner, in Know Your Angels, says this archangel is folklore’s angel of prophecy and interpretation. He is the guardian of writers and teachers. In the Old Testament First and Second Books of Esdras, Uriel reveals the meaning of the Hebrew prophet Ezra’s seven visions, that a Messiah has been sent to conquer all evil. From this role in the Bible, Uriel earns his wings as an angel of interpretation. In John Milton’s, Paradise Lost, Uriel is called the “Regent of the Sun” and takes part in the fall of man. According to Milton’s tale, Satan is able to trick Uriel into giving him directions down to earth. Satan is seeking revenge for losing the battle after being kicked out of heav- en. So he wants to harm God’s newest creation, Adam and Eve. He hides his identity from Uriel, ruler of the Sun, by dressing up as a cherub. Uriel gives him directions to the Garden of Eden. But later he finds out he was tricked and • 106 •
  • 112. r Uriel and Aurora s slides down to the Garden on a sunbeam. Uriel tells Gabriel and the other angels to protect the first humans. His mes- sage apparently came too late to prevent the fall. Fear not, little The ray governed by Uriel and Aurora teaches us flock, for it is your Father’s good lessons for mastering the physical plane. They teach us to pleasure to give you seek peace and devote ourselves to knowing and worship- the kingdom. ping God. LUKE 12:32 Seek help from Archangel Uriel and Aurora when you need renewed dedication to achieve goals. Also look to the archangels of the purple and gold ray if you want to perform selfless services to others. Through the archangels of peace, ministration and service, mankind can work to be “thy brother’s keeper,” which is what Jesus taught us to strive toward in order to become one with God. • 107 •
  • 113. Important Links for Images Relating to this Chapter Archangel Zadkiel Prints Saint Germain Print Elohim Arcturus Print Violet Flame Print Seat of the Soul Chakra Print
  • 114. Zadkiel and Amethyst The Archangel and Archeia of Freedom and Transmutation VIOLET RAY rchangel Zadkiel and Archeia Amethyst work on the seventh ray, which is violet, and represents transmutation and purification through invoca- tion—the act of calling upon the presence of God for inter- cession. The archangels of the violet ray intensify the powers of mercy, compassion, forgiveness and freedom. Residing in the seat-of-the-soul chakra (which is just Do not fear, below the navel), the violet ray governs the miracle of trans- only believe. MARK 5:36 formation. The archangels of this ray share a retreat called the Temple of Purification, located over Cuba in the • 109 •
  • 115. r Zadkiel and Amethyst s Caribbean. Together they imbue all earthly beings with the desire and power to free themselves and all mankind from self-created and self-inflicted negativity and limitation. The violet ray, sometimes called the freedom ray, is magnified on The highest rank Saturday. [cherubim, seraphim, thrones] do not join Zadkiel is the angel of benevolence, mercy and mem- in our struggle ory, according to Davidson’s, A Dictionary of Angels. Some against our vices, but dwell with us only writers say it was Zadkiel who held back Abraham’s arm when, above all when the patriarch was about to sacrifice his son Isaac. conflict, we are with Ronner’s, Know Your Angels, has Zadkiel’s symbol as the sac- God in peace, in contemplation, and rificial knife, apparently because of his interlude with in perennial love. Abraham. JAN VAN RUYSBROECK, SEVEN STEPS OF THE Zadkiel and Amethyst’s ray, which manifests as the LADDER OF SPIRITUAL LOVE violet flame, has an important role in alchemy, the chem- istry of the Middle Ages. Through fire, alchemists of the 16th century learned it was possible to transform base met- als into gold. This lesson can be applied on many levels. The science of transmutation and change, in theological terms, • 110 •
  • 116. r Zadkiel and Amethyst s is the process of transforming lower human consciousness to a higher spiritual vibration. Isaac Newton discovered that a ray of sunlight passing through a prism will separate into seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The color violet has the shortest wavelength but the highest frequency of visible light in the color spectrum. It is the transitional vibration leading to the next octave of color and light. When we talk about transforming ourselves spiritual- Violet Indigo Blue Green Yellow Orange Red ly, we must think of the power of the violet flame. The violet flame is like the spiritual wine of forgiveness, for it represents the quality of mercy in the world. Through the power of forgiveness, fear and anger are transformed back into love as if nothing discordant ever happened. The • 111 •
  • 117. r Zadkiel and Amethyst s violet flame is also called the “violet trans- muting flame of forgiveness.” Forgiveness is not always easy. When angry, we blame, we resent and we hate. These painful feelings do not just go away. But the archangels of the violet ray will intercede if we express the desire to forgive. If we do not know how to forgive ourselves or those we call enemy, God knows and God will show us the way. You need only to try. Ask for the gift of forgiveness by calling upon Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Amethyst. Understanding and forgiveness are universal solvents. They will take the heart of your trouble, which is fear, and transform it into peace, truth and love. Fear is the opposite of love. It is present in every form of discord. It wears the faces of guilt, hate, resentment, anger, anxiety and blame. They are all forms of fear and all can be replaced by love. The violet flame accomplishes the perfect work of truth that sets men and women free from • 112 •
  • 118. r Zadkiel and Amethyst s disharmony. When negative emotions are held within the body, the outcome is often a lack of ease, or “dis-ease.” This can manifest in the body or in the mind. Illness is one result of negativity taken “to heart” in the body. God’s alchemy is within and around us. The divine energy of God is the transformer and the universal unguent, allowing us to move our thought and actions into a place where only love is left. The violet flame is free- Oh sovereign angel, dom’s flame of transmutation. It contains the Wide winged stranger above a Holy Spirit’s power to transmute the cause and forgetful earth, Care for me, care for me, core of density, sin and negative karma. Of Keep me unaware of danger course, this is not all happening on the conscious And not regretful plane. Faith is necessary to feel God’s forces work- And not forgetful of my innocent birth. ing inside our atoms and cells, along with the —EDNA ST. VINCENT MILLAY divine spark in our heart. Inner peace and harmony show outwardly as a result of changing and reshaping our negative thoughts and actions. We then easily move through negative situations by • 113 •
  • 119. r Zadkiel and Amethyst s mastering the power of our own consciousness. By visualiz- ing the violet flame, the action of forgiveness and the Holy Spirit, we can use this divine transforming chemistry to change our world. The special crystal jewel, the amethyst, is thought to be the symbolic condensation of the violet ray. It is the birthstone for the astrological sign of Aquarius, the sign rep- resenting freedom and the coming of the “new clear age of consciousness” on this planet. The seventh ray governed by Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst is an aspect of the Holy Spirit, also referred to as “the comforter.” It comes from the center of the white flame of God’s potent love. It combines • 114 •
  • 120. r Zadkiel and Amethyst s the blue flame of faith with the pink flame of love, to cre- ate the spiritual salve of forgiveness. And the angel of the Lord called unto him out of heaven, and said, Abraham, Abraham: and he said, Here am I. —GENESIS 22:11 • 115 •
  • 121. Here on Earth “You who do not see us, you who do not hear us, you imag- ine us in the far distance, yet we are so near. We are mes- sengers who bring closeness to those who are distant. We are messengers who bring light to those who are in darkness. We are the ones who bring the Word to those who are in question.” —ANGEL IN FAR AWAY, SO CLOSE Angels are nothing if not useful to us. Their purpose For he shall give his is to help us communicate with the divine. They have no angels charge over thee to keep thee in trouble with their mission. It is we who forget our bond all thy ways. with them. PS. 91:11 The first step in recognizing angels is to slow down. Seek the quietness inside through meditation or relaxation. Do not entertain negative thoughts. They cloud your perception of the divine. Angels are repelled by such • 116 •
  • 122. r Here on Earth s illusion. Train your eyes to see only the perfec- tion and beauty in yourself and in all other beings who cross your path. Terry Lynn Taylor, in her book, Messengers of Light, describe angels as “brain program edi- tors.” “If you allow them, they can go into your brain like technicians and improve your programming. If you allow yourself to be in a receptive state, angels will reprogram your brain by adding new information and discarding neg- ative thoughts. If this sounds ridiculous,” said Taylor, “think of all the other influences you allow in—mind altering Belief in angels will allow you to chemicals, outmoded beliefs, and television. When you look communicate with at it that way, why not angels.” them. Why not open up to the possibility Be open to mystery. You do not know everything. of celestial helpers While this may make you feel uncomfortable, let your whose words come vision not be clouded by fear. Belief in the angels will allow from God? you to communicate with them. Why not open up to the possibility of celestial helpers whose words come from God? • 117 •
  • 123. r Here on Earth s The same smells and colors that cheer us in the nat- ural world are signs of celestial beings. Watch for especially dazzling tones of all colors in nature. Scents of rose, pine and sandalwood have been said to indicate the closeness of angels. If a sudden intuition tells you to remain calm and peaceful, or if you feel remarkably hopeful in the face of adversity, or swell with joy spontaneously, chances are an angel is near. Sophy Burnham in her bestseller, A Book of Angels, said, “Never once do you hear an angel trumpeting bad news.” Be like an angel. When speaking to others, convey only hope, faith and confidence in God’s eternal love. To allow the angels to fill you with the abundance of God’s gifts, believe in those gifts and help spread them to others. Do not condemn yourself. You are God’s creature as much as your neighbor. Forgive yourself constantly because God is within you. Stay clear of guilt. It serves no purpose. • 118 •
  • 124. r Here on Earth s Ask for help. It is the angels’ job to lift you to into a higher emotional state. Yet out of respect for our free will, “Those who are in angels cannot always intercede in our lives without our per- a state of innocence mission. We must remember to ask for their help and be attribute nothing of good to themselves receptive. but consider them- Angels are attracted to celebrations and devout prayer. selves receivers and ascribe all things to They love to attend weddings and worship services. Call to the Lord; that they them and rejoice with them on these occasions. wish to be led Knowledge of the archangels’ attributes can help you by Him, and not by themselves; that they with a particular need. If you are tortured by depression, love everything which call on the Archangel Chamuel and Charity. They rule the is good, and are delighted with every- pink ray, which beams down the joyful, buoyant feelings of thing which is true love. They help us embrace God’s jubilant presence. because thus…is to All of the color rays can be helpful in meditation. For love the Lord." EMANUEL example, if you are troubled by lingering resentment or you SWEDENBORG, MEMORABILIA cannot let go of a painful memory, imagine yourself drenched in a warm purple waterfall, or enveloped in a cloak of purple velvet. See yourself on stage with the • 119 •
  • 125. r Here on Earth s spotlight drenching you in purple light. Put the person or focus of your anger in the light with you. Violet is the color of forgiveness. Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst help you Angels and to forgive. If you find in meditation that a color comes to ministers of grace mind, focus on it. Allow it to grow. You may have a need for defend us. that particular healing energy. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, Meditation is concentration on the divine. It is the act HAMLET, I.IV. of harnessing the mind’s creative force. Meditate on the angels. Ask them to free you from any discordant situation. Visualize a healing at some point in the future. Expect the tension to be resolved or corrected in some way. It will dis- solve if you pray for release from this emotional bondage. The angels’ message is very clear. Are you ready to lis- ten? The angels are here to remind us that we live in two worlds; one in which we move around and pursue our daily tasks, and the other where we connect with the “bridge of knowledge to the divine.” Take the challenge to recreate your options for life on • 120 •
  • 126. r Here on Earth s earth through working in divine partnership with our color- coded angelic hosts who continually endeavor to support us, magnifying our efforts to achieve our greatness and free- dom from limitation. See the flame in the secret chamber of your heart chakra grow bigger as it continues to serve you in all instances. Allow the angels to whisper their reassurance in your ear. Perhaps the angels’ message is disguised as a coin- cidence or chance happening. Are you entertaining angels unawares? Pay attention. Listen and say thank you throughout the day for divine guidance, thoughts of encouragement, and for all that goes well. They are brought to you on the soft rush of eternally loving wings. Blessings to all from the great archangels, their beloved partners and the Heavenly Host. • 121 •
  • 127. Glossary The following words and definitions are helpful for your understanding of the meaning of the text. 1. Adoration. Profound love and reverence; the act of honoring or wor- shipping as divine. 2. Alchemy. The science of transmutation and change. A philosophy of chemistry from the Middle Ages and 16th century for the transmuta- tion of base metals into gold and the search for the elixir of longevity. The process of transmuting the human consciousness into the higher vibration of the Christ consciousness. 3. Annunciation. The act of announcing; a formal announcement or proclamation. Refers to the event of Archangel Gabriel’s announcement of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ to Mother Mary. 4. Archangel. The highest level of angel among the angelic evolution. Each archangel and his feminine counterpart, an archeia, embody a cer- tain quality of God, and they direct a band of angels who serve with them to magnify and expand that quality. There is an archangel and archeia for each of the seven rays, and together they complement each other in embodying the God consciousness of that ray. 5. Archeia (pl. Archeiai). The feminine counterpart, or divine comple- ment of an archangel. 6. Ascended Masters. Those who have completed their mission on earth and have become one with the consciousness of God. The ascend- ed masters continue to work with mankind from the etheric realm to • 122 •
  • 128. r Glossary s teach them spiritual truths and to uplift mankind to the highest level of consciousness. 7. Ascension. The reuniting of the soul with God. The ritual of the ascension is the gift of God to those souls who have chosen to surrender the lesser self for the greater self, realizing their full potential by becom- ing one with the Higher self, balancing karma, and fulfilling their earthly missions. The ascension signifies an end to the cycles of karma and rebirth. It is attained through a process of discipline and initiation including good works, purity of heart, service to life, and balancing of karma. 8. Aspect. An appearance, facet, or view which may be seen from a cer- tain angle or perspective. 9. Aspiration. An earnest desire to strive for something of high or lofty value, a goal or ambition for high achievement. 10. Attribute. A quality, virtue, or characteristic. 11. Aura. An electromagnetic forcefield of energy which surrounds the physical body, reflecting and influencing the health and condition of that body or organism. The auric field holds the records of thoughts, words and deeds, including the records of karmic and past lives. Described as the “L-field” or life-field by scientists, it has been visible through Kirlian photography. 12. Central Sun. The center of the entire cosmos, the nucleus of all spiritual and physical creation. 13. Chakra. (From the Sanskrit for wheel or vortex) One of the seven major spiritual centers of light found on the etheric level of the human body. The seven chakras correspond to the seven rays, and may be described as follows: first ray is blue, located in the throat; second ray is yellow, located on the crown of the head; third ray is pink, located in the heart; fourth ray is white, located at the base of the spine; fifth ray is • 123 •
  • 129. r Glossary s green, located in the forehead, or third eye; sixth ray is purple and gold, located in the solar plexus; seventh ray is violet, located just below the navel, between the base of the spine and solar plexus. 14. Cherub (pl. cherubim). A form of angelic being dedicated to the flame of love. 15. Christ, The. Derived from the Greek word Kristos, meaning anointed one. The Son of God, the Christ is the Universal personifica- tion of God’s illumination and Light, The Second Person in the Trinity. 16. Cohesion. The principal of elements bonding or adhering together. The condition of mutual attraction. 17. Compassion. The deep loving feeling of empathy and mercy, the inclination to give support and caring for another. 18. Concentration. The act of focusing one’s attention on a particular vision or achievement. Consolidation of one’s energies. 19. Consecration. The act of setting something apart for a particular goal or purpose, to declare something as sacred or religious. 20. Constancy. The quality of perseverance, faithfulness, unchangingness. 21. Devotion. The act of giving one’s time, attention, or self, to a spe- cific purpose or cause. The act of giving divine worship and adoration. 22. Divine Plan. The potential for each soul to realize and express God in a unique and perfect way. The unique pattern or blueprint created by God for each soul. The potential of the soul to become self-realized in the consciousness of God. What determines the extent to which each soul may express herself through free will. By seeking direction from one’s higher self, or Christ Self, each of us can become aware of our divine plan and how we can each express God in our individual way. • 124 •
  • 130. r Glossary s 23. Elementals. Nature spirits of earth, air, fire, and water. They serve to establish and maintain the physical plane and are made up of Gnomes (earth), sylphs (air), salamanders (fire), and undines (water). 24. Enlightenment. The state of being illumined with spiritual wisdom or insight. Millions of spiritual 25. Essence. Intrinsic characteristic or quality which identifies some- creatures walk the thing. The innermost element which reveals the true nature or fiber. earth unseen, both 26. Etheric. Spiritual, celestial. A level of consciousness or frequency occurring in the spiritual, heavenly realm, yet part of the physical cre- when we wake and ation. Containing the quality of perfection, the highest level of reality. when we sleep. 27. Etheric Plane. A plane of existence which is part of the physical JOHN MILTON, world, yet is experienced through the senses of the soul rather than PARADISE LOST, IV through the physical senses. The highest level of reality in the planes of matter, more real than the physical plane due to the fact that life at this level is not subject to decay, sin and disease. Known as the heaven world, a place where God’s love is all-pervading, where angels and ascended masters dwell. A place where the golden age is in progress and where souls who have attained a certain level of consciousness abide between embodiments. 28. Faith. A belief not based on material evidence but on inner knowing through the spiritual faculties of the soul. Spiritual knowing of intangible truths. 29. Flame. A substance of great intensity and brilliance. A spiritual light or fire. 30. Forgive. To excuse, or pardon; to relinquish all feelings of anger and resentment. 31. Free will. God’s gift to each soul to choose which path to follow, either the positive path of life or the negative path of death. The freedom to use God’s light, or energy to create according to individual choices. • 125 •
  • 131. r Glossary s Each soul may use free will to live according to God’s laws or to reject them. Free will gives us the opportunity to be co-creators with God. 32. Grace. The blessing of mercy, compassion, love, protection, etc. bestowed freely as a favor from God. 33. Hierarchy. (Heavenly Hierarchy) System of heavenly beings who occupy specific offices and levels of God consciousness. Each heavenly being has earned his/her position in hierarchy through passing certain initiations which qualify them to hold that office. The heavenly hierar- chy includes beings such as Elohim, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, cosmic beings and elementals. 34. Holy Spirit. The omnipresent Sacred Fire energies of Life and Love the permeate all of cosmos. The Third Person of the Trinity known as the Comforter. 35. Humility. The state of being humble, modest and unpretentious. 36. Illumination. Enlightenment, divine wisdom and inspiration. 37. Illumine. To brighten, clarify or reveal. To make radiant. 38. Immaculate concept. The pure vision which God holds for each soul, no matter how far from the path of reality that soul may stray. The immaculate concept may be held by anyone for any other part of life, and is very powerful in assisting others to realize their full potential. When we hold the vision of a perfect idea, we are holding the immaculate concept, using our gift of visualization as God intended. 39. Invocation. A petition, prayer, command or fiat. The act of calling upon the presence of God for intercession or action. 40. Karma. Derived from the Sanskrit word karman, which means deed. Karma is the result of our consciousness in action. Every thought, word and deed is recorded as Karma, and is a means through which the soul reaps the rewards and retributions of her actions. Karma is the law of cause and effect, whatever actions the soul chooses to take come back • 126 •
  • 132. r Glossary s as good fortune of circumstances and situations for resolution. Karma teaches us that we are accountable for determining our fate through what we chose to think, feel, say and do. 41. Light. The pure energy of God; a personification of the Spirit of God; the source of the divine spark of life within every manifestation of God; the presence of God within each being. 42. Love. The substance of God, incessantly issuing forth to all cre- ation. The most powerful force in the universe, that which creates unity and oneness. The quality behind all angelic action, the basis for all true acts of virtue, nobility, compassion, and self-sacrifice, etc. 43. Mater. The aspect of God which represents the Mother flame, manifesting as material creation. 44. Mercy. Forgiveness, compassion, an act of kindness. 45. Ministration. The act of giving service and devotion to God, per- forming religious duties; acts of kindness on behalf of others. 46. Octave. An interval of time and space in the Spirit/Matter Cosmos. 47. Power. The ability to act, the will to move or express. The force behind action and movement. 48. Powers. The sixth group of angels in the hierarchical order of nine. 49. Principle. A law or force which determines a particular natural dis- position. The essential quality, what something is based upon. 50. Prism. A transparent, geometrical solid consisting of triangular, refracting surfaces used for producing a continuous spectrum of color. 51. Quality. An attribute, characteristic or feature. 52. Radiation. Particles of light or energy emitted from a central source. 53. Resurrection. The restoration of body, mind and soul to the state of renewed life in the planes of matter. • 127 •
  • 133. r Glossary s 54. Retreats. Places of learning and focuses of light where souls may visit in the etheric body either during sleep or during the period of time between embodiments. Located mainly on the etheric plane, governed by the ascended Masters and angelic hosts for ministration to the evolutions of earth. 55. Seraph (pl. seraphim). A form of angelic being dedicated to the Angels are truly flame of purity. love and light, are 56. The Seven Rays. The pure colored rays of blue, yellow, pink, white, green, purple and gold, and violet, flowing from God, each representing they not? a certain quality of God. There are hierarchies of celestial beings which serve on each of these rays, personally embodying and magnifying the quality of that ray. 57. Spirit. The aspect of God which represents the father, or non- material reality. 58. Ten Commandments. The Ten Laws of God given to Moses on Mount Sinai (Exod. 20:1-7) 59. Third Eye. The chakra centered just between the eyes, provides the ability to visualize, to conceptualize, to see within. Purification of this chakra enables one to hold the immaculate concept, the purest vision possible. The perception of the third eye is linked with the pituitary gland, although they are not physically connected. 60. Three-fold Flame. The flame of life, or divine spark, residing in the secret chamber of the heart. Approximately one-sixteenth of an inch in height, it consists of three plumes: the pink representing love, the yellow representing wisdom, and the blue representing power. 61. Thrones. The third group of angels in the hierarchical order of nine. 62. Transfiguration. A dramatic change of physical form. A metamor- phosis which takes place within the initiate who has reached a certain • 128 •
  • 134. r Glossary s level of spiritual development. Refers to the sudden emanation of light from Jesus Christ that occurred on the mountain. 63. Transformation. A metamorphosis; complete change in form, appearance or nature. 64. Transmutation. The action of changing the form, appearance or nature of something into another. A conversion into something different. A transformation. 65. Trust. Having complete faith, reliance and assurance in a person or thing. Confidence, belief or hope for something in the future. 66. Twin Flame. The masculine or feminine twin complement of the soul created by God. 67. Unconditional Love. Love which is pure, absolute and complete, not restrained by conditions. 68. Universal God. The One, all-pervading presence of the Holy Spirit that permeates all of cosmos. 69. Violet Flame. Freedom’s flame of transmutation and forgiveness contains the power of the Holy Spirit to transmute the cause and core of density, sin and negative Karma. 70. Virtue. A quality reflecting moral goodness, excellence and righteousness. 71. Wisdom. The flame of divine illumination, stands for “Wise Dominion.” Through the flame of wisdom, we are able to understand and know the truth. Divine wisdom is imparted to us from God, and when accessed, assures proper judgement and true knowledge. • 129 •
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  • 137. Appendix QUICK GUIDE TO THE RAYS and THEIR ATTENDANT ARCHANGELic HOSTS FIRST RAY / BLUE • Power & Faith • Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith SECOND RAY / YELLOW • Wisdom • Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine THIRD RAY / PINK • Love • Archangel Chamuel and Archeia Charity FOURTH RAY / WHITE • Purity & Ascension • Archangel Gabriel and Archeia Hope FIFTH RAY / GREEN • Truth & Healing • Archangel Raphael and Archeia Mary SIXTH RAY / PURPLE & GOLD • Ministration and Service • Archangel Uriel and Archeia Aurora SEVENTH RAY / VIOLET • Freedom & Transmutation • Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Amethyst • 132 •
  • 138. Appendix QUICK GUIDE TO THE RAYS and THEIR ATTENDANT ARCHANGELic HOSTS FIRST RAY / BLUE • Power & Faith • Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith SECOND RAY / YELLOW • Wisdom • Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine THIRD RAY / PINK • Love • Archangel Chamuel and Archeia Charity FOURTH RAY / WHITE • Purity & Ascension • Archangel Gabriel and Archeia Hope FIFTH RAY / GREEN • Truth & Healing • Archangel Raphael and Archeia Mary SIXTH RAY / PURPLE & GOLD • Ministration and Service • Archangel Uriel and Archeia Aurora SEVENTH RAY / VIOLET • Freedom & Transmutation • Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Amethyst • 132 •